Google Maps Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Find out the most awesome Google Maps tricks and hidden features for your daily commute.

It might be a neighborhood at a stone’s throw…

…but, given the traffic conditions of today, roads are no less than a combat zone. You have to fight your way to get to your destination.

Gladly, we’ve Google Maps.

Anyone, with a little brush-up with Google Maps, can tell you how the service helped h/she find comfortable routes to work and know traffic updates.

And, we are out with this post to put some extra flesh on the happy idea around Google Maps.

Even if you’re using the service for a while now, there are certain Google Maps tricks and hidden features you’re yet to know about. These tricks and features help you unwrap Google Maps in an all new way.

Let’s see what’s in!


Get Walking and Biking Directions

Walking and Biking Directions

Google Maps is most helpful in more ways than one. Not only does it suggest the best driving routes to your destination, but also helps you derive walking and biking directions. On top of it, it also assists you in finding the best, traffic-free public transit routes in major metropolitans. Being so, you can carefully plan your commute with lots of easy customizations if you’re a resident of any such metropolitan city.

Mind you, bike directions on Google maps go a bit awry. Following them with no thought might lead you to a more congested area, or to a place you’re completely unfamiliar with. And, we’re sure that when it’s your office time, you can’t afford a city exploration. At such a juncture, trust your own knowledge of routes first!

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Pin Multiple Stops To Your Journey

Pin Multiple Stops To Your Journey

Driving to a friend’s birthday bash? Then, you might need to stop at a gift store first and at a baker’s shop the next. For a journey as prolonged as this, Google Maps lets you pin multiple locations to keep you on the most comfortable routes throughout your travel and help you reach the real destination at a scheduled time.

To save multiple locations on the line of your travel, select the starting point and your conclusive destination. Once done, tap on the three dots appearing on the top-right corner on the screen, which in turn, will open a new menu with an option ‘Add Stop’. Tap on it and add a route. Also, you can anytime shift the positioning of these routes as per your plans and can still stick to your schedule.


Determine Traffic Conditions

Determine Traffic Conditions

Google Maps keeps you updated with its real-time traffic updates and ensures that you don’t stuck in a frustrating traffic queue. This way, it helps you search alternate routes to your destination and pre-plan your journey. The convenience further gets overlaid by options, like ‘Live Traffic’ and ‘Typical Traffic’, which are instrumental in assessing the traffic conditions on specific days and at specific times. Although Google map is important these days in your adventures trip, hiking, hunting, river floating, tracking and many more thing you always looking forward to doing it.


Set Up a Private Google Map

Set Up a Private Google Map

Google Maps provides a leeway for creating personalized maps, which you can use to have information relevant to your commute behavior. To start with your own custom map, reach the hamburger menu on Google Maps and make a progress through options Your Places >> Maps >> Create Maps. Or, simply click HERE to reach the main page.

You can do multiple things with your custom maps, like highlighting specific sections, adding info cards to pinpoint specific locations, and marking your customized walking or biking directions. Plus, you have the power to share your personal apps for edits and suggestions.


Get Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps

Get Bird’s Eye View on Google Maps

From here, Google Maps takes you to the scenic satellite view of the locations you’re interested in. Head to the ‘Satellite’ inset in the bottom-left corner of the screen and see everything down as if you’re hanging up in the middle of the air. This aerial imagery, as provided by the Google Earth, further augments your experience by offering a panoramic street view.

There is also a ‘3D’ option inside the Satellite view, allowing you to fly enormous distances anywhere in the world. How? By holding the Ctrl option on your PC and shifting the axis using the mouse. From natural features to man-made structures, press zoom-in to have a close-up and pin it with an information card.

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Find Directions In Just A Click of a Button

Find Directions In Just A Click of a Button

Google Maps is the most intuitive location-finding facility out there, so much so that you can find appropriate directions in a single click. When using the web version of the Maps, right click anywhere to launch a pull-down list, which in furtherance, will let you identify the directions to and from that location. Awesome!


Get Nation-Specific Maps in Language You Understand Better

Get Nation-Specific Maps

Google Maps is accessible worldwide and has several versions for different nations and languages. Merely by switching the domain in the URL, you can get Google Maps with information specific to your nation, written in your native language. For instance, if you’re a citizen of Russia, you would be required to change the domain as Similarly, being a citizen of India, you would change the domain as For anyone in the US, the default domain – – works.


Go to Google Maps Lite if Internet Drops

Go to Google Maps Lite if Internet Drops

Google Maps has its ‘Lite’ version as well, which works at spots with weak internet connectivity. Of course, you will not be able to access the top-notch features with the Lite version, but can still do the basics. You will see a lightning icon in the right-bottom of the screen, signalling that you’re on Google Maps Lite. To experience the Lite, click here.

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That’s a wrap!

Take these Google Maps tricks and features as only examples of what Google Maps is capable of doing. There are more to make this story interesting, which will be unveiled over time.

Meanwhile, if you’ve a feedback, share it with us in the comments section below and we will pick it up from there to make improvements.