How to Forward Gmail Automatically in 12 Easy Steps

Have a ton of email addresses and not enough time or patience to check them all by switching through them one by one each day for the rest of your life? Thank the developers at Google for allowing mail to be forwarded to any account you choose. This feature can allow you to access the mail you receive in multiple accounts in the same one inbox that you usually use. What’s more, the inbox you forward your Gmail messages to need not be Gmail as well either.

How to Forward Gmail Automatically in 12 Easy Steps

What automatic forwarding Gmail can do for you

Before knowing how to forward gmail, explore it. There is quite a host of advantages to avail by directing all your mail from tens of email IDs to one single email address. For starters, it is much simpler and more straightforward. Gmail auto aggforward saves you lots of time you’d otherwise be wasting switching between accounts, and perhaps forwarding important emails from those IDs to your main email forward address to take action on later.

Next, it can help streamline the way people interact with your online identity or that of your business and/or establishment. You can have ten separate email IDs for people sending in queries, complaints, business enquiries and official correspondence. By directing the email received on these email IDs to your main email, you can eliminate all the extra work you’d otherwise have to do to streamline and properly compartmentalise the way people interact with you.

And finally, perhaps the most important benefit is that you can check emails sent to your work email address, your website/blog email addresses and your personal email all in the same window, and in a matter of seconds! Is there any reason not to set up automatic forwarding?

How to set up auto forward email to Gmail accounts

How to set up auto forward email in your Gmail accounts

The whole process of setting up email addresses to forward mail to a different address isn’t difficult at all. It barely takes 5 minutes to complete. Here’s how to forward email to Gmail.

  1. Login to your Gmail ID (the one you want to pass on all incoming mail somewhere else).
  2. Use the Gear button on the top right to go to reveal a drop-down menu. Here, choose Settings.
  3. Go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” in the tabs. POP and IMAP are email protocols. You don’t need to worry about those.
  4. Choose the “Add a forwarding address” option. Enter the email ID you want your mail to be forwarded to.
  5. Click Next. Go through the text in the dialog box that pops up, and then press Proceed.
  6. Use a separate browser or incognito/private window to login to the email account you want your email to be forwarded to.
  7. You should find an email with the Subject “Gmail Forwarding Confirmation”. Open it and read through it.
  8. An 8 part confirmation code should be present in the email text. Copy it to your clipboard.
  9. Switch back to your Gmail account window. Paste the code into the Confirmation code field.
  10. You can now press verify and select “Forward a copy of incoming mail”. Your emails are now connected. What remains is for you to decide what happens to email that has been forwarded to your main email ID.
  11. You can choose “Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox” to leave the email undisturbed after forwarding it to your account. “Mark Gmail’s copy as read” retains the mail but marks it as read after forwarding it. You can also archive or delete the mail in your Gmail account.
  12. Press Save Changes and you’re done!

You can test the service by sending a blank email to your Gmail account. It should show up in your forward account in a few moments. Pretty cool, right?

There are no restrictions on what email services or clients are allowed to forward your emails to. Now all your email can be accessed at one place. I hope you get how to forward Gmail. Still, have any questions? Comment them below.