Kotor 2 Console Commands: Win Cheats

The best feeling is when you win a game without cheating any bit. But hard levels can be pretty frustrating. And game progressions are a little restricting. All of that can be solved using Cheat Codes. Even with games with a giant nerd following like Star Wars Knights of the old republic cheats (KOTOR 2), are an acceptable means of playing and completing missions. Plus it’s more fun that way. For a game that came out over a decade ago, using cheat codes becomes more sensible a way to get more entertainment out of a game with outdated graphics and animation.

Here’s a convenient list of all the kotor 2 console commands you’ll ever need.

Cheat Codes for Star Wars: KOTOR 2

kotor 2 console commands: Win Cheats

The kotor cheat codes have been listed here as console commands. If you’re using a keyboard or a gaming mouse, some of these might be accessible differently. You should be able to customise the keys to standarise executing these commands.

All Lightsaber Cheats - Colors & Character
Short Lightsaber Cheats
Double-Bladed Lightsaber Cheats
Lightsaber Color Crystal To Progress Fast
Lightsaber Crystal Cheats

Weapons to win with

Blaster Cheats
Blaster Rifle Cheats

Stat Improvements to make your character not suck

Targeting Bonuses
Power Pack Bonuses
Firing Chamber Bonuses
Personal Crystal Bonuses
Lens Bonuses
Cell Bonuses
Medical Items (Non-droid characters)
Droid Items
Get Mines
Get Grenades
Get Wrist Launchers
Stimulant Bonuses
Some Utilities
Upgrade Items To Use
Pazaak Decks
Pazaak Card Bonuses

Other Fun Items

Free Credit Stacks

Know any others kotor 2 console commands? Let us know in the comments.