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iMovie for PC Windows 10 Download & Alternatives

iMovie is an amazing video editing software. If you are looking to download iMovie for PC or Windows, you will get it all here.

It’s the go-to video editing software for Mac and iOS users. Since its release in 1997, iMovie has developed into a multi-functional software. Today, it offers the Family Sharing feature along with 4K video editing for the iPhone 6, iPad Pro, the iPad A2, and later devices.

Furthermore, iMovie allows you to transfer your projects from one Apple device to another using AirDrop or the iCloud Drive. But one problem is that the app is officially available only on Mac or iOS devices. Luckily, there is a workaround to getting iMovie for Windows too.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or 10

Storage Space: 56MB

RAM: At least 512MB but 1GB is recommended

Software: Have Adobe Air installed and We also recommend a VPN to start with.

You can download the 11MB software here. Note that the latest version of Adobe Air requires your Windows PC to have the 64-bit Adobe AIR SDK, which you can get here.

How to Download iMovie for PC

Step 1: Get the Internet Download Manager here to speed up downloads.

There is a 30-day trial but you can also buy a license here.

Step 2: Download the iPadian IOS simulator here.

Note that the iPadian Premium software is not free. You have to pay $20 in order to download it. Likewise, this is a simulator and not an emulator. You won’t have any access to the iOS App Store and the apps working on iPadian are limited.

Step 3:  Run the iPadian installer file when the download is done.

You will be asked to choose a folder where you want iPadian to be stored. You can select the default folder location such as Program Files and Program Files (x86) or create a new one. If the installation won’t start, you might need to right-click the file and select Run as Administrator.

Step 4: Double-click the iPadian icon on your desktop once the installation is over.

If the icon isn’t on the main desktop, it might be on your taskbar. You can also search for iPadian on the aforementioned folder location.

Step 5: Type in your Apple ID to log in.

Step 6: Find iMovie on the iPadian Simulator.

4 iMovie Alternatives for PC/Windows 10

There is no guarantee that iMovie will work well on an iOS simulator like iPadian. Thus, it might be a better option to get other video-editing software for your Windows PC.

1) Movavi Video Editor 15

This video editor takes only about 20 minutes to get used to thanks to its drag-and-drop user controls. There’s even a timeline feature to help you see your current output. Not only does it allow you to directly share your project on YouTube but you can also apply a ton of filters and transitions.

2) Wondershare Filmora 9

Filmora 9 has been downloaded more than 50 million times, which proves just how reliable it is among amateur and professional video creators alike. It works on Windows 7 and later editions. You can try Filmora 9 for free and pay $69.99 for an individual lifetime subscription, which includes tech support.

3) Lightworks

This video editor has been around for more than 25 years and has been used to edit films such as “Hugo” and “Pulp Fiction”. It has a simple, beginner-friendly UI and a timeline similar to what the Movavi Video Editor 15 has. Moreover, Lightworks offers free audio and video content to enhance your project.

4) Shotcut

Perhaps the best thing about this open-source video editor is that it is completely free. It was created back in 2004 and has since developed support for hundreds of video formats and codecs. You can edit 4K videos and capture video using your HDMI, SDI, or even your webcam.