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Logic Pro X for Windows 10, 8, 8.1 Free Download

Logic Pro X is just the music production software you need to enhance your music compositions and make them even more creative. This application contains an extensive and inexhaustible sound library which includes all Indian classical music instruments like the table, tanpura, and sitar alongside the usual western classical instruments most commonly used. Not only can you record your instruments on Logic Pro X and arrange them but also perform on instruments offered by the sound library to make mellifluous melodies. Although Logic Pro X is available only in the Apple Store, you can quite easily download this music discovering application on your Windows PCs and laptops.

Steps required to download Logic Pro X on Windows Systems

1.      To download and install an application from the Apple Store on to your Windows computers, an emulator is required to emulate the macOS on your systems.

2.      Some of the most common and reliable emulators that are available online are Oracle VM VirtualBox and VMware Fusion.

3.      You can download Oracle VM VirtualBox from the following link:

4.      You can download the VMware Fusion emulator from the following link:

5.      The emulator loads the macOS on to the virtual machine of your Windows systems. Once the virtual machine loads up, you can use the macOS user interface on your Windows PCs.

6.      The emulator will then give you unrestricted access to the Apple Store from where you can download and install Logic Pro X on your systems.

How to use Logic Pro X

For a beginner starting on your first project, the varied controls and tools can look quite intimidating at first. However, Apple Training brings you the best learning tool to master Logic Pro X. You can find tutorials to several other applications along with Logic Pro X in the following link: Once you open the link, you can navigate to ‘Find a Course’. Typing Logic Pro X on the search bar will take you to your video tutorial of Logic X Pro.

Features of an all-encompassing music studio – Logic Pro X


·        The basic metronome functionality of regular music arrangement applications has been replaced by a Smart Tempo tool in Logic Pro X. This automatically syncs with the tempo of your recorded track and allows a better understanding of the time signature of your composition.

·        Alongside instruments from the sound library, you can incorporate Brush Drum Kits and Drummers to give your compositions a jazz feel to them. You can similarly add Blues chords and funky music to your tracks as well.

·        ChromaVerb is the reverb tool of Logic Pro X. It is one of the most enhanced digital reverb tools that provides great depth and ambiance to your music.

·        With the help of Phat FX, you can digitally add the punch to the musical instruments you are using for your tracks, especially to drums and bass guitars. Phat FX adds subtle changes to tunes that often miss the ear but make a significant difference in richness of sound.

·        To complement solo music parts, you can add backing rhythms by arranging filters and sound effects to give listeners a band-like effect rather than a single instrument playing.

·        One of the most-used features by digital music producers is the FlexPitch tool which is more commonly known as auto-tuning a voice electronically. You can fix any pitch glitches or voice cracks or off-scale tunes by tweaking the tracks to the perfect pitch.

·        You can create your customized acoustic or electronic drum kit and tune it according to the required scale. You can mix and match drum pedals for better bass and punch.

·        Logic Pro X is equipped to handle high-stress music projects. It enables the editing of several tracks simultaneously. The export quality of the music produced by Logic Pro X is of the highest order.

Logic Remote for Smoother Operation


·        The Logic Remote is another accessory application that complements Logic Pro X. It uses, to its advantage, the multi-touch feature of iPads and tablets and enables users to play digital instruments using fingers, which can then be recorded.

·        With the help of the remote, you can strum or pick stringed instruments like guitars and ukuleles.

·        You can also use multi-touch gestures to adjust bass, treble and other music controls along with the mixer volume.


Logic Pro X gives you the power to compose your creative tunes without having to bear the cost of going to a music studio while not compromising on the sound quality. If you are a Windows user and have wished to use this powerful application but were unable to do so due to system restraints, this article will make it a reality now.