How to Download Mobdro for PC Windows? (100% Working Guide)

If you want to download Mobdro for PC (Windows 10) then this is the right place to start! The free video streaming app is available on your computer & laptop, and this guide allows you to get the step by step methods for same.

Mobdro is a popular Android app that gives users access to free video streams. While anyone can get the app for free, there is also a Premium version of app. This paid version offers nifty features such as ChromeCast support and ad-free video streaming.

And while there is no iOS or PC version, there is a way to have Mobdro working on your Windows PC. This way, you can watch all the video streams on a much bigger screen. The method primarily relies on an Android emulator.

System Requirements to Download Mobdro for PC

Operating System: Windows 7

Storage Space: 4GB


Processor: Intel or AMD with a Single Thread PassMark Score of at least 1,001

You can check the score of your PC processor here.

User Account: Administrator

How to Download Mobdro for Windows

Step 1: Get the Internet Download Manager here to quicken the download speed.

Step 2: Download the Mobdro APK file here.

Step 3: Download the 410MB BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator here.

Step 4: Double-click on the installer file to begin the installation process. We also recommend right-clicking the file and selecting Run as Administrator to ensure that the system goes through with installing BlueStacks 4.

Step 5: Choose either the default folder location or create a new one for BlueStacks 4.

Step 6: Double-click the BlueStacks 4 icon on your desktop or taskbar.

If you can’t find the app icon, you can just use the Windows search function to find and open BlueStacks 4.

Step 7: Go through the brief trips on using BlueStacks 4.

Step 8: Drag and drop the the APK file on the BlueStacks 4 screen.

This will automatically let BlueStacks 4 detect Mobdro for installation. Likewise, you can just double-click the APK file to have it installed on the Android emulator.


1) Does Mobdro work  on Roku?

While the app is compatible with Google Chromecast, it doesn’t have support for the Roku digital media player.

2) Do all users get access to all the free video streams provided through Mobdro?

While Mobdro does its best to find video streams on the Web, it cannot do anything against unblocking content that’s not allowed in a given country. This is because there are streams that are geographically locked to a specific set of countries and the IP addresses in them. You can use a VPN to get around this.

3) Does Mobdro gather personal data?

While the app needs permission to start on boot and access the device main account, it does not need access to your contacts or any other sensitive information.

4) Why is the app telling me to check my connection?

Apart from checking your internet connection, you should verify the version of your Mobdro app. Visit the official website here to download the latest version. Older versions no longer have support and can lead to connection problems.

4 Alternatives to Mobdro for your Computer/Desktop

1) ShowBox

This is an Android app that allows users to view free films and TV shows on a variety of devices. You can view content on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Furthermore, Showbox allows you to download shows for offline viewing. However, there are legal issues and finding the latest APK can be difficult.

2) Ustream

Ustream is a website that allows you to look at many live broadcasts ranging from space stations to oceanariums. There’s a mobile app available for both iOS and Android users. It was founded in 2006 in IBM and was initially used by soldiers to contact their loved ones with ease.

3) Netflix

Netflix is the most popular streaming site in the world. It has millions of users who enjoy superhero movies, documentaries, and beloved series like Friends and Breaking Bad. Furthermore, Netflix produces its own content such as Mindhunter, Queer Eye, and Roma.

4) Hulu

Similar to Netflix, Hulu is a paid streaming site that offers a free trial. Apart from having unlimited access to the streaming library, you can also watch TV channels live and on demand. This means that you can record TV shows online on your phone or PC.