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iTunes for Chromebook – 5 Easy Methods to Download and Install

If you have a Google-based Chromebook and want to download iTunes by Apple on this Google-based device, this article is just for you. There are several ways to download and install iTunes in the Chromebook.

We will also discuss getting this app to work on your device. 

iTunes for Chromebook – Quick Easy Solution

If you wish to access iTunes on your Chromebook, you can do that without downloading this iOS app on your Google device. You can create a site shortcut on your Chromebook.

To create a shortcut for the iTunes website, go to the official music website and click on the three vertical dots in the top corner on the right side of the screen. Now, in the Chrome menu, select the More Tools option. After this, select Create Shortcut in the sub-menu and rename the shortcut as iTunes. 

This way, you can access iTunes music without downloading any software.

Method 1 – How to Install iTunes on Chromebook using Wine

The first method to install iTunes in your Chromebook is through the Wine app. Here are the steps to access this Apple app on your device:

Step 1: Enable the Linux OS on your Chromebook and download iTunes on your Chromebook; the first thing to do is to have Linux features on your device. And to do this, enabling the Linux OS on your Chromebook can be done using below steps:

  • Go to the right bottom part of the screen and click on time.
  • Now, a small window will pop up on the net. Here, click on the Settings option and go to Linux (Beta).
  • Here, click on the Turn on option. It will install the Linux software on your device.
  • Now a terminal screen will open. If you mistakenly close this screen, you can go to the Applications menu and relaunch it.

Step 2: The next software to install is the Wine app.

  • In the Terminal screen, you will have to perform a sudo apt-get update to ensure all system packages and their dependencies are updated.
  • After it is completed and the screen shows Done, you can now initiate the download and installation process for the Wine app.
  • Once done, perform the sudo apt-get install Wine command.

Step 3: Enable the support features for 32-bit apps

Execute the command sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 in the Terminal screen that is open now. After this, execute the command sudo apt update. And then, run sudo apt-get install wine32 command on the same screen.

It should set the Wine app for your Chromebook and make it functional on the device.

Step 4: Now download the setup for the iTunes Windows app.

The iTunes app 64-bit version is incompatible with the Chromebook. Hence, you will need to download the iTunes 32-bit version to access it on your device. Below are the steps to download the 32-bit iTunes:

  • Go to the official Apple Support site to download iTunes for Windows 32-bit. Click on download and save the setup file in a location that is feasible for you.
  • Once the download is done, move the setup files to the Linux directory after changing the file’s name. Make sure to choose a name you can easily remember.

Step 5: Install the iTunes app on Chromebook

  • Go to the Terminal screen for Linux OS.
  • Type and execute this- WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/username/.wine32/ wine iTunesSetup.exe.
  • This command will pop up a screen for iTunes installation. Here, click on the Next button to continue with the installation.
  • Now, click Install button on the next screen.
  • Once a window pops up, click on the Yes button if it says AutoRun is off.
  • Now, wait for the installation completion and then click on the Finish button to exit.

Once you are through with the installation, go back to the Applications menu. Look for the iTunes app in the Linux apps and launch it on your Chromebook. 

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Step 6: Remember to create the shortcut button for iTunes. 

  • Click on the File Manager button and go to the Linux files directory option.
  • Now, click on the three vertical dots on the top corner right side of the window.
  • Here, click on the Show hidden files option and then go to .local> share>applications> Wine>Program Files>iTunes.
  • Search for the desktop file option, right-click on the file. Then click on the Open with Text Editor option.
  • Look for the line portion that has its initials as Exec=.
  • Once you find the line, add env WINEPREFIX=”/home/username/.wine32″ wine “/home/username/.wine32/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe” at the end of that line.
  • Now, press the Ctrl and S buttons simultaneously to save the progress of your file and then exit the app.

To be safe, change the username to the file’s name in your Chromebook.

Since the iTunes app has already been installed in the last step, you can consider this an optional additional step and can ignore it if you want. If you need help installing the app on the Chromebook, move on to the following method.

Method 2 – Use the iTunes Website

The above method can seem too complex since there are too many installations and steps involved; you can consider using the iTunes website instead of downloading and installing this iOS app on Chromebook.

