Top 10 iTunes Alternatives That Tune Up Your Playlists Smartly

iTunes has got some serious nice features. But the services has its share of downsides. A quick search on Google helped us in knowing that there are many looking out for an alternative to iTunes for varying reasons.

  • Some are in need of something simpler – an app with a plainer interface.
  • Some are seeking a better platform for speedy transfers of music files.
  • Some are keen on having something that leverages their media collections.

Whatever the reason might be, the bottomline is – iTunes isn’t fitting the bill, and people are indeed searching for greener methods. And, that’s what spurred us to come out with this piece. We’ve experimented with some of the best-said counterparts of iTunes, tested them on various parameters, and come out with top 10 picks to help you have a commendable music experience – the best iTunes alternative. So,  let’s know which app has all the potential to give a strong nudge to iTunes.

1. MusicBee



MusicBee comes big on customization and packs such an effortless interface, that it feels actually amazing to glide through one menu to another and do settings the way you like. It’s one powerhouse of a music player, and iTunes closest competition for not just bringing the whole cache of iTunes features to the table, but also for how simple it makes for you to keep your music collection in order. If you can’t find your groove with iTunes, MusicBee sprints in as a great choice. It’s easily the top-end competitor to Apple’s tool.


  1. An all-in-one music player app that closely resemble iTunes. That said, its heavy configurability, in terms of screen layout and skins, are clear handouts.
  2. A highly-manageable app that lets you import your iTunes playlists and also to select additional folders, if any.
  3. Easy-syncing of your music with multiple devices. The app supports web radio stations, podcasts and SoundCloud integration.
  4. Tweaking and stabilizing the audio throw using a 15-band equalizer. You can further bring in a lot of such options by downloading the MusicBee add-ons.
  5. If managing your music files has ever been an ordeal, MusicBee is the respite. It’s easier to manage, find and play files on your system, and its auto-tagging feature is another highlight to keep your library clutter-free.


  1. A built-in encoder is missing, so you will end up searching for the same elsewhere.
  2. At the time of writing, MusicBee is only available for Windows.

Availability: Win 7 / 8 / 10

Download MusicBee


2. Media Monkey

Media Monkey

For the fact that MediaMonkey is the pioneer of all media management suite for Windows available till date and handles the bulkiest of music libraries with ease, it’s our second favorite after MusicBee. We’re all praises because of its customizable interface and a list of commendable features and extras, making it muster so much of a loyal fanbase. If it’s grabbing the limelight for being a near-perfect iTunes alternative, we don’t see a fault.


  1. MediaMonkey is broadly impressive as an alternative. You can manage over 100,000+ tracks with no quality loss or interruptions. There are no riders to recording CDs and downloading music, movies and podcasts.
  2. Given its slick interface, navigation is as effortless and surreal as possible.
  3. A well-segregated playlist among various categories – like Rock, Classical and TV and more.
  4. Interface is customizable via skins and there’s also an in-built tagging feature that works great.
  5. You can sync your music with iPhone, iPad, Android and others.


MediaMonkey can be simple to operate if the interface becomes less text-heavy.

Availability: Windows, Mac

Download MediaMonkey


3. Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGoWonderShare TunesGo is an end-to-end substitute for iTunes that does all, but a little better. It’s way beyond a typical media management tool, but a full-fledged iDevice manager that helps you control your devices in more ways than one. For Windows users, the free version should be more than enough. Mac users, however, are given only a free trial version, after completion of which, they’ll be required to do some thanking with the wallet.


  1. With WonderShare TunesGo, you don’t require iTunes to transfer music files from your computer to any iDevice/Android device.
  2. Music transfer happen in a go – from computers to iPhone/iPad and vice-versa – albeit not replacing the existing files and eliminating duplicates.
  3. Support for 30 or more media formats.
  4. Reverse copying is possible. You can transfer the music library to the iTunes library with the same degree of success and ease.


  1. You will not be able to edit Smart Playlists.
  2. The costs of TunesGo, standing at $39.95, might disappoint you.

Availability: Windows, Mac

Download WonderShare TunesGo

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4. Ecoute


Ecoute is an iTunes substitute on fleek, packed with lots of punch when it comes to features. The search field has been ideally conditioned to provide the exact results you look for based on album, artist, composer, track and more. Also, it impressively works with iTunes content and initiates a successful import without making a botch of audio quality. The interface is well-defined and looks appealing too, making things a lot more easy to navigate through. The fact that it’s freely available sounds great too.


  1. Ecoute has a neat, well-ordered interface that’s a breeze to use. The search utility is also handled well, allowing you to find content based on albums, artists, audiobooks, songs, playlists and more.
  2. You’re given the total control of your media library. Social sharing tabs for Facebook, Twitter and are also available.
  3. The app sits well with the needs of the market, as it boasts a lot of amazing playback options, like ‘Shuffle by Albums’, ‘Add Up Next’ and ‘Play Next’.
  4. Ecoute adapts itself with the night mode by controlling the brightness automatically. You can also keep the settings to night mode if the existing UI doesn’t suit you.


Playlist management is a slight headache, because it lacks smart management options.  

Availability: Mac, iOS

Download Ecoute


5. Foobar2000


Foobar2000 is the underdog here. Where there are many who think of Foobar2000 as a substandard, non-attractive media manager, the fact is largely contrasting. Take our words, it’s the most powerful and customizable media management package we’ve tested and we aren’t ashamed of it. Foobar2000 could look a bit sloppy, but its a minefield of utility inside. It has support for add-ons galore that help you tailor your experience as per your needs.


