Fixing Made Easy for Your iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes

iPhone users have struggled a lot with this prolong problem where they connect their iphone with PC and the itunes application is not able to detect the phone. In most cases trying to connect the wire frequently resolves the issue but at times it irritates the user even after repeated attempts of connecting the phone. In this article you will get to know ways which for sure will get the issue resolved.

Let us see where the issue might come. You have 3 things here. Your iphone, the USB cable and your PC. Chances are in most cases your phone and PC will always be alright. The issue will always pop up in your cable which either may be loose or broken somewhere.

iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes

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  1. See the condition of your cable. Look for any broken neck usually found near the ends of each side. They have a tendency to wear out after regular usage. If the wire is alright then head to step 2
  2. Ensure your iPhone is connected to your PC with a working USB cable
  3. In most cases your PC will automatically launch itunes but if doesn’t then launch itunes.
  4. Look for DEVICES tab under sidebar until the showbar appears and click on it.
  5. You will see the sidebar in itunes only if it is made visible as many a times users accidently click on the hide button which eventually makes people believe that their iPhone was never connected even though it was always there.

So next time you see your iPhone not showing up in itunes. Make sure you try this way. In most cases it will be fine but if it still doesn’t then there are few basic checks you need to do.

  • Restart your iOS device.
  • Look if you can get itunes to detect your iPhone by changing the ports of your PC. There is a possibility that a port may be damaged.
  • Always keep your phone and itunes updated.
  • Completely uninstall itunes and reinstall it.
  • Disable restriction on your iPhone by Settings>General>Restrictions>toggle off.

iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

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  • Sometimes your iPhone has trust issues so keep an eye for trust button on your iOS device when you connect your iPhone with Mac or Windows.