Mainstage for PC Windows & Mac Free Download 2021

With MainStage 3 by your side, you can now create and record and produce studio-like music with the help of this advanced music production app right from your homes. With space for multiple tracks to be added and edited together, you can produce music without any background noise that is extremely rich in quality. This app is only available in the Mac Store and the iOS Apple Store currently. This, however, does not mean Windows and other operating system users will be deprived of this app. This article lists the steps by which you can easily download MainStage on any PC (Windows) or laptop without any hassle or payment process.

How to Download MainStage for PC and laptops

1.      Since this app is only available in the Apple App Store currently with no other official variants on any other application stores, an emulator needs to be downloaded before installing this app on your PCs.

2.      The emulator will duplicate the apple environment and operating system on the PC you download it on. You can use any iOS emulator to do this job. You can also use any of the emulators listed below as well: , IPadian

Both these emulators are free of cost as most other online iOS emulators are too.

3.      Following the installation of the emulator on your PC, you will be able to locate the Apple Store on the homepage of the emulator.

4.      On opening the Apple Store, the next step will be to set up and authenticate your Apple ID. At this stage, if you already have a previous Apple ID, you can log in with the help of that.

5.      If you do not have an existing Apple ID, you will need to sign up for one. The process is simple and takes no time at all. Once you have authenticated your account and set it up successfully, you will get unrestricted access to the App Store.

6.      On searching for the MainStage, you will easily locate it. Thereafter, you can install Mainstage for Windows and the icon will appear on the homepage of your emulator.

MainStage 3 Studio features for powerful and rich music

·        MainStage integrates all your recorded musical pieces into a composite structure and produces a song that has great depth in sound quality. With the help of several plug-ins available, you can enhance your music even further.

·        The MainStage mixer is extremely fancy in appearance with retina display powered graphics. You can assign each control to a different setting while editing each track. Those can include ambiance, reverb, delay, echo and several others.

·        Vocalists get significant upliftment of their voices through autotuning features and a foot pedal with audio mixing controls, that can be remotely controlled.

·        If required, while singing, you can bring up the lyrics on the screen and mark places in the song with major transitions so that you are aware of the same.

MainStage for Keyboardists

·        The virtual piano and synthesizer player of MainStage is ahead of its times with regards to the functions you can perform without even having to touch a key.

·        The new Arpeggiator feature adds artificially created arpeggios of any key as you please to your track. With the help of Chord Trigger, you can now get away with playing just one note and MainStage will produce permutations and combinations of complex chords of that note or scale.   

·        The Retro Synth lets you electronically create melodies and beats of the ‘70s and ‘80s. You can also bring in authentic sounds of evergreen instruments from the synth, some of which include Hammond B3 Organs, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer or even the Hohner electric piano.

·        The colossal Synth Bass allows you to add an adequate amount of bass to your compositions.

MainStage for Guitarists

·        MainStage 3 for PC is also perfect for guitarists where they can choose from thousands of tones and add any pedalboard of their choice.

·        The pedalboard is displayed across the entire screen with volume control knobs and other controllers like reverb, tempo and solo pedals.

·        By downloading the Apogee GiO USB, you can control the pedalboard remotely thereby concentrating more on what you are playing rather than the mixing nitty-gritty.


With the help of a wider screen display in PCs and laptops, MainStage for Windows becomes much more effective to musicians while both recording and mixing their tracks. You can easily add USB Plug-ins in PCs which would otherwise have been difficult in smartphones and Macs only. While the app works perfectly in smartphones, you can explore a new approach by following this article and download Mainstage for PC without any hassle.


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