GoodNotes for Windows 10, 8, 8.1 Free Download

GoodNotes for Windows is a flagship document management and note-taking application that allows you to take quick transfer notes from icloud to android which are tailor-made to personalized requirements. With several hundred note templates to choose from, GoodNotes for pc transforms your tablets and laptops into digital paper which are categorically organized and stored in your library for future reference and use. While this application is officially downloadable from Apple Store only, the following process will enable Windows users to access GoodNotes for Windows as well.


Method to Download GoodNotes for Windows

1. Since GoodNotes for windows is not available in the Chrome Webstore, an emulator has to be downloaded which will then load the macOS on the virtual machine of your Windows system.

2. The loaded macOS on your virtual machine will then readily allow you to access the Apple Store from where you can download GoodNotes windows.

3. Oracle VirtualBox is a reliable emulator that you can use for this purpose. The download link to this emulator is as follows:

4. As an alternative option, you can also download the iPadian emulator for this process. The download link is as follows:

5. Once the emulator is up and running on your virtual machine, GoodNotes for pc can be downloaded on your Windows computers from the Apple Store.

6. Care should be taken not to stretch your PC requirements to the limits as two Operating Systems running at the same time can be taxing for your system.

Key features of GoodNotes


·   GoodNotes for pc is powered by an enhanced search toolbar that lets you search through all of your stored notes in the library. It scans texts from your files to match the word you are searching for.

·   Once a note file is opened, you can quickly search within the document and move to the required section using the same search tool.

·   PDF Annotation – With the help of the import tool, you can easily import any PDF or document to your notes without having to exit from the application.

·   You can import documents or multi-media to your notes directly from a browser as well. This feature proves to be essential when you have to attach reference articles to substantiate your notes.

·   GoodNotes windows is equipped with impeccable document management. With the help of files, folders, and sub-folders, you can organize your notes orderly in your library and make accessing them easier.

·   You can also create a ‘Favourites’ folder and move notes there that you most frequently access or are of high priority.

·   If you are using a stylus or a digital pen, the Pen-up mode of GoodNotes allows you to smoothly scroll across without leaving pen marks as you scroll.

·   GoodNotes for PC has integrations with numerous third-party applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp to name a few. Therefore, you can share or export your notes directly among friends without any hassle.

Attractive and All-Purpose Note Templates

·   The application contains an inexhaustible list of templates to complement your notes for every occasion, be it lecture notes, writing down minutes of a meeting, or even your shopping list.

·   GoodNotes also provides enriching cover-pages to your notes to make them readily readable and attractive.

·   On the rare chance that you are not satisfied with the provided templates, you can import your personalized template and work with that as well.

Multimedia Options

·   The Image Tool of GoodNotes windows allows you to incorporate images into your notes. You can thereafter crop and resize your image to fit alongside your notes perfectly.

·   The TextBox Tool supports a wide range of font styles and handwriting. You can add attractive texts to make your notes look more aesthetic.

·   You can also draw various shapes using the Shape Tool, which can then be resized and moved about in your notes using the Lasso Tool.

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Take Notes Lightning Fast using QuickNote

One of the most used features of GoodNotes windows is the QuickNote tool. You can instantly open up a blank note page with a double-tap and start jotting down text. The note, after you finish, gets saved only if you want to save it. It gets discarded otherwise.


GoodNotes for Windows opens up the possibility of doing so much more than merely add text to a note with the above features. The notes can then be successfully stored in any cloud data storage. With the help of the methods stated in this article, you can also benefit from this powerful application even if you are not an Apple user. Don’t scramble for paper the next time you are required to take notes. Download GoodNotes for PC and you are good to go!