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How to Fix an Apple Watch not Charging

As one of the most popular digital watches, a common problem that all Apple Watch owners have browsed the internet for is its charging issue. Even though the Apple Watch can efficiently function up to 18 hours after complete charging, you may be facing problems charging this excellent smartwatch by Apple.

In this article, we will discuss the charging issue with your Apple Watch, the potential issues with the device and its charging equipment, and offer you some easy, possible resolutions.

What To Do If Your Apple Watch Won’t Charge

If your Apple Watch is not able to charge, you might want to try and perform below basic troubleshooting steps to verify the cause of the problem-

  • Check whether the power point is functioning correctly or is a backend problem with the main power. You can also use another power point in case of a central power.
  • The next thing to check is the charger and the charging cord. Look for any damage causing the Apple Watch not to charge.
  • If neither of the above work, you should check if the Apple Watch is at fault.

If the above steps need to be more helpful, find more ways to troubleshoot and resolve the problem with your Apple Watch below.

If the Watch Won’t Charge, Look for the Lightning Bolt Icon

After you have performed the above basic checks and are still unable to charge your Apple Watch, check if a green lightning bolt icon has appeared on the device’s screen when you connect the watch to the charger. It is the easiest way to determine whether the charger works with your Apple. Ideally, the green lightning bolt appears within 2-3 seconds after connecting the charger. 

However, if you only see a red lightning bolt on the watch, and it stays even after connecting the charger, the possibilities are that your charger is faulty.

What to Do When No Lightning Bolt Icon Appears

If the lightning bolt icon does not appear on the screen of your Apple Watch when put on charging, it means the problem is hardware-related. You should check if the magnetic charging cable is connected correctly to the power adaptor. Once checked, you should also see the charger is correctly fixed in the power outlet to start the charging.

However, if that is not the case, if the charger you are using is not an authentic Apple charger or a third-party product, it may cause a problem with your Apple Watch. Read on to discover other issues with your Apple Watch if you use a non-Apple charging device.

Potential Issues with Non-Apple Charging Equipment

The charging equipment you are using for your Apple Watch must be authentic Apple products, i.e. the Apple magnetic charging cord and USB charging adaptor, which you must have received with the product. However, using something other than the original charging equipment or having a third-party adaptor or charging cord may cause problems with the Apple Watch. 

Generally, such third-party alternatives are cheaper and readily available online and in stores. However, these products do not guarantee complete support and may even hamper the functioning of your Apple Watch. It could also damage the charging port on your Apple Watch or not charge the device at all.

Inspecting Your Apple Watch for Physical Damage

If you mistakenly dropped your Apple Watch on the ground or put a heavy item on the watch, it can damage the product. And one symptom that your Apple Watch is physically damaged is if you cannot charge it with authentic Apple charging equipment. 

In case you are aware of physical damage, the only way out is to reach out to the Apple service centre to get the product replaced. If your device is covered under a physical damage warranty, the same will be verified and replaced by the team accordingly.

Ensuring the Charger is Free from Plastic Coverings

You may have forgotten to remove the entire or bits of your Apple Watch charger’s plastic covering and use it with the plastic covering on. If true, you can not use it properly, which may obstruct the device from charging correctly. The Apple Watch charger comes with plastic wrapping on either side, which, if not removed, can block the charging capability of the device.

Such situations generally happen with newly bought Apple Watches and sometimes with new chargers. Hence, checking for any plastic covering leftovers on your Apple Watch charger before reaching out to the service centre is best.

Cross-Verifying with a Friend’s Charging Accessories

If you have checked and not found any plastic covering on your Apple charging cord or power adaptor, consider lending another one from a friend to see if the problem is with the Apple Watch or maybe with the charging equipment itself. 

The only thing to ensure here is that you and your friend have the same Apple Watch and that the charging equipment is authentic. It could help overcome the possibility that your Apple Watch needs to be replaced or has any physical damage.

The Last Resort: Force Restart Your Apple Watch

As a last resort, you should also perform a force restart on your Apple Watch to check if the problem was software related and not with the physical device or the charging equipment. 

You can perform this by pressing the digital crown and side buttons on your Apple Watch and holding them for 10 seconds. Once the Apple logo appears on the watch, simultaneously release the buttons. Ensure your Apple Watch is not connected to the charger when doing this. If it is, the force restart will not happen successfully. 

The force restart should fix the issue, and you should be able to charge your Apple Watch properly now. However, if the last option has not worked out for your Apple Watch, you should check with a nearby Apple Store team to address this.


The Apple Watch is a fantastic device that has some great features. However, it is crucial to use Apple charging equipment when trying to charge your Apple Watch. If you use third-party products, it can harm the Apple Watch. Moreover, if you face difficulty charging your Apple Watch with an authentic Apple charger, try the above troubleshooting options before contacting the Apple Store for a replacement.

I hope this article was helpful and you can reuse your Apple Watch with the Apple charger without visiting the Apple Store.