Best Grooveshark Alternatives for Music Streaming (2019)

It brings a tsunami of nostalgia when we think of Grooveshark and all that music that came along. Alas! Its days in the market were numbered. Why? Because it was doing something terribly illegal.

Grooveshark bit the dust when it took copyright concerns for a ride. A legal battle ensued, which slammed doors on the world’s most amazing music streaming channel. And, made millions lose their music stock in a blow. It was 2015. And a huge jolt for music suckers. The cries for an alternative as great as Grooveshark echoed for a while until the online streaming world got better. And, some amazing streaming services were launched to get back our good days with music.

Through this post, we’ve got you 10 best Grooveshark alternatives you can try today. We know, for a person in deep love with Grooveshark, this comes like ‘music’ to the ears. So, without any wait, let’s explore…


…The Famous Five Grooveshark Alternatives


1. Spotify


Easily the most famous out there, Spotify is a music streaming channel, championing the cause of anytime, anywhere music. It packs a deal of services, including that of creating playlists, playing radio, and tuning in to favorite artists among many others. You get a zillion songs on your fingertips with Spotify, which you can stream in just a tap. Simple.

A cross-platform music streamer with no ads or interruptions (barring the free version, off course), Spotify is our favorite and to millions worldwide. The best part is that Spotify offers offline listening to your favorite tracks as well. And, sound quality? Man, it’s outstandingly favored to deliver you the best experience ever.


  • Wide selections of music across multiple genres. You get the right music for every moment.
  • Share your music discoveries to friends and listen to great music together.
  • Third-party integrations.

Compatibility: Mac, Android, Windows Phones and PCs, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian.

Price: Free; $9.99 for premium upgrades.

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 2. SoundCloud


Another big-shot music streaming service and a perfect alternative to Grooveshark is SoundCloud, which lets you discover, play and share a varied culture of music that’s always on the expand. The real beauty of SoundCloud is that you find the elitist of music artists using this platform to upload their tunes and bring them to the wide world.

SoundCloud is a subscription based service, allowing 180 minutes of audio uploads free and unlimited services for those who do thanking with the wallet.


  • Save tracks and build playlists – all free!
  • Get songs suggested to you as per your habits and liking.
  • Embeddable widgets.
  • With SoundCloud Go and Go+, play your music collections offline. Also, there are no ads to mar your experience.
  • Timed comments on tracks.

Compatibility: Android, iOS and Web-based.

Price: Free; SoundCloud Go for $4.99 a month; SoundCloud Go+ for $9.99 a month.

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3. Last.Fm


Last.Fm is one music carnival on the web, bringing you a truckload of music, which you can also share with your musical world. You can also see the listening habits and trends of the Last.Fm’s global community – all real-time! This feature is Scrobbling.

There is also a bright chance that you stay connected with events nearby, as Last.Fm gets you such updates on the device of your choice.

Last.Fm has Spiking Artists – those who upload music on the platform for the world to listen and experience. The trending ones show up in the separate section on the website. Click on any of them and you can suggestions for similar artists. Spiking Tracks is another section, featuring all the popular songs, which are making the world chuffed to bits.


  • View your favorite artists and track songs.
  • Track logging feature – Scrobbling.
  • ‘Love’ tracks to help Last.Fm get you better recommendations.
  • Events and Games

Compatibility: Android, Mac, Windows, iOS and Web-Based.

Price: Free for regular users; Subscription for $3/month.

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4. Pandora


Pandora is personalized internet radio that plays what you love. And, it is always expanding and getter better to suit the developing tastes. It’s simple the way it works – discover your favorite artist, song, genre or comedian, add to your favorite and create a station. Get those headphones or sit back comfortably to enjoy the ultimate music ride.

While Pandora free version is ad-supported, you can always get the Premium version of it to get rid of annoying adverts.


  • With Premium upgrade, you get unlimited plays/skips and liberty to take your music offline.
  • Sleep timer and alarm clock.
  • Personalized stations.
  • High quality audio.
  • Thumb history.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Pandora has a free variant. Pandora Plus for $4.99/month. Pandora Premium for $9.99/month.

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5. 8Tracks


8Tracks lets you groove only on 8 tracks in your playlist, and this makes it the most interesting alternative to Grooveshark. This means, you can only add 8 tracks to your playlist and certainly not more than that. This is a mixtape, which you can further personalize by giving it a title, cover art and tags. You get millions and millions of playlists to choose your 8 from (which is a TASK, we know), created by people around the world as per their tastes of music.

You can also access the YouTube or SoundCloud link of the chosen track, but don’t forget to check the licensing details of the song in question.

The free version of 8Tracks has limitations and obviously so. It doesn’t let you skip more than 2 songs in a playlist. Also, you aren’t permitted to listen to a playlist for more than twice within the bracket of 8 hours.


  • Mixtapes of 8 tracks each – quite interesting!
  • Discover music by sifting through the genres.
  • Less repetition.
  • Sleep timer

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows 8, XBox, BlackBerry, Mac OS X and Mobile Web UI.

Price: Free listening on 8Tracks+ for 14-days. Then, $4.99/month thereafter

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Other Alternatives to Grooveshark


Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Featuring first on this sub-category of best Grooveshark alternative is Amazon Music. Despite being much like Google Play Music and Apple Music, Amazon Music is grossly underestimated and is yet to receive its due. You see the widest catalogue of music, can upload your tunes and stream it anytime, anywhere. The Prime Membership gives you access to over 2 million songs with no ads blasting your experience.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, FireOS, Amazon Alexa.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Largely dubbed as Android’s default music player, Google Play Music is much more than just playing music, provided you subscribe to its premium upgrade. You get YouTube Red Membership that lets you play YouTube videos without advertising, in background or free. Sign up for a family plan for $14.99 that provides access to up to 6 family members. Moreover, you can always discover and subscribe to Podcasts (available in free version as well).

Compatibility: Android, iOS and Web-Based.

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Rdio is an ideal Grooveshark alternative and for right reasons. There are various radio stations to listen to. Do streaming, create playlists, share them with your friends, and get recommendations as per your search habits and behavior. Listening to songs in offline mode is also available. You get easily pair Rdio with your Chromecast or Roku media centre. If you opt for premium upgrade, you get hassle-free music play with no ads and enhanced audio quality. Rdio is a Pandora Radio’s property as of now.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows Phones and PCs

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Slacker is similar on the lines of Pandora. It’s a personalized radio, but not as huge and popular as Pandora. Having said that, we need to tell you that Slacker is on fleek for what it does. The free version of Slacker gives you pretty much like Pandora’s free version offers. But, if you pay for it ($3.99/month), you get ad-free listening, unlimited song skips and offline stations. And, the moment you chip in $9.99 a month, you get another Spotify in Slacker. You can customize Slacker to your own unique tastes and that’s amazing. The only downside is that it offers just 12 million songs, which is just a scratch of what Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music offer.

Compatibility: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and PCs.

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Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is a twist to iTunes. And, comes with a subscription prior to a three-month free trial. This platform aims at getting you the best of artistes, playlists and tracks at your disposal and improving your music experience by leaps. You get suggestions depending on how genres you search for the most, behavior and patterns. And yes, it also has integration with a global radio station, which can be accessed 24*7.

Compatibility: iOS and Mac OS X

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Grooveshark has indeed reached a closure on the grounds of copyright violations. But, these alternatives make sure that no major missing is done. Use them and get yourself the most amazing music experience ever, perhaps even better than what Grooveshark got you.

Have you liked our checklist above to Grooveshark alternatives above? Tell us why in the comment section below. Also, share your feedback and suggest on how we can improve your experience with us.