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Can You Access a Free Trial of HBO Max in 2023?

This article provides a comprehensive guide to HBO Max subscriptions, including the different subscription rates for 2023, and how to get a free trial. HBO Max offers monthly and annual plans with or without ads, ranging from $9.99 to $149.99.

The platform includes original HBO shows, classics, and new movies. Several ways to access HBO Max for free or at a lower cost are discussed, such as through Amazon Prime, Hulu, and AT&T. A step-by-step guide to obtaining a free trial via these platforms is provided. The article also presents details on how to cancel the subscription and includes a section on how to secure HBO Max promo codes for additional discounts.

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HBO Max Subscription Rates in 2023

HBO Max comes in four subscription packages. Below are the details of these subscription packages-

  • Monthly with-ads plan- You get HBO Max with ads in-between content at a $9.99 monthly rental.
  • Monthly without ads plan- You can subscribe to HBO Max with zero ads at $15.99 per month. Further, you can also download the content to watch later.
  • Annual with-ads plan- This is a cost-saving offer with $99.99 per year plans, however, with in-between ads. 
  • Annual without ads plan- Lastly, you can opt for a $149.99 per year plan with zero ads and downloadable content. 

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Analyzing the Value of HBO Max: Is It Worth It?

To understand whether HBO Max is worth the subscription rentals, here are some features to help you choose better.

  • HBO Max offers some of the best TV shows by HBO, including Chornobyl, The Wire, etc.
  • There are several notable classics, as well as new movies, available on HBO Max. However, it does not offer reality TV shows or lifestyle content.
  • There is a fine collection to suit the requirements of adults and children on HBO Max, making it a good choice for families.
  • Even though there are without-ads subscription options, if you use a with-ads subscription package, the ads are only four minutes per hour (which is lower than other streaming platforms). They are not shown during HBO Original shows and movies.

Not to add that the HBO Max interface is easy to use and has different subcategories for different Looney Tunes, DC Films, TCM, etc. It allows users to choose from a selected range of content for that specific franchise.

Tips and Tricks to Watch HBO Max Without Paying a Dime

We have devised a list of tips and tricks that you can use to watch HBO Max for free (almost). Read on to find out about the HBO Max free subscription tricks-

  • You can easily add HBO Max to your premium package for Amazon Prime members. Although, it costs an extra $15.99 monthly rental to have HBO Max added to the annual package. But, if you do not want to apply for the subscription directly, you can also go for the 7-day trial for HBO Max using your Amazon Prime subscription. If you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, you can apply for it. Amazon offers a 30-day trial period before charging a membership fee.
  • For Cricket Wireless users, an HBO Max with-ads subscription is free. You will be eligible for a free HBO Max subscription if you sign up for Cricket Wireless’s unlimited plan for $60 per month. But it will only be available in SD quality and be accessible with high-speed internet.
  • Verizon Fios TV subscribers also get free premium channels preview for 48 hours. It includes access to HBO Max for a short duration.
  • Several times your cable service provider offers subscription benefits too. If you find a cable service provider is providing HBO Max for new customers, you can ask if the offer can be extended for you.


Exciting Deals and Offers from HBO Max for 2023

Here are details of some exciting offers available for HBO Max in 2023-

  • For all HBO/HBO Now memberships, you can get an HBO Max subscription for free. You can check your eligibility with the concerned service provider. 
  • HBO Max offers a 16% discount on their annual with-ads subscription compared to the monthly rental. The same goes for the without-ads annual subscription, which is 20% less than the monthly without-ads subscription.
  • Hulu TV also offers a trial for HBOX Max. With rentals starting at $1.99 per month, you can get a Hulu subscription and the added benefit of accessing HBO Max for free for a short period, after which you will have to pay an additional $14.99 monthly rental.

Your Guide to Signing Up for an HBO Max Free Trial

Since HBO Max does not offer a direct free trial, we will try and get free trials through other streaming platforms. Read on to find out how to get a free HBO Max trial with Amazon Prime and Hulu. 

What Does Your HBO Max Subscription Include?

With an HBO Max subscription, you get several excellent benefits. Here is a list of movies, shows and other benefits with HBO Max-

  • From Warner Bros, Cartoon Network to DC and more, you get all movies and TV shows with HBO Max. You also get the latest Max Originals in the package.
  • Pretty Little Liars- Original Sin, Hard Knocks, House of the Dragon, Rap sh!t, Harley Quinn, Westworld, etc. are some popular choices on HBO Max.
  • Besides the essential shows, you can watch reality TV shows from the Discovery Plus channel, such as 90-Day Finance, Fixer Upper, etc.
  • With current expansion plans, HBO Max offers 4K content and a new set of TV shows adapted from original series like Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, etc., exclusively on this platform.

