Triangle – Google’s New App to Moderate Your Data Usage

The hardest halt strikes when you run out of your data abruptly. You simply kiss goodbye to whatever you’re doing at that moment and try settling back into the real world. This happens, because there are a number of backgrounder apps that swallow up precious bytes without a hint.

Well, enough of crying those data woes, as Google has launched a new app, Triangle, to keep your data ticking along.

Triangle works by facilitating you to keep tabs on your data usage and make you aware of the apps demanding the maximum out of the available bytes.


You might ask, how the app is helpful in limiting the amount of data consumption? By activating the ‘Data Saver’ feature. The app raises barriers against the unwanted data usage, or provides a time limit to access certain apps, so that your data doesn’t go dry.

The app is currently being tested in Philippines, and expected to hit the stores anytime in 2018.

While Android users have the liberty to track their data usage without the aid of Triangle, we ask, what’s bad about having an app that does all the work for you at one given place?

Prepaid members of Globe and Smart, the big names of Phillippines telecom industry, are using Triangle beyond what we’ve mentioned above. The app is becoming an easy handle for them to check their prepaid data recharges and earn reward points.

The premise is simple – Triangle asks you to use some specific apps. If you do so, you are given the extra bytes as ‘reward points’ to surf the web.

Google is yet to disclose details about the newbie Triangle. We’ll come with the updated story very soon. Meanwhile, you can keep looking this space for more tech-based stories and updates.