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7 Best Alternatives to Try in 2023

A modern-day artificial intelligence writing tool, is an exciting software that can help you write great content in seconds. With a huge fan following, Jasper offers unique short-form content and can mold it to suit the tone of your choice. 

This article discusses the seven fantastic alternatives for this excellent AI writing tool.

1. ClosersCopy

The first Jasper AI alternative is ClosersCopy. A good option for amateurs or people with no writing experience, ClosersCopy offers exclusive ad copies in seconds. With access to an AI editing tool that lets you drag and drop any file, ClosersCopy also uses the neutral network, Open AI’s GPT-3. ClosersCopy offers some fantastic features and is an excellent choice for beginners.

ClosersCopy Main Features

  • ClosersCopy has 300 plug-and-play options for marketing frameworks and 30 marketing workflows.  
  • Its AI feature lets you quickly write blogs, sales letters, and ad posts.
  • ClosersCopy offers unique content insights with 127 language support.
  • You can use the Wizard feature in ClosersCopy to write a copy in steps.
  • You also access a vast template library with over thousand-word lookup options. 

ClosersCopy Pricing & Free Trial

ClosersCopy offers three packages, starting at $29.99/month or $20.99/year, giving you access to word credit worth 45k. Similarly, the professional package offers $49.99/month and $34.99/year with an over 120k word limit. The unlimited category costs $79.99/month and $55.99/year, along with free word credits. vs ClosersCopy?

  • ClosersCopy offers AI writing templates such as sales AI, story AI, and blog AI. However, templates include product descriptions, marketing copies and content-improving texts.
  • You can create sales and marketing content using ClosersCopy, but is best for blog posts.
  • Unlike ClosersCopy, comes with an in-built plagiarism checker.
  • ClosersCopy allows team collaboration; however, it is not supported in

2. Copysmith

Next one up is an AI tool that lets you create great content. Copysmith is best known for generating sales copies that can help enhance your business. The sole purpose of this tool is to support businesses in creating ads and content for themselves. With the help of a third-generation GPT, Copysmith lets you create content for blogs, social media, product descriptions, and more. 

Using various templates available on this tool, you can choose an option that suits you best, and Copysmith takes the best care. It also lets you decide on the tone and structure of the content.

Copysmith Main Features

Here are some exciting features of this AI writing assistant:

  • You can create unique content pieces using this tool.
  • Copysmith not only writes excellent sales ads but is also capable of writing entire blog posts, writer’s introduction pieces, etc.
  • You can generate creative ads using the Advert writer feature on this tool.
  • You can also use this tool to look for the best FAQ templates and create video descriptions for the YouTube platform.

CopySmith Pricing & Free Trial

Copysmith offers packages at $19 and $59/month. These packages are also available at discounted annual prices of $192/year and $600/year, respectively. There is a third package available, known as the Enterprise plan, for which you can get the price quotation post contacting Copysmith’s sales team. The brand also provides a free seven-day trial without using a credit card or other defined payment mode. vs Copysmith?

  • Unlike Copysmith, only offers a free trial for five days. Also, during this trial period, has a limitation on the word count, i.e., 10k; however, Copysmith has no restriction on the word limit.
  • While is best for beginners or those who wish to use the tool for simple content creation, Copysmith is a more focused tool that lets users customise their content and use custom templates.
  • Copysmith has a plagiarism-checking tool as one of its in-app features. uses third-party software, Copyscape, for plagiarism checks.

3. is another exciting alternative to It uses the neutral network by GPT-3 for creating content quickly. To generate revenue, you can use this tool to create copies for digital ads, sales, online product descriptions, social media, etc. With a basic and easy-to-understand UI, lets you select the copy type, add a description for your content and choose from the results to finalise the content. You can also edit these options and add your content to them. Main Features

  • is best known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to use this AI tool.
  • It offers a variety of formats for creating copies for different platforms. You can use these templates to customise into something of your own.
  • You can create ads for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, using this tool or write outlines, posts, and blog posts.

Pricing & Free Trial

  • The free package offers up to ten credits with 25 languages supported and over 90 tools for copywriting work.
  • The professional plan offers unlimited word credit and premium access to communities at $49/month and $35/year.
  • There’s also the option for a custom plan. You will have to contact the sales team to get a price quotation. Pros and Cons

Below are some pros of using

  • You get a free trial for seven days for their professional plan.
  • You can create up to 100 types of copies and content and write a thousand words within 4 minutes.
  • The tool is easy-to-use and has a simple interface.
  • supports frameworks such as AIDA and PAS.

This tool also has some cons-

  • does not have an editing tool or fact-check feature. It would help if you did it manually.
  • Sometimes the content generated on this tool needs to be more random.
  • For those seeking to generate long-form content, the tool requires you to follow several steps, making it lengthy. vs

  • offers better-quality templates for long-form copies compared to
  • However, offers more than 90 templates compared to and is easy to use, unlike templates.
  • has better short-form content templates in comparison to 

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is perfect for creating impressive humane copies within seconds. You get support for around 18 languages and create content in any of the 18 languages. With Writesonic, you can create blogs, and ads for Google, Facebook, etc., write product descriptions, landing pages, high-quality email content and articles, and all of it in a matter of seconds.

