10 Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows (to Run iOS app)

Recognized as the most secure operating system, iOS is only accessible on Apple devices. Moreover, with its stringent security checks, the App Store and applications for these devices are also not available for devices based on other OS-based devices. However, some applications help run iOS app on your Windows PC. These applications are known as emulators that enable one operating system to emulate another operating system.

Below is a compilation of such iOS emulator for Windows 10. We will be reviewing the top 10 iOS emulators that can be installed and run in your Windows PC, smoothly.

1. Smartface

First up is a program that is exclusively created for professionals. Smartface, with some power-packed features, is a favorite among the developers. As an emulator, Smartface makes the process of developing an iOS platform, on Windows-based PC. It is a great program that helps in creating new applications, using the technology of Cross-Platform. More so, Smartface allows you to test the App at different screen resolutions. It also offers iOS debugging for Windows as an add-on feature.

With a paid version starting at 99$, you can get this iOS emulator for Windows 10 by clicking on this link.

2. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is a simple app that helps access and runs iOS-based games and applications on a Windows PC. It’s one of the best iphone emulator for pc. Its main focus is to run gaming apps, and hence, have good quality graphics. Although there are certain lags in iPhone Simulator, it is a perfect app for gaming enthusiasts. Also, since the user-interface is quite similar to iPhone’s interface, it is an uncomplicated software for your PC.

You can download this iOS emulator for your Windows PC from here.

3. iPadian

Next up is a very popular iOS emulator for windows 10. iPadian is known for its clean user-interface and resembles an iPad. All you have to do is, install the iPadian on your PC, and get to installing Apps of your choice. Although iPadian cannot be considered a full-fledged emulator, it can simulate the iOS interface on your Windows PC. With an App Store of its own, you can only use the apps available here, to work on your PC. You may need to install Adobe Air on the PC before using the App Store as a prerequisite.

To download this emulator, click on to this link.

4. iPad Simulator

An actual Chrome extension, the iPad Simulator is a simple application to install. Since it is a Chrome extension, this emulator has a user-interface resembling the iPad’s and allows you to access features Siri and iMessenger on the PC. The iPad Simulator enables you to save the installed applications in the cloud storage, using the drag-and-drop option.

5. Appetize.io

Considered as one of the best iOS emulators, Appetize is a lightweight app mainly used for application testing and development work. The Appetize emulator performs well with all versions of Windows. As an easy user-interface, this emulator allows users to create cross-platform apps using cloud storage. However, without an IDE for developmental work, this emulator requires a pre-built simulator to be able to upload your app.

To be able to download this emulator, go on to this website.

6. Xamarin TestFlight

Known as the official emulator used for testing apps on the Windows platform, The Xamarin TestFlight is a product by Apple. The user-interface of this emulator is complicated, however, for regular users, it is not too difficult and is considered a favorite among professionals. Overall, the emulator is best suited for app developers.

The Xamarin TestFlight emaultor can only be access through this link.

7. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

For gaming fanatics, Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best choice as it offers some astonishing iOS games, on your PC. This application is specifically built for the Windows platform and lets you play the Nintendo 3DS game. It is an efficient emulator and competent in running games smoothly. This emulator enables you to play all the 3D, and iPhone games, without any obstruction.

This amazing iOS emulator can be downloded from here.

8. MobiOne Studios

MobiOne Studios is an emulator that has been discontinued, however, it can be utilized for personal work, to install iOS Apps. It is known as a power-packed emulator with a straightforward user-interface. Moreover, it is also considered safe for developing applications on cross-platform. As a fast-paced app, MobiOne Studios can easily run any app on your Windows PC.

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9. App.io

App.io has been liked for several reasons, and one of them is that the installation process is hassle-free. As a free-of-cost app, this emulator has a simple user interface. Since its primary focus is on keeping things simple, the App.io only requires to be aligned with your App bundle with the emulator, and it is good to go. It is employed in application testing on cross-platforms, as well as playing exclusive iPhone games.

10. iDos

The iDos, originally a DOSBox port, contains some of the best DOS-based games. However, iDos cannot be installed via the App store. The upgraded version iDos 2.0, is a free and open-source emulator. Its primary functions include supporting external keyboards and mouse as well as giving multiple-screen mode. The iDos emulator supports most of the operating systems including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.


With the help of the above-mentioned iOS emulators for Windows 10, you can easily access all the Apple applications on App Store, straight on your PC. Also, these are the best iOS emulators available today, and hence, will work flawlessly, based on the characteristics and usage recommended above. From beginner-level to professionals, there is something for all. So, go and get these emulators, and experience some of the most wondrous iOS apps on your Windows PC, right away.