Explained: How to Host on Twitch?

This is the choicest platform to treat oneself to the spiffiest, fanciest and trickiest of games. It lets you share your streams live, and is of incredible value as to how it has helped the gaming culture to grow and reach as many as it can. Interestingly, it isn’t just limited to video games. Once you’re on Twitch, you stream music, talk shows, and occasional TV series, much to the versatility you need. People can come in and see what you’re streaming by visiting your account. Meanwhile, you can keep tabs on who’s entering and tuning in. But one feature, having quite a lot of takers lately, is the hosting feature. This article details everything you must know about how to host on twitch, how to auto host on twitch, and how it can benefit you.

Explained: How to Host on Twitch?

Host Mode and The Advantages

It’s one sort of PR given and received. The Host mode offers you the ability to stream somebody else’s stream on your account, to your own audience. It’s available to all the streamers available on this app and is often interpreted as a tool of spawning a mutual interest club and building goodwill among your peers. Besides this, it’s also useful for keeping a channel active. In case you’re too occupied to offer your own content, you can stream other’s content and help retain your audience. On the other side, the ‘promoted’ channel attracts new streamers and registers a good growth count. And the best part is – all this while, your chat settings aren’t affected at all, and even during the host mode, you can interact with your own community and exchange messages without a hitch. All in all, it’s quite a well-supported feature by Twitch, designed to do all good for the entire community.

How to Host on Twitch

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There are three easy ways to use Host mode and how to unhost on twitch, all of which, are elaborated below. Take a look.

  1. Via Mobile App: For beginners, it’s the most straightforward and simplest way of hosting on Twitch. Anybody, using its iOS app, can host by tapping on the gear icon on the desired channel and choosing the Host option from the drop-down menu. This feature is full-fledged available to iOS users only and will come gradually to Android users.
  2. Via Chat: The key to hosting a channel is inside your chat as well. Go to your chat section and enter /host followed by the name of the selected channel, For instance, if you want to host a channel Gamer42, just enter /host Gamer42 to share the stream. To turn it off, enter /unhost. Remember that you can change the selected channel thrice within 30 minutes. That being so, you can quickly switch to other channels if the previous one you’re playing goes offline.
  3. Auto Host: This method entails adding up as many channels as you want, so that your channel automatically picks up and starts hosting while you’re offline. This is a feasible way of running a channel if you’re short on time, but wants active business on it. These channels are either selected randomly, or can be customized in tune with your preferences.

To add channels, go to Twitch Channel Settings, turn it ‘on’, add your favorite channels by clicking the ‘+’ button, and save/update the settings. There is no limit to the maximum channels you can add, however, it itself recommends you to add at least 10.

What Happens When You’re Hosted?

If anybody on Twitch has started hosting your channel, you’ll receive a notification telling that you’ve been hosted by ‘this’ person. Also, you’ll inform about the number of viewers connected to your stream. Every information is clearly laid out, so that you can actually track people showing interest in your stream and give them a word of thanks for extra exposure.


What Happens When You Host a Channel?

If you’re hosting a channel, then you should know how to start a stream on twitch, the first change you’ll notice is the change of player and panels drop down to that of the selected broadcaster’s channel. Towards the top, there will be a banner showing the viewers connected to the streamed content. Remember that even in this new ambiance, you’ll be able to access your chat just as before. There’ll be the button under the video player for those willing to return back to your offline video screen and see the information if they want to.


What Can You Do To Get Twitch Streamers to Host You?

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Getting Twitch hosting by other streamers is highly instrumental in establishing your credibility as a seasoned gamer and winning the exposure, which can pay you off well. If you’ve the skills to convince your peers to host you, you’ve the star power you need. You must think about how to get viewers on Twitch. Below, we’ve mentioned a few techniques to win over other streamers, get hosted and branch out to a newer audience almost every day.

  1. Harness the power of your own community. Ask your friends to do you the favor and host your content when they aren’t streaming their own.
  2. Twitch helps you know the people watching your stream. You can turn your viewership to your advantage and ask them to host your channel, apart from following and subscribing it. Since it’s a matter of goodwill, support, and passion, Twitch streamers would love to host you on the platform.
  3. Draw the spotlight on those hosting you by creating a host list to your Twitch account. By giving recognition to those who’re hosting, you’ll give the much-needed boost to others to host you and promote their own channels. Streamlabs is a free service helping you do this.

This is all about how to host on twitch? How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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