iSentry for PC Download Free [Windows Version]

iSentry is a top-notch security surveillance solution that protects and secures your workplace or homes from unwanted intruders. The app transforms any device with an active webcam into a surveillance detector. The advanced technology and artificial intelligence used by the app then detects any motion with its motion sensors and instantly notifies you of the same. Although iSentry is a very effective surveillance and security kit, it is only available as an app for Apple devices. iSentry can only be downloaded from the Apple Store. This does not mean that Windows users will be slighted out from this app. This guide will allow Windows users to download iSentry too and reap its benefits.

How to Download iSentry for PC?

1.      The first step towards iSentry or any such application for that matter is to download an emulator. The key work of an emulator is to replicate the processes of one system to another. In this case, the emulator will replicate the system functions of an iOS powered device.

2.      Care needs to be taken that only an iOS emulator is downloaded. As this app is only available in the iOS store, downloading an Android emulator or an emulator of any other operating system will not do the work of downloading iSentry.

3.      Once the emulator has been downloaded. Install it and set it up on your Windows PC. For this purpose, you can download iPadian or MobiOne Studio. Both these emulators are widely used. Any other emulator should also ideally work the same.

4.      Launch the emulator. The visual appearance of the emulator will be exactly like that of an iOS device. On the homepage, you will find the Apple Store icon. Click on it.

5.      Once the Apple Store opens up, the first screen will ask you to log into the store. Without logging in, you will not be able to download any of the apps there. At this stage, you can either use a pre-existing Apple ID if you have one or register for a new Apple account.

6.      The process of creating a new Apple ID is not very long. You need to verify your email address and follow the subsequent steps thereafter. After you have successfully logged in to the store, you will get unrestricted access to all the apps there.

7.      On the search bar, search for iSentry and press ‘Enter’. The app will show up as a search result. Click on Install.

8.      The app will be downloaded and installed to your emulator. You will thereafter find the app icon on the homepage of your emulator. Launch iSentry and secure your places of interest.

Key Features of iSentry for Windows

·        iSentry Free is the basic version of the app that is available to users without any cost. The app uses the webcam of your PC or laptop. You can set which location the camera should point at. With the help of the motion detection sensors, the app recognizes if it detects any motion in the said view of the webcam.

·        If a motion is detected, the app instantly notifies you through a notification. You can set the manner of the notifications. On getting the required permissions, the app can notify you through email alerts or mobile phone alerts.

·        The app can also directly send you audio and video recording of the motion detected. You can control the format and quality of both the audio and video the app will be notifying you with. You can also set iSentry to directly upload such images or videos to your PC’s disk.

·        iSentry Pro is the upgraded version of the app which you can get by an in-app purchase. This version of iSentry includes a detection masking feature. With this, you can mark out a region where regular motion takes place and flag the rest of the screen on your webcam.

·        You can also schedule motion detection at any time on any day of the month of a year. It also allows you to connect higher quality cameras to your system.


You can upgrade to an even higher version of iSentry which is the enterprise variant. Here you can add more than one device to the app and survey a greater number of locations. The app gives you security and mental peace while instantly notifying you if something goes wrong. You can download the app on your Windows PCs and laptops with the help of this guide without any hassle. 

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