How to Add Bots to Discord Servers?

A complete user manual on installing discord bots on your phone and desktop.

Not that gamers never had chat platforms to talk their interests and get recourse. TeamSpeak and Skype have helped them for long in having fun interactions and getting things done in the gaming world. But, none was as cool as Discord, a free chat service for gamers that’s really beating the popularity charts.

Discord, a voice and text-based chat platform, helps gamers connect with each other and discuss the games packing their excitement. You can interact, share experience, get solutions and help someone with a solution. Besides this, it’s very easy to manage the servers on it as well.

The platform has several welcoming features to be impressively diverse for its audience. One is adding bots to the server for better customization. You just need to follow some to-dos and set up ‘Manage Server’ permissions for this.  

Below, we’ve mentioned the process in a clear 1-2-3 format on how to add bots to discord servers and upgrade the skill levels on your game.

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The Guide to Adding Bots to Your Discord Servers

First, the pre-requisites. You need to log into your Discord account to get things off the ground. And, you should also know about the bots you wish to have an experience with.

In case, you haven’t figured out one for yourself, go to Discord Bots website and you’ll be having over a thousand options to select your pick. There will be one exact to your needs, we bet! There is also one Carbonitex website with lots of interactive, well-configured and modular bots to choose from. Give it a try!

All things said and done. Let’s head to the real meat now!

Step 1

Once you’re logged into your Discord account on the official website and have the necessary permissions (Manage Server) in place, click the option ‘invite’. Doing this, you’ll be instantly taken to the authorization screen.

manage server permissions

If you’re on Carbonitex website, you’ll see a number of bots with a ‘Add Bot to Server’ tab. Select the bot you need and click the add option. Make sure, you’ve logged into Discord account here itself. If not, the website will automatically ask you to enter your credentials.

Step 2

On the authorization panel, press ‘select a server’ from the drop-down menu appearing beneath the ‘add a bot to the server’ option. Then, select the server you need the respective bot for.  

select a server

Step 3

In the next, you’ll have to click the ‘authorize’ tab, located at the bottom right of the screen. This will instantly add the bot to the server you’ve selected in the second step.

Step 4

 To view it, go to the sidebar of your server. You’ll find it there.

Adding Bots from GitHub

There is a huge variety of Discord bots for immersive gaming. And, a number of them are hosted on GitHub. If you’re eager to have a try at them, you need a different approach. You can read the installation guide  here and get your favorite bots aboard to have your excitement tingle up.

Hope, we have answered all your queries with this post. Having Discord bots is the best thing ever to spice up your gaming. You should definitely try them.

For many such posts and various how-tos on multiple subjects, keep looking this space. If you’ve some thoughts or suggestions, feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

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