Writesonic Main Features

  • With Writesonic, you get a free account that offers ten-word credits, an in-built grammatical checker, and a content expansion feature.
  • Writesonic also offers paraphrasing, text editing and SEO optimisation option to help you create unique content.
  • Writesonic also offers various templates to help draft copies in a short period.

Writesonic Pricing & Free Trial

Writesonic offers a free plan along with four paid plans. Starting at $15/month, you can get monthly packages up to $195/month and annual packages between $150 and $1950. All these plans offer different options with several thousand-word credits and more. vs Writesonic?

  • does not offer a free plan and has its monthly rental starting at $29/month. However, Writesonic offers a free and cheaper plan, starting at $10/month.
  • Writesonic offers more content templates, i.e., 70+, which is way more than, which offers around 60 templates.
  • While has Surfer SEO for content optimisation and Grammarly for language and tone checks, Writesonic is linked with WordPress and Semrush for content checks.

5. Rytr

Rytr is another superb AI writing tool that can be considered a alternative. As one of the most popular writing assistants, Rytr can quickly generate content and help you write ten times faster. Several thousand content marketing specialists and business owners use this tool to save time and avoid manual writing work. Since Rytr has a simple UI, you can learn how to operate the tool in no time.

Rytr Main Features

  • Rytr offers 30+ templates and case options.
  • With this tool, you can write your content in 30+ languages, 20+ tones and 25+ types of content along with the apt language flow.
  • The tool uses various frameworks for creating content, such as AIDA and PAS.
  • You can also access Rytr’s styling editor to improve your content.
  • Rytr also offers access to a premium community for better content solutions.

Rytr Pricing & Free Trial

The pricing options for Rytr start at $9/month and are available at up to $29/month. You can get these packages at a discounted rate for a one-time annual payment option, with packages starting at $90/year and up to $290/year. You can also get a free package with up to a 5k limit for word credit per month. vs Rytr?

While is a better-suited option for long-form copies, Rytr is the best option for short-form content. Moreover, Rytr has cheaper rental plans than, with a free plan option in Rytr, unlike Also, has over 50 content templates, while Rytr has only 30+ templates available.

6. is another go-to option for an efficient AI writing assistant. This tool helps with topic research based on your content requirements, writes the draft for you, and performs keyword optimisation to enhance the content’s quality. Main Features

  • helps you add keywords to get a SERP breakdown, topic details, and intent.
  • All the content on is optimised with suggestions for LSI keywords to help you rank the article content.
  • With around ten templates, you can create any content on Even without the templates, has a lot to offer. has a notable grammar-checking feature and an SEO tool to help edit your content. Pricing & Free Trial

The has a $39.99/month package that only lets you access the research tools. To access the complete kit, you must pay $75 to $80/per month. Hence, making it the most expensive alternative for But then it also means you will get more than just a writing assistant and have access to keyword-optimising tools, research, and much more. vs

  • offers quality content writing assistance. However, is a better choice for content optimisation only.
  • Compared to, is easy-to-use and more accessible.
  • offers a plagiarism-checking tool. However, has a FAQ integration feature.

7. Surfer SEO

Last on our list of Jasper AI alternatives is Surfer SEO. A popular choice for content optimisation, Surfer SEO can help you analyse your site’s content with that of the top-most searched results on the internet. It is helpful since this tells you what is required for your website to perform better and improve online visibility. It is especially effective and works well for building content that attracts more audiences.

Surfer SEO Main Features

  • You can use Surfer SEO to optimise published blogs, allowing your content to have enhanced SERP rank.
  • Surfer SEO offers a unique feature that allows you to analyse keyword usage and how effectively these keywords are placed in the content.
  • It also has a content editing extension and an AI-based outline generation option to help you write seamless outlines for your long-form content.

Surfer SEO Pricing & Free Trial

Surfer SEO has some great plans to consider. With a basic plan, you can access features such as ten article optimisation and 20 pages audits within a month, all at $49/month. The pro plan is priced at $99/month and lets you audit over 60 pages and write/optimise over 50 articles in a month and more. The business plan is a premium package with all features unlocked at $199/month. vs Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a better option for entrepreneurs and content strategists, while is the preferred choice for content writers and social media marketers. While Surfer SEO offers a 30-day trial option, only has a 7-day trial. The highest plan in Surfer SEO is priced at $199/month with all features unlocked. However, offers an all-inclusive plan at $349/month.


Below are some frequently asked questions about

What is is an artificial intelligence tool to help you write short-form content pieces in seconds. It also offers you a writing tone to suit the requirement.

How much does cost? packages start at $40/month and $82/month, and a customisable package is also available after discussion with the sales team.

What is the best Jasper AI alternative in 2023?

Some of the best Jasper AI alternatives include Writesonic, CloserCopy, Rytr, and Anyword.