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Can You Share an AirTag’s Location With Others?

AirTag is a genius tracking device allowing you to locate your belongings quickly. You can track your car keys within the house, misplaced luggage at the airport, and even a lost bag in another city. All you need to do is tag your items with an activated AirTag. Now, even though the tracking range is unlimited for AirTag, there are some disadvantages to this fantastic device.

In this article, we will discuss the location-sharing feature in AirTags and whether you can share your AirTag details with another user. 

How Location Sharing Works with AirTags

As of today, there is no location-sharing feature available in AirTag. Hence, sharing the details of your AirTag with another Apple user is impossible. Apple has developed the AirTag so that only one person can access the AirTag location at a time. You cannot share the location information with another person.

Moreover, the AirTag can only be tracked by the Find My account linked to it, not just any device. It is a part of the safety and privacy policy used by Apple to make AirTag a safe tracking gadget. It also helps prevent any criminal minds or hackers from accessing the data on the AirTag; even though it is not a feature currently, many Apple users have requested to have this added as a feature in AirTag.

Is location Sharing Possible with AirTag?

Since the feature is unavailable in AirTag, sharing a location with AirTag is impossible. You can only track the location of the AirTag with the device it is in sync with without sharing the details with another device. Moreover, AirTag only allows one device to be connected to it; hence, no other device can locate the AirTag.

Can You Share An AirTag’s Location With A Family Member’s iPhone?

Since the AirTag does not offer location sharing option with another device, you can not share the details with your family member as well. And this is irrespective of whether your family members have an iPhone or an Android device. Simply put, Apple does not allow tracking or sharing AirTag locations with other devices.

Moreover, if your family really wants to track your location, they can do so by tracking the location of the AirTag. However, they can only do so if the AirTag is synced to their iPhone and connected to an item they are using. But you can still get the AirTag synced in a way that allows more than one device to access its location. If the AirTag is synced to the same Apple ID, and that ID is accessible to multiple family members, they can track the AirTag on their respective devices.

Can Others Track Your AirTag In Any Way?

No, since there is no sharing option available for AirTags, you cannot track the AirTag in any other way except by using the Apple device it was connected to. As a security feature, Apple does not allow AirTag to be tracked by anyone other than the device it is synced with using the Find My app. 

However, if you doubt that you are being tracked, you should check for any AirTags in your vehicle or bag to ensure no unknown AirTag has been placed in your items.

Is It Possible To Transfer Your AirTag To Others?

Yes, you can transfer the AirTag to another device/person. However, to do that, you must un-sync it with the existing device since AirTag only allows sync-up with one device at a time. You will need to remove it from your Apple ID to ensure that the AirTag has been removed successfully and is free to be used by another device. It is most commonly done by users who do not require the AirTag anymore and wish to resell it to another Apple user. You can reset the AirTag to make it reusable for another user. 

Here is how you reset an AirTag to transfer it to another user-

  • On the backside of the AirTag, if you want to remove your Apple ID, open the battery cover by moving it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Please remove the battery and then place it back in. You will hear a clicking sound. 
  • Do the same procedure four times more. You will hear a different sound when pressing the battery on the fifth try. It will confirm the AirTag is good to go for pairing again.
  • After this, put the battery back cover and turn it in a clockwise direction to close the cover.
  • The AirTag’s LED will start showing white, confirming the information has been erased.

It will restore the AirTag to default settings and can now be paired with any other Apple ID.


AirTag is an excellent tracking device that can be useful if used appropriately. Thanks to Apple, it has a security feature that does not allow it to be tracked by multiple devices simultaneously. Hence, it maintains the privacy of the device’s location, making it only accessible to the person who has synced the AirTag with their Apple ID. But it is always good to check if you have an unknown AirTag on you if you feel the need to check for any trackers or think you are being followed.