How to Download iMessage on Windows & PC? {Editor Version}

Why does everyone want iMessage for Windows? I mean it should be obvious it isn’t available for Windows PCs or Android phones; it’s a freaking Apple product! And yet, Google is bombarded with searches asking for the app in their devices. And there are far too many websites and blogs that claim you indeed can get iMessage for PC. So, can you?

How to Download iMessage for PC

The truth about emulators

We’ve said it so many times on our website that I’ve lost all count. Emulators are crap. They slow down your PC like it was their job. The inconvenience they cause dwarf any utility they might have. After all, why would you want to paralyse your PC just to run Subway Surfer?

There are iOS emulators too. And no, they’re not any better. I tried installing iPadian on my Windows laptop. And now it won’t run a single minute without stopping to catch its breath. I trashed my PC for a silly messaging app. Not to mention, iPadian doesn’t have iMessage. All that effort for nothing…

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iMessage… ugh!

That’s not to say iMessage is a poor app. It is quick and easy, plus it works really well. The interface is attractive and the whole app is somewhat of a standard to size up other messaging services. But face it, your world does not end without iMessage.

Standard texting apps might be stock-ish. But there’s Whatsapp that everyone uses. Or kik! And they are in no way inferior to iMessage. For example, kik doesn’t even need you to share your phone number with people!

But if you’re desperate to get iMessage…

Well, get an iPhone! Or a Mac. But for Windows PC users, that is a dream that will never come true, I’m sorry.

A lot of blogs and portals are filled with drivel; iPadian can get you iMessage for any device, they say. But it won’t. Install iPadian and you find nothing that can even remotely be used to message someone who has an Apple account. Instead, your computer starts crawling like a slug through everyday tasks.

I mean I literally cannot shut down my PC anymore because it takes so long to shut down and then to boot back up!

What else, if not iMessage for Windows?

iMessage on Windows PC

3-5 years ago, having iMessage on PC would have been a great idea because the features it offered were truly unmatched. But from where today’s technology stands, you have apps and services available across platforms that not just share your stuff with your friends, but make it a lot more efficient.

Want to video call someone as well as text them? Google Hangouts is all you need! Maybe share a big file or one with an uncommon extension? You have Google Drive or Amazon Prime for that. And want something that does all that while also working as a text app recognising your SIM? Two words. Facebook Messenger!

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To sum it all up, you can’t get iMessage for PC or Android or Windows. Until you go all Inception on Tim Cook and make him push for an iMessage exe file for Windows or maybe an apk, there’s no way to get the app. Emulators are the worst option to avail. Instead, try out other apps that can perhaps fit your need much better.


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