The Best Cool Tricks and Tips to Try with Disposable Lighters

Your trusty lighter helps you light campfires, heat instruments, set the mood with some candles and it can be a great survival asset to have. There’s just so much cool tricks to do with a lighter; it’s almost as useful as a pocket knife. Care to find out some more ways to employ it? Read on below some best lighter tricks.

3 Cool Disposable Lighter Tricks and Tips

First, The WARNINGS…

When trying these hand tricks out, you should remember that lighters are extremely dangerous if handled improperly. If you’re a kid, we suggest you not try these, or try them only under an adult’s supervision if you have to give them a try. Apart from the actual flame, its fluid can be dangerous too. The harmless looking liquid is actually highly flammable, so if you open it up or end up breaking the lighter and spilling the liquid, soak up the liquid in some paper towels and throw it away safely. Wipe your hands thoroughly, and then wash them with soap and water. If the liquid is spilled on an open cut or in your eyes or mouth, don’t panic and seek medical help.

In case of a burn, seek medical help. Do not apply ice to the region. Wash it under cold water and make sure to not cover the skin unless so advised by a medical professional or a trained first-aid administering personnel.

Alright, let’s cover the tricks now

1. Set fire to the rain(water).

fire on water

Lighter fluid is lighter than water. So you can sprinkle some of it on the surface of water and watch it burn beautifully.

How to do this: Carefully lay tiny drops of lighter fluid on the surface of still water. It is important for the water to be still so you can be sure of safety. Also, the fluid may dissolve for a while, which is normal. Once you’ve set up a small amount on the surface, carefully use it to expose it to flame. The water surface should catch fire and burn for a while.

Precautions: Do not attempt this with too much water, or in plastic vessels or it might become uncontrollable. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

2. Frayed end of nylon/synthetic threads? Nip them in the bud

nylon synthetic threads

Method: Nylon ropes are notorious for getting frayed which makes a big part of the ends unusable. There’s a way to avoid it though. Use the lighter’s flame to gently char the tips of the frayed fibres. They should contract and seal back up into a black-ish mass of gunk. You can chip this away to give it a more sightly shape later.

Precautions: Again, keep a fire extinguisher handy. Don’t take the flame too close to the rope; you don’t want to burn it, just char it at the ends to make the fabric’s ends stick together.

3. Use a lighter to set put out a fire

bamboo skewer

OK, needless to say you can’t save an entire building that is on fire using this method. But it’s sure fun to try using a simple lighter and a bamboo skewer that’s on fire.

Method: Begin by putting some lighter fluid at the tip of a bamboo skewer fixed on a stand, kept away from anything else that may be flammable for your safety. Use your lighter to light the bamboo skewer. Then, turn on it a few centimeters under the flame. You should begin to see the flame on the skewer flicker immediately, when the lighter is under it. Keep at it, and in a second or two, the bamboo skewer will go out.

Precaution: You don’t want your lighter’s flame to touch the skewer; that will only help the skewer stay on fire. Keep some sand or some water nearby so you can douse any accidental flames. If you can’t hold the lighter for too long, you can also use it to light a candle and use that instead. Use a paper cup to catch any hot wax that may want to flow to your fingers. You can make a cut in the shape of a cross at the base of the cup and make the candle go through it to make a quick wax-catcher.

Pro-tip: Make the candle go bottom to top and out of the cup to make the wax holder even better. You can also use two cups if there is too much space between the flaps and you’re afraid that wax may drip out. Only, don’t leave the candle lit in the paper cups, unattended, or it may cause a fire hazard.

Please Don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher handy before trying these cool hand tricks; if you don’t know how to use one, you can watch the video above.

I’m sure you’ve tried a few of your own cool lighter tricks that you want to share. Tell us about your experiments in the comments below.