These Mac Keyboard Shortcuts are Absolute Time-Savers

You could be an entrepreneur, a stockbroker or a climatologist, doing a lot of documentation and requiring some tutorials on how to get some specific Mac keyboard symbols. Well, on the face of it, a Mac keyboard is the regular Qwerty, but shrouds a dazzling world of hidden symbols in it. And, the key to unlocking them is the Keyboard shortcuts.

This article goes around the Mac keyboard shortcuts for commonly used, but hidden keyboard symbols that will help you a big deal. Knowing them will actually boost your productivity and save you a lot of head-banging.

So, here begins the ultimate guide on how to find the…..


….Keyboard Shortcuts for All Hidden Characters on Mac


1. The Copyright © Symbol

There is a symbol viewer on Mac, where you can simply double-tap on the copyright symbol to insert the © symbol in your document wherever your cursor rests. That’s fine! But, there is a keyboard shortcut as well that can save you time and effort. Just drag the mouse to the position where you want © symbol, and press Option + G. You’re done!

The Copyright © Symbol


2. The Registered ® Symbol

If you’re burying yourself in finding the ® symbol on Mac, we’ve an amazing shortcut to get you through. Hold on Option + R and you’ll instantly see the ® symbol at the place where you’ve positioned the cursor on the document. That’s it!


3. The Trademark ™ Symbol

™ is the trademark symbol. And, anybody who prepares legal/branding documents needs to use it more often. You can create ™ symbol on the document without having to reach the mouse. Just press Option +  2 on your keyboard and it’s there!

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4. The Degree ° Symbol

Something that’s pretty useful for engineering students, or anybody who dabbles in temperatures and needs ° symbol to represent Celsius. Just press Option + Shift + 8 to have the  ° symbol to your document. Alternatively, you can also go the Character and Emoji viewer on Mac. If you press Option + 0 (Zero) button, you get a similar looking symbol. So, see if it’s actually suitable for use or not.


5. The Euro € Symbol

It’s the Euro symbol. And, a keyboard shortcut for this will make work a lot smoother for anyone who hangs around money matters. If you’re on Mac, press Shift + Option + 2 to get symbol on the document.


6. The Cent ¢ Symbol

This is the Cent sign and Mac has a keyboard shortcut for it as well, which you can master. Press Option + 4 on your keyboard and you’ll see ¢ symbol soon flying around in front of your eyes.


Method to Discover Additional Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

The trickiest job of keyboard symbols is to commit them all to memory. This is why, it is always convenient to know the path where they can be discovered time and again. There are a lot more hidden symbols on Mac than what we’ve mentioned above. And, the list is too long to be elaborated here. However, we can leave you with the right path on your Mac to find the keyboard shortcuts for the symbols you use frequently.

  • Enable the keyboard viewer by going to System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Tick off ‘Show Viewers for Keyboard, Emoji, and Symbols in Menu Bar’.

Enable the keyboard viewer

  • Now, tap on the Menu Bar and click ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’.

Show Keyboard Viewer

  • This will enable the Virtual Keyboard on the screen. Press any of the modifier keys (Option, Shift and Command) to see different keys on this keyboard.

Virtual Keyboard

  • If you’ll continue to press the Shift key, the first row on this virtual keyboard will show symbols, like exclamation point and tilde among many more. Similarly, if you long press the Option key, a line of new symbols will appear.
  • As you press and hold the Option key, you’ll see certain keys turning orange to indicate that they can be used to include diacritical marks above the letters, such as ü and ñ.
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Using Mac’s In-Built Character Viewer

By now, it’s clear that keyboard has less symbols represented on it. And, you need to either go a couple of menus deeper or read a host of tutorials to find more symbols. There is an in-built tool known as Character Viewer for just about everything you need to know about hidden symbols on Mac. You can find a motley of symbols, emojis and special characters to use in your documents. These symbols are something you don’t need on a daily basis unless you’re in a specific profession that requires them.

To activate the Character Viewer, tap on the Menu Bar icon and select Emoji and Symbols. You can also press Control + Command + Space to launch the Character Viewer on Mac. Once you have found out the symbol or emoji you need, just double-tap on it and it will be added to your cursor position. Simple.

Mac Character Viewer

The guide to typing the hidden symbols on Mac ends here. No brainer, these Mac keyboard symbols are absolute time-savers and if you can remember them all, you will get quite capable of preparing documents professionally. If you’ve liked this post, have queries, or want to share your feedback, scroll down to the comments section and write your thoughts to us. Also, if you’ve some interesting knowledge about Mac systems which we can cover here, don’t forget to share it with us.