Top 6 Kodi Alternatives for Android and PC You Should Try

Kodi is evidently popular when it comes to an alternative for the stock interfaces that big brands usually dump on their customers. It is the perfect choice for when you want your device’s media management app to have some panache and look at least a little advanced. What’s more is that you can actually get it for free and across platforms, be it of Google’s Play Store, the Apple App Store or as an exe file to be installed on a Windows PC.

That said, not everyone is gung-ho about it. There are many who don’t like Kodi for their own reasons, or perhaps they’re bored of it. Despite the fact that Kodi is open source and thus there are several skins of it available for free or for a price, sometimes it is good to switch to a new thing to get a feel of things. So here are the 6 best Kodi Alternatives for your smartphones and PCs in 2019. Take your pick!


1. Plex


Plex is a really good means to stream or cast content from one device to another thanks to the amazing client-server concept in the app’s design. If your complaint against Kodi is that it isn’t good for your low-specs PC, Plex might prove more useful to you. Premium subscription gives you additional features like DVR and Live TV access, the ability to directly upload photos from your camera’s clicks and also install parental checks and controls to protect your kids and teens. The interface is lovely too.

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2. Emby


Emby has some pretty sweet backgrounds and art. The design is superior too. Have a media file in a typical extension? Emby will convert it right away to play it on whichever device you may have it on. The general features are free as with Kodi, and additional features come for additional payments like buying the app or subscribing to the service. Emby is perfectly legal too, just to answer the common concern people have about Kodi and Kodi alternatives for android. With the android app, you may even use voice control to manage your media and playlists without having to tap at a hundred places. Emby is also separately available for Android TV users. Android Box users will have to discern which app works for them based on their interfaces. Google Play Store generally displays compatibility with your devices under the name of the app.


3. Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server

Built for Windows, OSX and Linux, Universal Media Server is a great application to have in Windows phones and those trying to play their content on PCs in a better way. It is the perfect alternative to Kodi as well as the insipid Windows Music that has spoilt PCs ever since Windows 8 rolled out. The app can also be used of gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBox 360, which is a boon for people with these devices since not many other apps and software can be installed on them; certainly none as versatile as Universal Media Server. Compared to the Android applications we’ve covered here, though, the features are pretty commonplace. If you’re a Windows PC user tired with those monochromatic atrocities that the Windows Video and Music applications are, this app can help add some passion to your device.




If Universal Media Server doesn’t do it for you, OSMC might. It is colorful and contemporarily styled, and it is available for Raspberry Pi, Vero and Apple TV, as well as the more commonplace Windows PC (XP and higher), OSX (10.07 and higher) and Linux. The app is also 100% free. They run on fan donations, so be sure to support them if you like their work.

I have a thing for open source software, which is why I love OSMC. Plus, it is much better looking than Universal Media Server and among the few good options available for Macs and Windows. Too bad that it isn’t available for Android.

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5. MediaPortal


This one is exclusively for Windows PC users. There are 2 versions of the app, each with its own quirks as well as benefits. Windows 7, 8 and 10 support the application, while Windows Vista will only be able to run Media Portal version 1. The basic engine is the same for both, however there are differences in media access and access to Pictures, TV Series and Fan art. Media Portal 1 is also more customisable, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing especially if you’re looking for an app that looks better than stock interfaces. However, I find the second version more like Kodi, since it has data synchronisation. Eventually, it will be beneficial to use Version 2 since the company plans to phase out the older first version.




This Android only app is almost a replica of Kodi in the crucial aspects like interface, but it is still pretty popular a choice for people as recommended across the internet. It works pretty similar to Kodi; you follow much the same process to load Add-Ons, play content or customise stuff. It makes sense, since it was built by a former Kodi Maintainer for Android, Koying (some
Kodi fans might remember him). It probably won’t be wrong to say that many people dissatisfied by Koying’s dissociation with Kodi are on SPMC, but the app has its own merits. Anecdotally, it functions more smoothly than Kodi did, though the latter too was not bad. It is definitely a good alternative to Kodi if you ever look for one.

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Which Kodi Alternative do you like the most? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.