14 Google Assistant Tricks That Pack Great Fun

If you find Google Assistant interesting and feel trying it out, these tricks can do you an immense favor. We have covered 14 Google Assistant Tricks to help you get a hang of it.

A lot can happen with Google Assistant – the next-level gadget technology where lies the future.

Ask questions, get answers, set reminders, play music, plan your day – all with Google’s ‘Personal’ Assistant.

Easily one of the best and top-shelf AI products in the recent times, it lets you do everyday tasks with the ingenuity of voice controls. Wondering, what kind of voice controls? Let us make it easy for you.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of Google Assistant tricks that will make you use this chatbot with lots of ease. Learning these, you’ll be able to get your tasks done with just a throw of your voice.

Excited? Let’s dive in.

Cool Google Assistant Tricks To Try Out


1. Get Daily Briefings

Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing is one of the most spoken features of Google Assistant that’s nothing short of a treat. You get a low-down on important aspects of your days, including traffic updates, weather tips, reminders and news – all in a simple format. Just say ‘Good Morning’ to your Assistant and it will play out your daily briefing in seconds. You can also prompt it with ‘Good Afternoon’ and ‘Good Evening’ commands. Remember, your brief type will depend on the time of the day you’ve asked for it.


2. Assistant’s Own Version of ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’

‘I’m Feeling Lucky’

Over time, the line of divide between Google Search and Google Assistant has blurred and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature has made inroads into the latter. Say ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to your Assistant and watch the space for some interesting replies to pop up. This is going to be one fun interaction if you try it out.

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3. Get Called By Nicknames

Get Called By Nicknames

Are you the one who goes by a nickname? Turns out, Google Assistant has a thing to encourage it. You can ask the Assistant to call you by a particular name and it will talk to you using the same. For instance, if you like being called Xander, tell your Assistant to do so by saying ‘Call me Xander’. Here on, you will be Xander for Assistant and it will always call you that.


4. Listen to Songs

Listen to Songs

Google has got some cool music to its smart assistant and this is one exciting feature with many takers. You can tell your Assistant to sing a song for you and it will play some sweet-sounding music for you – all random though. Just say ‘Sing a Song’ and hear a song in the seconds to follow.


5. Sing Happy Birthday With Assistant

Sing Happy Birthday

Google Assistant can sing a tuneful Happy Birthday either on your special day or your friend’s. And, it’s nothing like those squeaky sounds the smartphones make. It’s very human-like. To play it, simply launch Google Assistant and say ‘Sing Happy Birthday’.


6. Find Driving Directions To Your Destination

Find Driving Directions

Whether you need the most convenient route to your destination, or simply have a bad sense of directions, Google Assistant can help. It can assist you in finding the best driving directions to whichever place you’re heading. Say ‘Directions to Georgetown University’ and Assistant will show the directions, along with a map and some location-specific information in a blink of an eye. You might argue, why Assistant when Google Maps can solve the purpose? Well, there is no wrong in trying out a different, seamless approach to the same task.

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7. Create Shopping Lists

Create Shopping Lists

Rarely do we remember all the items we need to shop for. And, that’s very much annoying. Create a shopping list with the help of Google Assistant and never miss out on an important thing you need. Just say ‘Create a Shopping List’ and the Assistant will add things to your list as you make commands. However, you need to have Google Keep pre-installed on your system for this.


8. Play Netflix Titles Instantly

Play Netflix Titles

There’s nothing more convenient than a title on Netflix popping up itself without having to search for it. Google Assistant does the work for you by searching and playing out the movie/TV show you like to watch. You can ask your Assistant to ‘Play The Crown on Netflix’ and it will play it for you without any wait or delay. On the contrary, if you don’t have Netflix app, the Assistant will try to play your pick straight on the browser.


9. Tune In To Your Favorite Music In A Few Taps

music on google assistant

One upside to using Google Assistant is that you can access your playlists very instantly. Be it Google Play library or Spotify, the Assistant can play music from both. To play music, simply say ‘Play Music’. Alternatively, you can directly play your favorites by naming them, like ‘Play Green Day on Spotify’.

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10. Read News Updates From Across the World

News Updates on google assistant

Google Assistant can help you get up to speed on world events by flashing updates as you ask them. Whenever you wish to know important updates on the world in general, say ‘What’s the news?’ and Assistant will collate all relevant information for you. Also, you can find news on the subjects of your interest. For instance, if you are interested in knowing the recent developments on Note 8 launch, say ‘What’s the news about Samsung Note 8?’ and you will get fresh updates in a go.


11. Get Your Words Repeated by Assistant

Get Your Words Repeated on google assistant

You can ask Google Assistant to repeat the words you say. Though it’s nothing of use, yet so much fun; a perfect gig to try if you have some time to kill. Tell Assistant to ‘Repeat after me it’s a beautiful day’, and it will say ‘It’s a beautiful day’.


12. Real-Time Translations

Real-Time Translations

Want translations happening on a fly? Google Assistant can make it possible. No problem if you don’t know the native speak, the Assistant will instantly translate the basic sentences and common phrases, so as to keep you in a position to have simple conversations. Say ‘Hello in French’ and the Assistant will soon speak out the translation for the word – ‘Bonjour’. It will also provide the written word for it for more clarity.


13. Toss a Coin

Toss a Coin on google assistant

Two best choices often lead to a dilemma. And, Google Assistant has the coolest trick to help you decide on one. For times you don’t have a coin to toss in the air, you have the Assistant. Just say ‘Toss a coin’ and it will do it for you with exact sound effects to let you know whether it’s heads or tails.

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14. Get Entertained

Get Entertained on google assistant

Some days can bore you badly. Try Google Assistant for some random fun. The Assistant can help you deal with your dull days by doing multiple things, and keep you fully entertained. Ask it to ‘Recite a poem’ and you might hear a Shakespeare or a Roald Dahl. Ask it to ‘Tell a joke’ and you are in for a laugh. Or, just say ‘I’m bored’ and the Assistant will either put some puzzles or let you know some fun facts to keep you engaged.

Still here? How come you aren’t dashing your way to experience Assistant like NOW?

Go, try these cool Google Assistant tricks and have your moment. Also, keep us updated with your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.