Linksys E2500 Default Password: Reset Method

If you have just configured your Linksys E2500 firmware router and are looking for the default password, it is “admin”. No capitals, no spaces. If you’re looking to know how to change the default password, or how to reset it if you’ve forgotten the password, you can find the information below.

Please note that you MUST change the password from the default password to avoid people stealing your WiFi or otherwise compromising your network. It is also recommended to change your password every month or two to prevent anyone from guessing it and mooching off your internet data limit and speed.


How to reset Cisco Linksys E2500 Default Password

Linksys E2500 Default Password: Reset Method

If you try and the Default Linksys Password doesn’t work, you can easily reset the router and put in a new one (after noting it down somewhere) to access your internet again. It takes less time than waiting for a technician to come and do it for you, and frankly, I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t reset their cisco e2500 when the steps were detailed to them. So here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Turn over the Router and locate a small hole marked “Reset”.
  2. Use a blunt object narrow enough to go in to press the button hidden inside. You can use the nib of a pen, a paperclip or a blunt nail.
  3. Press the linksys e2500 reset button till the lights in the port flash together. It shouldn’t be more than 10 seconds.
  4. Unplug the power cable and let it be for about 15 seconds. Then, turn it back on. The router should begin to boot in under a minute.
  5. Once that is done, open your PC (make sure the LAN wire or WiFi is connected). Go to your internet browser and dial the URL:
  6. The Username is “admin” and the Password is “admin” too. This should let you connect to your network.
  7. You should find the page’s administration settings once you’ve logged in. You can change these as you please.

How to make your password safe?

A good password is one that’s hard to guess. You may think your current one is good enough, but there are a bunch of ways you can secure it further. Here are a few of them listed below to make your password safer.

creating safe passwords

  • Including special characters is pretty effective, since there are so many good combinations possible that are hard to guess.
  • Don’t put your cell phone number as your password. It is among the easiest things to guess, plus if you’re hacked, they’ll have your phone number too without even trying to get it.
  • A good trick is to alternate between series of numbers and alphabets. Capital and small letters can help make the password tougher too.
  • If you lose or forget your passwords often, note the password on a piece of paper. Make sure to keep this paper safe to prevent the password from being discovered. You can also note it in invisible ink that glows in blue/UV light if you’re into it or write it on two papers, half on each. Realistically though, this can be overkill; you just need to stop being the lowest hanging fruit, instead of on arranging state-on-the-art security.

The safest password is not the one that has the most complicated words or combinations, but one that is changed frequently. I hope this guide to your Linksys E2500 default password helps.