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How Long Does AirTag Battery Last? 

AirTag is one of Apple’s most exciting technology options. It is specially designed for people who have a habit of forgetting the most essential things. Now, if you own multiple AirTags, you are already aware of how unique the device is and the common problems that come with using this device. The AirTag runs on a coin-sized cell battery, and if not untagged from the essential item you want to keep track of, the AirTag battery can run out quickly.

Generally, an AirTag’s battery lasts for up to one year. However, you must ensure the AirTag is not continuously used, especially when not required. In this article, we will discuss more about the AirTag battery, when it is appropriate to replace an AirtTag battery, and how you can do it.

Is the Battery in an AirTag Rechargeable?

Unfortunately, the AirTag device comes with a lithium coin-cell battery that cannot be recharged. Since the AirTag battery is known for its battery life, it can last up to one year or more with proper usage. Yet, if the battery for your AirTag is malfunctioning, you can always get the battery replaced with a new one. 

You can learn more about battery replacement and how to identify when your AirTag needs a battery replacement in further questions.

How Can You Check the Charging of an AirTag Battery?

If you have been using the AirTag for some time, you should monitor the device by checking its battery level. To check the battery status of your AirTag device, please follow the instructions below-

  • Launch the Find My app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to the Items section in the app.
  • Here, click on the AirTag device name for which you want to check the battery status.
  • Under the said AirTag device’s name, you will find a battery icon depicting the battery levels. It should tell how much battery has been consumed till now.

Based on the battery levels, you can further ensure how to save the device’s battery for prolonged usage.

Does AirTags Have Batteries That Can Be Changed?

Since you cannot recharge the AirTag battery, as discussed in the text above, the only way out is to replace them. So, yes, the AirTag device comes with a single replaceable lithium coin-cell-sized battery. It is, in fact, one of the best things about AirTag. You can always replace the battery for your device and reuse it. It also saves money as you do not need to replace the entire AirTag every time the battery levels dip.

Moreover, the battery replacement procedure is also relatively easy, and you can do it on your own without having to reach out to customer care or a technical expert. However, always use CR2032 coin-cell battery only when replacing the existing AirTag battery.

What Kind of Battery Powers an AirTag?

The AirTag device comes with a CR2032 lithium cell battery. These coin-cell batteries offer 3 volts of power and are generally used for smaller electronics only. These CR2032 batteries can be readily stocked since they have a better shelf life than other batteries and easily use them without losing any charge.

Moreover, since these CR2032 batteries are used in all sorts of small electronic products, they are readily available in all electronic shops and are comparatively cheap. Hence, buying a replacement battery for your AirTag will never be heavy on your pocket.

How to check AirTags battery status? 

If you have been using the AirTag for a while and want to check the battery status or in case the AirTag starts malfunctioning, you can quickly check the battery level on your iPhone/iPad.

  • On your device, go to the Find My app and open it.
  • Here click on the Items section and look for the AirTag name that you wish to see the battery status.
  • Under the AirTag name, you will find the battery level details. It will confirm whether the battery needs replacement or not.

Although you may not get an exact percentage of the battery usage, it will confirm whether your AirTag needs a new one soon. Moreover, once the battery levels have drained, your iPhone will share an alert.

What type of Batteries do you see inside the AirTags? 

In every AirTag device, you will find a 3-volt lithium coin-cell-sized battery (CR2032) equipped to support all sorts of small electronic devices. The CR2032 battery can offer backup for almost one year. However, you can also extend the backup duration by efficiently using the AirTag and checking the overall usage. 

The same battery is used in smartwatches and other similar low-power devices.


The AirTag device comes with an inexpensive CR2032 battery that can be purchased from a local electronics shop, and quickly replace it on your own. However, if you wish to ensure long battery life, it can be extended by correctly using the AirTag device and ensuring it is only tagged to an item when required. It would be best if you also remembered that the battery cannot be recharged, and you will have to replace it in case of low battery levels. 

I hope the above article was helpful and you understood how to check the AirTag battery levels on your iPhone. Moreover, we have also discussed when it is the right time to replace the battery and how you can do so easily.