Hide.me VPN Review – Finest Option for Secure Surfing

The no logs Hide.me VPN is a real contender for being among the best and most secure VPNs in the current market. With fantastic settings and a streamlined connection approach, it incorporates a range of features into an easy to use package that can appeal to VPN enthusiasts as well as new users.

It promises lots of privacy through its VPN kill switch, port randomization, and first party DNS servers. It also has a strict no logs policy that keeps your personal information safe from anyone who may be spying on you.

In this post, we will review the features of Hide.me software, getting started, its ease of use, security, user experiences as well as its good and bad points.


  • The Hide.me interface is very simple and involves a blue window with a big button to connect the VPN. It’s straightforward and has useful scenario-based connection presets.
  • It utilizes split tunneling to enable users to send particular data through the VPN tunnel while excluding other data; this functionality is included in its user interface.
  • It allows you to make a choice for the exclusion of certain apps from the VPN tunnel or only allow selected ones.
  • It also features a kill switch where specific IP addresses can be white listed or custom scripts can be set to run when the killswitch is disabled or engaged.
  • It also offers a full-fledged free tier and does not even ask for your credit card information, and through it, you can access three Hide.me server locations on a single device at a time.
  • The free tier limits data per month to only 2 GB while VPN protocols are also limited to L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

Getting Started

  • Hide.me can be easily downloaded and installed in an easy and quick process even for users who have never used a VPN before.
  • Detailed set-up guides are provided for most platforms on the website as well as useful video tutorials and screenshots.
  • The Hide.me set-up process is as easy as downloading the software from the site and prompts are given by the installation wizard.
  • Once you’re finished, all that is left to so in login, connect and begin utilizing the software.

Ease of use

  • A well-designed, compact set of apps are offered by Hide.me; they are very easy to use and have a range of extra features that are not available with other providers.
  • The main screen is simple and has an on and off button, the location you have chosen as well as the new IP address.
  • With Hide.me, the user can quickly determine if they are connected or not. the software enables you to change your location if you so wish.
  • Advanced options are also available in the settings menu. The menu is hidden behind a small cog icon on the top right corner.
  • The settings in Hide .me are well organized and arranged in tabs, which makes it incredibly easy to navigate.


  • If complete privacy is your priority, then Hide.me is a good choice as it incorporates various encryption protocols like AES-256; which is considered unbreakable.
  • Should the VPN connection drop, the killswitch shuts down the connection to the internet and prevents exposure of your actual IP address.
  • Hide.me also operates on zero log DNS servers that ensure web traffic is never routed through third-party servers at any time.

User experiences

  • Some users have pointed out that the Hide. Me VPN doesn’t disappoint; that it is easy to set up on any device or OS with fast speeds that are great for its price tag.
  • Hide.me is among the friendliest and easy to use VPNs in the industry, it is capable of hiding your real IP that has been assigned by the local ISP.
  • It has also been termed a seamless with fast speeds that depend on the download speed and ISP.
  • Personally, I noted that the VPN can be very hard to get rid of and once installed it may not uninstall no matter what you do. Not sure whether anyone else has experienced this.

Hide.me Pros

  • It is easy to use and can be set up on all devices.
  • The VPN has a simple design with various functionalities.
  • Its privacy policy is excellent.
  • It supports anonymous payments and is bit-torrent friendly.
  • It also offers a free lifetime option without asking for credit card information.


  • Various security protocols are limited to the higher tiers only.
  • It offers comparatively few servers.

All in all, Hide.me is a great VPN that keeps you secure and anonymous, without costing you a leg and an arm.

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