The best way to access iTunes without downloading or visiting the website every time is to create shortcuts on your device. Here are the steps to create a website shortcut for iTunes on the Chrome browser:

  • Go to Chrome browser and launch it.
  • Now, go to Apple’s official music website.
  • After this, click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. In the Chrome browser menu, click on the More Tools options.
  • In the sub-menu on the screen, click on the Create Shortcut option and then enter the site’s shortcut name as iTunes.

Once done, you can find the iTunes shortcut on your Chromebook’s desktop screen, and you can play music any time using this shortcut.

Method 3 – Use a Virtual Machine Application

If the above method does not appeal to you and you’d prefer an app to access iTunes, you should consider this method for installing the app on your device. A virtual machine is an excellent option for users who want to utilise iTunes on their Chromebook fully.

Before you start the procedure, ensure you download Windows ISO or a lightweight Linux distro based on the Chromebook’s version and that the device has enough space to support the virtual machine. After this is completed, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Chrome web browser and the Linux page of the VirtualBox website.
  • Now, on the site, select Debian 10 and download the file.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click the file’s location and double-click.
  • Now, on the screen, click on Install with Linux and follow all pop-up options on the screen to install the VirtualBox software.
  • After installation, launch the software from Linux Apps Folder. Now, on the VirtualBox screen, select the New option.
  • Follow all the prompts on the screen for installing guest OS in VirtualBox or a lightweight Linux distro based on whether it is a high-end Chromebook.

Launch the guest OS (virtual machine) post-installation and install the iTunes app on this OS. The iTunes app will get downloaded on this OS version, and you can easily access your Chromebook.

Important: This method may work for your device but is also a heavy option to consider for installing iTunes on Chromebook.

Method 4 – Get Apple Music & Apple TV Android Apps On Chromebook

If you do not want to try above method as it would make your Chromebook unnecessarily heavy, you should check out this method. You can quickly and smoothly access iTunes on your Chromebook. 

All you need to do is to download Apple Music app and Apple TV Android app on the Chromebook from the Play Store.

Here are the most manageable steps to access the iTunes app on your device:

  • To start with the prerequisites, go to Settings > Apps > Turn on the Play Store option. It will enable the Play Store app on your device.
  • Now, Google Play Store’s installation window will appear on the device’s screen. Here, read the conditions and click on More.
  • On the next screen in the installation process, click on Accept.
  • Now, wait a few minutes while your device is installed on the Play Store.
  • Once installation is completed, the app will open directly. Here, sign in using your Google account.
  • After that, look up Apple Music and then install it. Here, sign in using your iTunes account details, and you’ll be able to access all your iTunes playlists on the Chromebook.

You could also install the Apple TV app from the Play Store to watch TV shows and movies on your Chromebook.

Method 5 – Import the iTunes Music to the YouTube Music

Last on our list of ways to install iTunes on your Chromebook is through the YouTube Music app. Instead of installing the iTunes app in your Chromebook, many users prefer importing their iTunes music to the YouTube music app. It is beneficial for non-Apple devices.

All you got to do is open the browser on your Chromebook and go to YouTube music’s official site. You can drag and drop all your iTunes account music into your YouTube account.

If YouTube music asks for TOS, click on accept and wait for your music files transfer to be completed.


With the help of the above methods, you can download and install the iTunes app on your device easily. I hope you found these methods helpful and can now use iTunes on your Chromebooks successfully. 

To end this, below is a summary of all the methods discussed above.

  • Installing iTunes on Chromebook using Wine
    • Step 1 – Enable the Linux OS on your Chromebook
    • Step 2 – Next software to install is the Wine app
    • Step 3 – Enable the support features for 32-bit apps
    • Step 4 – Now download the setup for the iTunes Windows app
    • Step 5 – Install the iTunes app on Chromebook
    • Step 6 (is optional) – Remember to create shortcut for iTunes
  • Accessing iTunes music through the official website
  • Using a Virtual Machine application to download iTunes
  • Installing Apple Music & Apple TV Android apps on Chromebook to access iTunes’ music
  • Importing the iTunes account’s music to the YouTube Music account