How to Set Up Donations on Twitch: 4 Simple Methods

Twitch is about all things gaming and has been advancing nicely for extending a new realm to the fashion – watching live streaming gameplay for all of your favorite titles, either for free or paying a subscription fee. The integrated chat rooms support real-time exchange of messages among its streamers, and the Host Mode allows streamers to host someone else’s channel, or get hosted by others for double exposure. For starters, it’s a fabulous method to connect with a whole community of gaming enthusiasts, watch games live, and get up to speed on what’s happening. For seasoned gamers, it’s a legitimate source of quick money, not just via subscriptions, but also by setting up Twitch donation alert on their account.

This article covers everything you must know about setting up donations on your channel and monetize it well. The whole process isn’t difficult at all, and would take a couple of minutes for you to get through.

Excited enough? Let’s head straight how to set up donations on twitch profile.


4 Ways to Set Up Donations on Twitch


1. Twitch Bits

twitch bits

what are twitch bits?  Also known as Twitch Cheers, it’s own donation system open to only Affiliates and Partners. You can donate to your favorite broadcasters’ channels in bits – the recognized form of payment here. As methodology goes, 100 Twitch bits equal to a dollar and can be purchased from Twitch in exchange of real-time money via Amazon Payments. They characteristically look like animated GIFs, and is a way how users visualize their support to selected channels. When using bits, a special audio and video alerts pop up within a stream’s chat box, which encourage other viewers to buy them and donate. The viewers, who buy and donate the maximum, earn special badges based on how much they’ve donated. These twitch bit badges are displayed next to a viewer’s name in the stream’s chat and give him recognition in the community.

The process:

  • In your dashboard, open the Partner Settings tab.
  • Locate for the settings Cheers, and on reaching there, select Enable Cheering with Bits.
  • Now, viewers can use their bits in your channel. They just have to type Cheer and the number of bits they wish to donate. For example, if you want to donate 500 bits, enter Cheer500 and send.


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2. PayPal Donations


This is the best known method to Twitch streamers for inviting donations, and one of the simplest and fastest as well. You need to have a PayPal email ID, of course, which you can share with your viewers to see and send you money. Now, sending money via PayPal is perhaps we all must have tried at least once. It’s a pretty neat, uncomplicated and fuss-free online payment platform. Just set up a PayPal link (paypal donate button), which will take the viewers straight to the payment gateway and guide them further to make donations. Read on to how you can use your PayPal link as your drive for donations.

The process:

  • One of the common methods is to put the PayPal link just below the stream window. Since it’s more noticeable than any other place for the viewers coming to watch stream, it has great potential.
  • Post your PayPal link within the stream’s chat. Not only will it attract attention of the viewers joining over chat, but will also make it convenient for them to click the link within the chat window and go straight to PayPal for donation.
  • During a stream, say your PayPal address slowly, clearly and loud for the viewers to listen.
  • Adding a donation section to your channel can also help. Go to Edit Panels, tap on the big ‘+’ button, fill in the Panel Title and Description fields. Mention your PayPal address in the description section along with a brief bio and a message to the viewers explaining why they should donate and what will you do with the money received. Better yet, explain how you’re planning to improve the viewers’ experience and what new is in the store.


3. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies were existing since a couple of years, but somewhere in the parallel universe. But since a year, they’re having their time in the spotlight, and have scaled to become the next legit currencies in many countries. Everybody’s tilting towards cryptocurrencies for their security, speed and low transactional fee. And as an extra icing came the BTC boom in 2017 and a rallying behavior like never before. That explains why Twitch donations made in digital currencies isn’t much of a surprise. streamers are making and receiving donations in cryptos and largely so. All one needs to do is sharing the wallet’s address with another user who accepts bitcoin.

The process:

  • Go to your chosen cryptocurrency wallet. BitPay, Mycelium, Jaxx and Coinomi are the most popular ones. Click the Receive button or link, which is an unanimous feature.
  • Going further, you’ll see a string of randomly placed letters and alphabets, which is your wallet’s address. Tap and copy it to the device’s clipboard. Also, don’t forget to take a screenshot of your QR code, which can be scanned by those willing to tip money.
  • Now, create a Donation page on your Twitch channel as described above in the PayPal point.
  • Paste the wallet address in the description with a short message for your viewers. Remember to mention that it’s a cryptocurrency wallet dedicated to ‘this’ currency. This is important because not all wallets are compatible with all cryptocurrencies. For instance, Mycelium is a BTC-only wallet, so it will not be accepting any donations made using Litecoin or Ethereum.

4. Third-Party Services

streamlabs donation

There are multiple third-party services, like StreamLabs, Gaming for Good, and StreamTip, meant for intuitive use, easy payments and enhanced experience. You get a unique, personalized donation page for your Twitch channel with each of these, having a slew of special features like real-time notifications and text-to-speech service. After registering to any of these services and configuring your payment settings, you find an option to share the details with the viewers and tip money. Simple and sweet!

Since every service has a different process to go by, you’re advised to do some exploration on your own. From our experience, most of the channels work in the same way, and ensures zero hassles.


Tips to Invite Donations From Your Twitch Viewers

invite for donation

Because money is a precious resource and nobody really likes it to donate unless it’s for some serious charity, you need a low-down on how to get viewers to tip you money without coming off a greedy desperado. Below, we’ve mentioned a few tips for you to get more clicks on Twitch donate button.

  1. Be Thankful: Thanking your donors during a stream is an incredible way of endorsing their support. Not only will this make your donors feel a tad special, but will encourage other viewers to donate you while hoping for this rewarding verbal mention in the next stream.
  2. Create a Goal: Give your audience a motivator, a feeling that their money is in for a purpose; their money will come back to them with a brilliant value. You can create a free progress bar using StreamLabs, and set real-time notifications for times when viewers make donations. If not this, you can mention your goals to your audience verbally, or jot them out in your description.
  3. Create a List of Donors: Though a little complex for big channels, but an amazing motivator to get those donations ringing. By giving a mention to your donors, you’re actually thanking them for the support, and making it highly competitive for the rest of the viewers, who now will be desirous of having their names on the list. They will likely to find this reward worth working for.
  4. Add a Donor Widget: This will carry the names of all your recent donors with a word of thanks, and appear on your onscreen layout. Now, this is something even the most modest mortals will root for. You can set up a donor widget using StreamLabs and the OBS studio program.

That’s a snap, folks! This is all we’ve this guide on how to set up donations on twitch. Let us know your opinions about it, or you’ve any suggestions to add.

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