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Lock-down Special: 10 Best .IO Games 2020 for PC Windows 10/8.1/7

In current times, staying home is a crucial obligation to follow. But staying inside can get boring after some time. So, to help you get over the boredom, we have found just the pastime you need. With a variety of online multiplayer games, Best .io games 2020 have been a popular genre among gamers. This genre offers hundreds of games that’ll prove a great way to spend your time at home.

Hence, in this article Best io games , we will go through such ten marvelous games that will help you stay within the limits of your residence. So, let us get to it.

Sifting through the hundreds of titles available, here are the 10 best .io games worth wasting your time on.


The first one up on our list is Considered very interesting, this game enables you to play as a virtual black hole, and your job is to devour anything that falls in your path. To succeed, you must consume all the contenders, vehicles, trees, etc., that come in your pathway, as you (the hole) grow. The bigger you become(in the game), the more of the city you get to consume.

But, requires an understanding of practical physics. It will ensure you don’t gulp in anything too huge, creating a possible blockage. Also, beware of the other black holes, cause if they are bigger than you, they may try to swallow you.


One of the most OP things to ever exist in, DUAL M249 ...

Here is a battle game of the royal sorts. is a multiplayer game wherein several players fight on a hierarchical viewpoint and even pair up to win the on-field battles. During the gameplay, players can also scavenge for weapons and tools to strengthen their game. There are a variety of virtual weapons that can be acquired and include shotguns, SMGS, long-range snipers, assault rifles, and more.

Although Games is not a very famous battle royal game, this one does have a fan following of its own. And the best part is, you can play it on varied platforms.


Games Like, Brief Game Info, User Reviews | AlikeFinder is an exciting action Io game. It became a huge success through social media platforms. With a multiplayer supporting feature, this online game requires the players to control at least one cell, inside the map. The basic motive of the player remains to consume tiny circular shapes, to grow in size. Once you’ve grown bigger than all your opponents, you win. Also, after your circle has gotten big enough, you can split it into halves.

4. Epic Zombie Fortress Defense! ( New io Gameplay ...

This one is a building game, similar to Minecraft. As the name suggests, is a game that requires you to create a base and hide your gold from the zombies. With each new attack of zombies, the progression gets enormous and stronger. Hence, you must also upgrade the walls as well as your weapons, using the gold hoard, to ensure long-lasting gameplay.

The best thing about this game is that when you come back to life, your gold from the last round remains untouched. Since it is a multiplayer game, you can also play along with other players. And, there is a gemstone, guarded by the demons. Go and get it, to find out more.


An Aggressor's Strategy to - Joel Johnson - Medium

A very entertaining arcade game, is similar to the classic game of snake. In this comprehensive multiplayer game, you need to consume as many multi-colored pellets as possible and grow big. However, the only distinction is that if you clash with another worm, you will have to start the gameplay from the beginning. You also get to pick your avatar worm, or create one, if you wish to. The game has an outer-space like interface and makes up for a remarkable choice.


If you love the Android game, Flappy bird, is the game for you. Just like its android version, has a bird that needs to pass through an obstacle of pipes, designed like a zigzag. In this game, your only purpose is to keep the bird from touching any pipes and dropping to the ground. And remember, your score depends on the number of pipes you cross without touching. So, go and get to it.

7. | Play on is a simple, yet fun game. In this game, you play as a narwhal and earn upgrades to further levels by killing other narwhals (players) with your beak. By taking the mouse in the direction you want to move, the narwhal will comply and move accordingly. Further, to make the kill, you must click at a location closer to the narwhal that you have targeted. However, if you click too close to the target, it will just push them away. Move your mouse in the direction you want your narwhal to move. Also, you get to choose your narwhal avatar and name it too.

With a simple interface, is overall easy to play, and a very addictive game.


If you are done with all the action and killing, here is a relief in the form of This is a draw-and-guess game where you get to create fun art with your friends. Available online, is a charade style game that has a laid back interface. In this game, one player is given a selected word and has to draw a clue for other players to guess. In this impressive game, there are language-specific game rooms and can be accessed the game in the language of your preference.


The Tanks of Ultimate Guide! - The Miniclip Blog

Here is one of the earliest and the most reliable .io game of all time. is a strategy game wherein you, a tank, destroy objects and opponents to earn points. Later, these points can be utilized in upgrading the tank. The customization option allows you to choose different tank bodies, weapons, etc. has various modes that enable you to play solo, against an opponent, or in a group even. Also, there is a power-packed mode called the Mothership mode. has the most diverse gameplay and caters to several strategic styles. This is the game for you if you like trying new game strategies and experiment with different tanks.

10. Knight Warriors - YouTube

Last on our list is With an insane blend of swords and paint blobs, this game will have you slicing off players right away. You can slash and fly, and control your player with a simple click. A time-based game, requires you to ensure that your sword is timed with your actions and comes back to the side it started from, for you to slash more opponents. But you just don’t go flashing your sword and slashing for no reason. You must save the slashes on your sword.

With fast-moving gameplay, is one of the most addictive games ever. If you love slashing stuff, give this one a try.

The endgame

With these awesome .io games, you can make the best of your time at home. While some games are quite entertaining, others will have you hooked for the strategical aspect. And, with the easy accessibility to these games on the internet, you can have them up and running in no time. I hope these reviews enable you to have a clearer idea of the gameplay you are about to experience. So, choose as per your preferences, or go crazy and play them all. You have all the time in the world, and these Best io games are not going anywhere.

Have fun gaming, in this lockdown season.