Not just this. Your HBO Max subscription is compatible with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, iPhones, iPads, etc., making accessing content on different platforms easy.

How to Score Free HBO Max Access with AT&T in the United States

For AT&T customers, getting access to an HBO Max subscription is easiest. AT&T owns the WarnerMedia brand, meaning HBO Max is also a part of the same parent company. Hence, AT&T sometimes offers HBO Max at low prices or zero cost.

Although the company confirms giving free subscriptions to all customers, you can read about the terms and conditions to avail free HBO Max subscription on their official website.

Steps to Getting a No-Cost HBO Max Trial via Hulu

Hulu subscribers can easily access a free 7-day trial for HBO Max on their account. Although you can also get a full subscription for HBO Max on Hulu at $15 per month, the free trial allows access to its features. 

So, if you are a Hulu subscriber, you can follow the below procedure to get a 7-day free trial for HBO Max-

  • On the official Hulu, click on the profile icon on the top-ride side and go to your account.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom and in the Your Subscription section, click on Manage add-ons.
  • Now, select the HBO Max option and select the Review Changes option.

Once the changes are saved, you can access HBO Max using your Hulu account for a week.

Your Pathway to HBO Max Free Trial through Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime user, you can sign up for the HBO Max 7-day trial offer by using the below steps-

  • Go to Amazon Prime’s official and click on the Start 7-days trial period option.
  • After this, you will be taken to a new page. Here, fill in your details and billing information.
  • Click on the Start your trial – Pay later option to start your free Amazon Prime trial, and accordingly apply for the HBO Max trial.

How to Subscribe to HBO Max from Your Mobile Device?

You can subscribe to HBO Max using your mobile phone by visiting the official HBO website. From there, you can create an account to access HBO Max. You must add your details and billing information to complete the signup process. 

Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone to access HBO Max via Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube TV sites if you have an existing subscription for these platforms along with the HBO Max package.

Unlocking HBO Max Free Trial Using YouTube TV

Another option to get HBO Max free trial on your device is via YouTube TV. Unlike other platforms, HBO Max offers a free 7-day trial period with a YouTube TV subscription. All you need to do is add HBO Max to the subscription pack as an add-on service to experience the 7-day trial before YouTube TV starts charging you a $14.99 monthly rental.

Insider Tips to Obtain HBO Max Promo Codes

Here are some HBO Max promo codes that you can use to get a discount on your subscription plan-

  • New HBO Max subscribers can only get a monthly subscription at $4.99 through this voucher.
  • If you want to test the HBO Mx services, you can use this voucher for a 7-day free trial.
  • Using this voucher, you can also get a 16% discount on your annual ad-free HBO Max subscription.
  • You can use this voucher to access the app for free episodes of certain shows.
  • For binge watchers, you can get thousand hours of watch time on the HBO Max app with the help of this voucher.

You can also look online for more vouchers and deals to get a discount on your HBO Max subscription and trial period access.

How Many Devices Are Supported by Your HBO Max Subscription?

HBO Max subscription allows you to stream on three devices simultaneously. You can watch HBO Max on your mobile phone, smart TV, Roku, and Firestick. Moreover, if you want to watch on the web browser, you can also watch on your PC. If you try to access it on a fourth device, you will get an error screen stating the same.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancel Your HBO Now Free Trial

If you already have an HBO Max subscription and wish to cancel it, you can do it via the app or the official HBO website. So, depending on your chosen mode, you can cancel the subscription to HBO Max. 

If you are cancelling the subscription using the app or website, follow the below steps-

  • Go to the Profile icon on the bottom right corner of the app and tap on it.
  • Now, go to the gear icon on the top left corner and go to the Billing Information section.
  • Here, you will find the Manage Subscription option. Under this, look for Cancel Subscription and click on it. It will cancel the subscription.

However, if the subscription is via another streaming platform like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Google Play, Samsung, YouTube TV, etc., you must look for the Learn More option in the HBO Max account. It will direct you to the main app/website. You can add your credentials and then look for the Billing information option. Herein, you can unsubscribe from the HBO Max platform easily.

Reach Out to HBO Max Customer Service for Troubleshooting and Assistance

You can contact the concerned team on their official webpage if you have any subscription or access issues with your HBO Max membership. Alternatively, you can follow HBO Max on social media to report concerns or look for troubleshooting support.


I hope this article was helpful for your queries about the HBO Max subscription and that you can access the fantastic services of HBO Max on your device now. We have also discussed various ways to access HBO Max via different streaming platforms to help you get the best offers at the cheapest rates. So, if you love watching incredible movies and TV shows, get your HBO Max subscription immediately!