30 Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Access

After reading the title, you must be thinking – who does that? Yes, when you’ve a remote control app for your iPhone or Android device to control streaming, you really don’t feel the need for learning Kodi shortcuts. This is rather amusing to know.

But believe us, using Keyboard is more efficient than we originally thought it to be. We were managing the media centre faster and better during our trial. And since we’re using a wireless keyboard, we didn’t feel restricted even for a moment.

Overall, we found it nice and worth a share. This article shares 30 Kodi keyboard shortcuts for quick access and great user experience. Without a wait, let’s know them all below.

Know the most useful Kodi Keyboard Commands for:–

Media Playback

kodi shortcuts for Media Playback

With shortcuts for media playback, Kodi gets even simpler to use. Know these shortcuts to master Kodi.

Key P – To play the media.

Key X – To stop the playback.

Key Space – Play/Pause toggle. An easy guess, as YouTube and many more media players have the same shortcut for the same function.

Key F – To fast forward the media. The playback will be fast-forwarded depending on how you use the shortcut. Press once and go forward 2x. Press twice and go forward by 4x. And so on.

Key R – To rewind the video. To go back faster, tap the shortcut multiple times.

Key T – To turn on the subtitles for the movie or video you’re currently watching. This will prompt the subtitles, provided that the settings for it are perfectly configured.

Key Right Arrow – To forward your content by 30 seconds.

Key Left Arrow – To rewind your content by 30 seconds.

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Live TV

Kodi Live TV

Key B – To schedule recordings in Live TV.

Key H – To open Live TV channels window.

Key J – To open Live radio channels window.

Key K – To play Live TV recordings window.

Key E – To open Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Key 0 – To toggle between the live TV channels you’ve viewed recently. And if you press ‘I’, you can see the information of the chosen TV show.

Arrow keys are further helpful in scrolling the channels up and down, and switching left and right between channel groups.


Navigating Menus

Navigating Menus

Use ‘Arrow’ keys to move left, right, up and down across the Kodi menus. Press ‘Enter’ to select the cursor-highlighted option.

As simple as that!

Have more intuitive navigation across Kodi menus by selecting a Kodi skin and theme, available in the media repository of this centre. You can read about the best Kodi skins here.


Audio Controls

kodi keyboard shortcuts Audio Controls

Key +/ – (Plus and Minus) – Using (+) and (-) keys, you can increase and decrease the volume of the media (Live TV, Video Streaming and Audio Playback)

Key A – To delay the audio. Press this key if the audio and the video of the media you’re watching isn’t in sync.

Key F8 – To mute the playback.

However, these aren’t the only things Kodi can do. You can simply ramp up what you can do with Kodi beyond its in-built features by choosing some add-ons. We have covered the best ones HERE.

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Viewing Pictures

Not a widespread information that Kodi, besides providing Live TV and streamed media, also displays photos and images. Inside this media centre, you will find a whole menu of options to access the media library and view the pictures.

Key +/- (Plus and Minus) – When in audio, these symbols modulate the sound. When here, the same + and – symbols helps you zoom in and out a picture respectively.

Key (.) and (,) – To switch between images and navigate back and forth through the image gallery. For next picture, press period key (.). For previous picture, press comma (,).

Keys 1-9 – All are tasked with zooming in and out the images, with number 9 taking the magnification to the highest. This means, zoom ascends as you ascends to a greater number.

Combo Key (Ctrl+S or Prt Sc) – Either press Control and S keys together to capture the screenshot, doing which, you’ll be instantly asked the location where you are willing to save the screenshot. Alternatively, press Prt Sc tab to capture the whole screen. Your screenshot will be copied to the clipboard.


Miscellaneous Tasks

kodi shortcuts Miscellaneous Tasks

Key S – To launch the shutdown menu. Press the key to open the options for exiting the software, shutting down or hibernating the host system. This is similar to what you do while working on Windows or Mac OS X.

Key Esc – To take you back to the previous or main menu (home screen).

Windows Key – To access the start screen menu and view the Windows desktop.


Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Combo Key 1 – Command (⌘) + Q to quit.

Combo Key 2 – Command (⌘) + F to switch to Fullscreen mode.

Combo Key 3 – Command (⌘) + H to hide the dock. If you press M with Cmd, the dock will minimize.

Combo Key 4 – Command (⌘) + S to capture the screenshot.

To catch up some interesting insights on Kodi, check out our various posts on this media centre here. For any feedback or thoughts, use the comments section below. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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