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iSentry for Windows PC – Everything you need to know

There seems to be some confusion about whether or not the iSentry app is available for Windows users. After doing a bit of research, we found that unfortunately, the app is not yet available for Windows.

About iSentry

iSentry is a top-notch security surveillance solution that protects and secures your workplace or homes from unwanted intruders. The app transforms any device with an active webcam into a surveillance detector. The advanced technology and artificial intelligence used by the app then detects any motion with its motion sensors and instantly notifies you of the same. Although iSentry is a very effective surveillance and security kit, it is only available as an app for Apple devices. iSentry can only be downloaded from the Apple Store.

iSentry for Windows – Is it Possible?

iSentry is a desktop application that has been designed for Mac users to help keep their computer secure. However, can it also be used on Windows? In this article, we will take a look at what iSentry is and whether or not it is possible to download the app onto a PC.

Download iSentry for Windows using Bluestacks

•To download iSentry, you first need to download an emulator.
• Make sure to only download an iOS emulator, as the app is only available in the iOS store.
• Once the emulator has been downloaded, launch it and click on the Apple Store icon.
• You will then need to log into the store using either a pre-existing Apple ID or by registering for a new one.
• After logging in, search for iSentry on the search bar and click Install.
• The app will be downloaded and installed onto your emulator. Launch iSentry and secure your places of interest!

Key Features – iSentry

•iSentry Free is the basic version of the app that is available to users without any cost.
• The app uses the webcam of your PC or laptop and you can set which location the camera should point at.
• If a motion is detected, the app instantly notifies you through a notification. You can set the manner of notifications to be received through email alerts or mobile phone alerts.
• The app can also directly send you audio and video recording of the motion detected. You can control quality and format settings for both audio and video recordings.
• iSentry Pro is an upgraded version of this app available through an in-app purchase which includes features such as detection masking, scheduling motion detection, and connecting higher quality cameras to your system .


You can upgrade to an even higher version of iSentry which is the enterprise variant. Here you can add more than one device to the app and survey a greater number of locations. The app gives you security and mental peace while instantly notifying you if something goes wrong. You can download the app on your Windows PCs and laptops with the help of this guide without any hassle.