LIQUID WEB: One of the Most Reliable and Secure Professional Hosting (Review)

Liquid Web offers services targeted at businesses that want reliable, secure and professional hosting. Having been in the hosting business for over a decade, Liquid Web has gained expertise in providing high-performance hosting services that do not disappoint. While it might seem expensive to some, the price is more than worth the results, features, and support you get in return. The liquid web offers fantastic customer support and guarantees your site a hundred percent uptime. The support team is composed of well-trained staff that provides 59-second support guarantee on chat and phone and 59-minute support guarantee at the helpdesk and email. The support is offered 24/7/365. You are further assured of 30-day money back guarantee as an assurance of quality.

For the different hosting services, the packages offered are in no way final. Liquid Web can create a custom package specifically tailored for your needs. You can also upgrade the package you use as your business expands.

What web hosting services does Liquid Web offer?

1) Dedicated servers

Liquid Web is not like most Web hosts which offer shared web hosting. It offers dedicated servers which allow access to a variety of resources. You are assured that your site will always be running and high traffic will be easily accommodated. There are different packages available to you depending on your site. There are also different dedicated server management options offered; self-management, full management, and core management. The server’s processor can either be single or dual.

Single processors range in price from 199$ and 389$ per month, range in bandwidth from 5TB to 10TB and have a RAM range between 16GB and 32GB. Each single processor package has a backup drive of 1TB. The value packages have the additional features of

  • Offsite backup; up to 500Gb
  • Cpanel, WHM or Plesk
  • Server protection by ServerSecure Plus
  • Malware remediation

Dual processors, on the other hand, have a price range of 399$ to 599$ per month and offer bandwidth between 8TB and 15TB. Each package has a 14TB backup drive. The dual processor value package has the same features as the single processor value package with one variation. The offsite back up is 1TB.

2) Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS offers you the control and the power of a dedicated server combined with the flexible elements of cloud hosting. The management of your VPS is done using a control panel and you get to choose the management level you want. Liquid Web boasts of faster performance than the competition by up to 200%. With VPS the packages offered range from 59$ to 189$ per month and have disk space ranging from 40GB to 200GB. Liquid Web offers the best RAM options ranging from 2GB to 10GB compared to other VPS services. The operating systems available are Linux only or Linux/Windows. Each VPS package also includes

  • CloudFlare CDN which increases speed and boosts security
  • Enhanced security by ServerSecure
  • Data back up
  • Protection against DDoS attacks

3) Cloud Dedicated servers  

Cloud dedicated servers are constantly managed and monitored to keep your operating system and server updated and secure throughout. They provide the same service as dedicated servers but with the added benefit of cloud features. You cannot install your own operating system but have the options of high performing Linux or Windows operating systems. You can choose from one of three packages. The packages offer a single or dual processor and RAM ranging from 8GB and 32GB. You can also get a customized server with RAM up to 128GB The packages are priced from 189$ to 379$ per month.

Cloud sites

Cloud sites is a hosting platform. It is supported by a combination of virtual and physical servers meaning your data is available on multiple computers. This hosting option is best for those that do not want to involve themselves with the details that go into hosting or to learn skills in server management. You only manage your data, CMS, and codes. The rest is handled by Liquid Web. The platform supports

  • Drupal
  • .Net
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • php and more.

WordPress hosting

Liquid Web offers WordPress hosting that allows you to put all your focus on the content of your site and not its management. Each WordPress hosting package guarantees;

  • A staging site for testing your site before going live
  • Automatic backup is done daily and stored for 30 days
  • Full access to server and database
  • No limits on page views or traffic
  • iThemes sync
  • High security
  • SSL certificates
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates

You can choose a package that allows 10, 25 or 50 sites with storage ranging from 50GB to 200GB. The price range is from 99$ to 189$ per month.

Regardless of the hosting service, you choose you are assured that your site will enjoy constant uptime, enhanced security, increased performance, and excellent customer support.