  1. Foobar2000 looks basic, but works magic. It might come off as a bit unattractive, but is very rich and adaptable media manager.
  2. A lightweight, very competent app with support for many audio and video formats. It has the widest range of add-ons that lets you do anything above the usual business.
  3. Wish to archive your CD song collection? Use Foobar2000 to rip the tracks in the most amazing way and add more melodies to your library.


Foobar2000 syncs music with older iPhones devices i.e. iPhone 5 or lower. So, it’s of no use for those, having the newest and the upgraded iDevices.  

Availability: Windows

Download Foobar2000


6. CopyTrans


CopyTrans is a powerful media manager rolled out in the times when people are looking for alternatives to iTunes. Its sleek and functional interface is focused on managing content as easily and quickly as it can be. The real beauty is its ‘smart’ backup, which automatically detects a connected iOS device and syncs the content with iTunes. This is pretty handy at times you forget to create a backup of your content. The ‘manual’ way of doing the same lets you define more as to how you want the backups to go like. You can choose a specific location, or can sync content by sorting it out first based on artists, genres, songs and more.


  1. While on CopyTrans, you get total ease of handling the devices and managing your music. It declutters your life to a T.
  2. The music in the playlists is classified and categorized into different sections, making it way easier for you to choose your pick.
  3. Restoring your handpicked collection is a walkover with CopyTrans. You can easily restore your libraries from iTunes to iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  4. You can create end-to-end backups of your playlists, videos and more back to iTunes. So, nothing is lost, all is gained!
  5. You can also copy and transfer images and videos to and from your PC and iPhone in a single push of a button. No hassles promised!


  1. CopyTrans doesn’t make automatic music detection when plugged in.
  2. No support for .wma media transfers.

Availability: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista / XP

Download CopyTrans

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7. PodTrans


iTunes is a bit fancy of a music player and might feel like overkill for some. Try PodTrans – a perfect replacement, which hasn’t tried to mimic iTunes and kept things incredibly basic and neat. It isn’t as feature-stuffed as you would expect an iTunes alternative to be, but is so streamlined that you’ll definitely like it. By keeping day to day music management easy and quick, PodTrans creates a unique niche for itself and is definitely worth a try.


  1. PodTrans doesn’t come up to standard with iTunes, but impresses for being a minimalistic music support for Apple devices.
  2. Two-way transfers are well-supported. You can directly transfer data between iPod/iPhone and PC or Mac, without any loss or overwriting of data.
  3. Manages all types of media on your iPod/iPhone. All for free.
  4. Upgrading it, you get an ultimate iOS manager called AnyTrans for $39.99. It’s a perfect choice when you’re looking for greater flexibility in two-way transfers and better management options.


As a basic music management tool, PodTrans comes in great. But, is still a bit restrictive in approach for those who’ve graduated from the basic way of dealing music on iOS devices and looking for something advanced, if not ‘too’ advanced.

Availability: PC and Mac

Download PodTrans


8. Clementine


Clementine doesn’t have all the meat and potatoes of a top-order music management tool, but still passes the muster as being a good-enough replacement to iTunes. It isn’t attractive, but you can still count on it for your basic chores. Clementine has features for ripping, music playback, tag editing, library management and music copying to compatible devices; almost everything you need to get your music everywhere in a snap.


  1. Clementine is basic in its making. It doesn’t override iTunes, but gets the job smoothly done.
  2. Might not be an elaborate program, but packs everything essential, like playback and management options, to help you do your gigs. The advanced tagging and support for mobile devices are a few well-noted features.
  3. Additional information, like lyrics of the song on play and its statistics, are provided.
  4. Supports online radio stations, podcasts, and cloud streaming.  


Clementine could have been arranged better for the sake of competition it faces. It’s just adequate, but not more than that for what it does.

Availability: Windows, Mac and Linux

Download Clementine


Notable Mentions

9. Fidelia


Let’s give to Fidelia for giving us an unparalleled music environment and being an elegant tool with its ‘audiophile’ leanings. It’s so powerful a music player for iOS, that sophisticated listeners wouldn’t think twice ditching iTunes for this high-def delight that Fidelia is. By high-def, we mean no joke. It supports 64-bit AU plug-ins and deliver an experience minutely customized to every taste and preference. Besides this high-end controls and audio sophistication, Fidelia helps you import your music library to other iOS devices, and supports a range of formats which iTunes doesn’t, like FLAC. Plus, there are a slew of advanced audio tools, such as Headphone Processor and CanOpener, that helps you customize your music experience to a level next to perfect. Another highlight is its support for AirPlay, enabling it to connect with any output device wirelessly in your network. Overall, Fidelia is the choicest and classiest of music player for iOS, but a lack of basic tweak features and a puzzling arrangement for novices also hurt.

Availability: Mac

Download Fidelia


10. Vox


Vox is synonymous with high-resolution sound and rightly so. This iOS-only music player is incredibly qualitative, but yet to receive the due attention for what it does. Once on Vox, you’d find it tough to go back to iTunes. The reasons are clear – the music library is synced all your iOS devices with no quality drops or audio losses in between. Also, its integration with SoundCloud is pretty seamless and so does the scrobbling. What’s even more interesting is its ‘loop’ technology, enabling you to stack up your entire music library in cloud for a price as meagre as $4.99 a month. If you agree paying a little more, you can also avail yourself of Vox Premium that brings the best of audio technologies to the table and enhance your audio experience to heights. Vox is also available as an app on iTunes, in case you’re interested in downloading for having it on the go.

Availability: Mac, iOS

Download Vox

These are 10 best iTunes alternatives to try out in 2018. If you have a thing to say, you can drop a line to us in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to tell us which alternative you’ve chosen and why.