Joyoshare Review 2022: Best iPhone Data Recovery for Mac

Data is an indispensable and crucial aspect of our daily lives. From photos and videos to software applications, every data is important in itself. As data has become essential, data recovery has slowly gained traction as well. It could be frustrating if you lost data from your iPhone gadget but can’t figure out a way to get it back. Compared to Android, there are not too many options when it comes to data recovery.

Fortunately, there’s now a software application you can try; Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery – a powerful data recovery software for iPhones and iPods and which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. In this article, we will give our review of this data recovery software, the advantages and disadvantages, and the process of recovering your lost data. Let’s get started.

Joyoshare IPhone Data Recovery Review

What is Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery?

Joyoshare is an easy-to-use and powerful iOS data recovery application that can recover deleted or lost data from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, no matter the circumstance through which the data was lost. This software is remedial in multiple situations including iOS upgrade failure, accidental deletion, forgotten passwords, or device damage among others. It helps you recover your lost data via three different modes.

With the advanced technology integrated in this Joyoshare, this software lets you preview your data in real time and all your files are scanned and recovered instantly.

Now let’s tell you more about the outstanding features of this data recovery tool.

Features of Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery:

When we tested the Joyoshare’s recovery software, we were particularly impressed by impressive features that make it the go-for data recovery software for iOS devices. Here are some of the features we found remarkably good for all your data recovery needs.

1. Recover Data Lost From Any Situation

One attribute that sets this data recovery tool apart from its competition is that it lets you recover data from different situations. Whether your data just went missing or you deleted it accidentally, you can easily get it back with this software application. And if your iOS device is locked, damaged or has experienced an iOS upgrade failure, you will still get your lost data back.

Besides, your device could have other issues like a jailbreak failure, stuck and is not responding, not able to synchronize your backup, has experienced a virus attack, or a system crash. This application will help you recover your data with minimal effort.

2. Recover More Than 20 Types of Files

With this software, you can recover multiple file types including text files like messages, call logs, message attachments, call details, voice mail, call history, etc. You could also revive messages from your social media applications including media files and messages from Whatsapp, Viber, KiK, etc. Photos are another commonly lost file type and this recovery software can recover photos lost from your Photo Stream, Camera roll, App photos and videos. Other file types you could easily rescue with this tool include safari bookmark, voice memos, reminders, notes, and calendar memoirs. If nothing works out you can get cash for your mac using this service.

3. It Supports Three Smart Data Recovery Modes

Another incredible feature of this data recovery tool is that it fully supports three recovery modes: Recover directly from your iOS device, Recover from iTunes, and Recover from iCloud. If you do not have any backups or your backup files don’t contain your lost data, you could choose the real-time data recovery mode which recovers directly from your iOS device.

If you’re looking to restore your older data you could do that easily from your iTunes backup. And if you want to retrieve recently lost data from your backup, you could easily do that from your iCloud backup. With the three data recovery modes, you are sure to have your data back instantly.

4. Superfast Scanning and Recovery

With innovative technologies and powerful algorithms implemented in this data recovery software, we were impressed by its ability to achieve lightning-fast speed to scan and analyze our iTunes backup, download the iCloud backup, preview all lost files, and restore selected file types in an instant. Better yet, this tool takes less space on your drive compared to other iOS data recovery tools. It us arguably the fastest iOS data recovery utility available on the market.

5. Real-Time Data Preview

Before beginning the data recovery process, you will easily preview all data files, whether they are audio/video files or text files so that you can better understand whether they are the files you intend to recover.

6. 100% Secure Data Recovery Guaranteed

When you use the Joyoshare software, you never have to worry about your existing data being overwritten. You won’t lose your current data when you recover what was already lost. Besides, you are the only one who has access to your iCloud account and this tool doesn’t keep a record of your content and privacy information.

7. iOS Device Compatibility

This tool is so powerful that it is compatible with all iOS device models, from the iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone XR/XS (Max), all iPod touch and iPad gadgets. In addition, it also supports all available iOS systems, including the latest iOS 12.

8. Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

When we launched Joyoshare’s Data Recovery Software, we were impressed by its intuitive interface and neat buttons. This recovery tool is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Besides the data recovery process is rather straightforward even for those without the technical knowhow.

Pros and Cons of JoyoShare:


  • This applications takes less disk space
  • Fast scanning time
  • Preview audio and video files in real time
  • Supports conversion of HEIC to JPG


  • It is not entirely free

How To Recover Deleted or Lost Data?

For you to restore any lost data, you need to download this software and install it on your PC. After installing, here are the steps to follow to recover your data:

  • Launch the Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery – You will see the three data recovery modes and if you want to recover directly from your device, connect it via a USB cable.
  • Scan iPhone/iCloud backup/iTunes backup – When this software detects your iOS device, you can choose the data types to recover and proceed with scanning.
  • Preview and recover your lost data – After the scanning process is complete, preview all files and choose those you wish to recover before hitting the “Recover” button. You will have your lost files back within a minute.

That’s pretty much it for Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery. Now check the software out to see whether it works for you!