How to Download Halo for PC? (Updated Method)

If you’re an FPS gamer, chances are you’ve played one of the many Halo titles on the Xbox platform. It’s one of the biggest gaming franchises ever — and for good reason. So if you have a gaming PC and want to try the game, check out the guide below to see how you can download Halo for PC and play it without an Xbox console.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 64-Bit version or later

Processor: At least an Intel Core i3 or an AMD equivalent

Storage Space: 12 GB remaining

RAM: Minimum of 4GB RAM

Graphics Card: At least Intel HD Graphics 4200 or an NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Raden equivalent

DirectX: DirectX 11

Internet Connection: Broadband


How to Download Halo for PC? (Updated Method)

Halo Games Available on PC

1) Halo: Combat Evolved

Otherwise known as Halo 1, this is the first installment of the series. Xbox released Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001 with Mac OS X and Windows PC versions appearing in 2003. While it’s still around after 16 years, you have to consider that its visuals have not aged as better as its narrative.

The game is no longer available on any official website, but there copies of it online. It’s up to you to search for the appropriate copy. There are copies with a shareware license, with the installer file only around 130 MB in size. You can also buy it on Amazon for $34.98.

Once you have an installer file, ensure that the game is updated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play Halo: Combat Evolved. Update it to at least Version 1.0.10 to acknowledge the transition of the game host from Gamespy to Bungie.

2) Halo 2

Similar to Halo: Combat Evolved, the second part of the first trilogy has no official store link. Instead, you have to rely on Project Cartographer managed by a community of Halo enthusiasts. You can chat with the team on their Discord server to see any recent developments.

Currently, the project offers two public servers even when there are no online players. Installing Halo 2 can get tricky, but you can also just buy the game on eBay. Product keys to activate the game are found on YouTube and on several websites. Remember to patch the game before you install any expansions.

3) Halo Wars

Known as Halo Wars, this isn’t a first-person shooter unlike most other titles in the series. Instead, it’s a real-time strategy (RTS) game like StarCraft and WarCraft III.

The best thing about Halo Wars is that it is officially still available on PC. Just go to the Steam Store page of the game here. For about $10, you get the Definitive Edition that has updated visuals, achievements and every DLC for it. Note that network play isn’t compatible with a version from the Windows Store.

4) Halo Online

The most recent Halo game you can play is actually based on a modified variant of Halo 3. A closed beta occurred back in Russia in 2015, but it was subsequently canceled. However, fans made a new mod of the game, which is currently available to players around the world.

FAQs About Halo on PC

1) Isn’t Halo 5 available on PC as well?

There’s a misconception that Halo 5 can be played on a Windows computer. The technical truth is that only the Halo 5: Forge Bundle is available on the Microsoft Store. This is not a game — it’s a set of tools that help developers create new maps for Halo 5: Guardians.

2) Are there any future Halo games on PC?

Unofficially, you can watch out for at least two more Halo projects being made by the community. But if you want a real new title from Microsoft, you have to wait for the release of Halo Infinite. The YouTube video for it, which you can watch here, states that it will be available on both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

3) How do I know if my PC has DirectX 11?

You can either press the Windows key and R or search for ‘Run’ in the Windows search bar. Type in ‘dxdiag’ and wait for DirectX Diagnostic Tool to open. Go to the System tab and see if the DirectX listed there is at least Direct X 11.