Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Walkthrough: Mission Guide and Tips

Modern Warfare 2 is a coveted sequel version multiplayer game for all Call of Duty fan followers. It has created an incredible gun progression, tuning system, CoD Formula Mapping complexities, and many new inventive mission lintels.

It is much like the previous highly successful Call of Duty experiences but with slightly more enhanced additions to the multiplayer gaming version. 

Many people need clarification with this latest upgrade for the sequel, but not to worry, we will discuss all the essential hacks for the mission guide now.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a fantastic campaign of Seventeen Fast-pacing Missions. The single-player campaign has five important difficulty settings: Recruit, Regular, Hardened, Veteran, and Realism. 

If you play on Realism, you will need access to essential information like how much ammo you have left now, what weapon you are using, or what items you have equipped. You can only unlock Realism difficulty once you finish all four difficulty-setting campaign missions. 

The Five important mission tasks under Realism difficulty enhancing the user’s gaming experience are Strike, Kill or Capture, Dark Water, Prison Break, and Countdown. There are enough Modern Warfare 2 cheats in these campaign levels that you’ll surely enjoy knowing first and then playing. 

Mission Guides

These Five Fast-pacing mission tasks how-to-do guides are as follows: 

  • Strike

A strike occurs in the United Republic of Adal, where Ghost, Shepherd, and Shadow Co must take out a high-value target.

Start the mission through the canyon to reach a proper incline on the deserted mountains. Climb up the rocks and find a vantage point overlooking the desert. Use your spotter scope, locate General Ghorbrani, and mark him as a target. 

Guide a missile through the canyon without going out of range. Complete the mission by destroying the whole convoy and killing the General. 

Input Q, L1, and LB for using lethal tactical weapons. Make sure you don’t hit the hills or surrounding places. 

  • Kill or Capture

Night Vision. Wait for the chopper to crash down. Secure the nearby building and proceed with caution. Snipe the enemies through the windows. Prepare for combat, refill your ammo, and use proximity mines.

Please wait for the helicopter to attack the building. Survive three waves of attacks but stay close to your squadmates. Snipers will shoot from the top, assimilate into different directions and take them all out. On the first floor, go inside, find the blue cargo, and open it to finish the mission efficiently. 

  • Dark Water

Get on the oil rig and make your way to the platform. Before entering the room, you have to take down the guards. Follow Alejandro; some enemies are going to intercept. Be careful. 

You can achieve “A Crappy Way to Die” reward by killing all the guards inside the porta-potty. Make your way across the oil rig to reach the helipad where the missile is located, go up the helipad to open the container, and get on to the next ship. 

Hopping on the containers can achieve the “Don’t touch the Deck!” reward. Breach the ship while clearing out all the enemies. Enter the ship’s central control room, be careful here; some enemies might throw grenades at you. Redirect the missile following Graves’s instructions. 

You have to press CLR and MODE keys at the same time. Choose the letter C if a prompt appears, and finally, press EXE to finish the mission task. 

  • Prison Break

Las Almas, Mexico. Follow Ghost and Rudolfo as they go to the shadow company prison. Take out the two guards on top of the water. Use the ascender to climb up the rope and enter the tower. Follow Ghost down the ladder. He will take you into the surveillance room. 

Draw your sidearm (X12), kill the camera operators, and take positions. Inside the prison compound with Ghost, kill guards, cause distractions, and sabotage vehicles. The goal is to plant C4 inside the vehicles. Complete this segment in under 4 minutes for the “No Time to Lose” reward achievement. 

Regroup with Ghost and Rudolfo after the C4 gets activated, and kill all four guards blocking your way. The main agenda is to rescue Alejandro from his cell on the 2nd Floor. Upstairs liberate the Los Vaqueros by using Molotovs on the riot shield enemies. Use the terminal to open all the cell blocks. 

Descend into the canteen block, and kill all the mercenaries that enter the area. Regroup with your team and fight through the multiple courtyards to get to the prison wall—Detonate C4 charges during this shootout sequence to save your ammo. At the final enclosure, hold off the enemies until your teammate Price comes to rescue you by shooting down the enemy helicopter. 

Use the rope to descend into the prison wall and escape the compound—Exfil with Price and Ghost to complete the mission task successfully. 

  • Countdown

Task Force 141 deploys with MARSOC Marines to prevent an attack on an American city: Chicago, USA. 

Hook up and rappel down a few floors. Change your Rappel orientation by hitting C. There are three floors to clear, with five terrorists in each. Acquire the “Must be Wind” achievement reward. 

After clearing several rooms, follow Price and Ghost with a snake cam. Kill Hassan. He is the main objective. Loot as many materials available, especially Blinding x2, Chemicals x1, Wax x1, and Metal x1. 

Get inside the white-doored room after extermination, listen to Laswell’s instructions, and safely detonate the missile in the right direction. 

Manual Instructions:

  1. Enable Diagnostic mode by hitting CLR (F) and MODE © at the same time. 
  2. When Laswell asks for data, choose %ESP. 
  3. Next, hit CLR (F) and LEFT (A) to initiate override. 
  4. Finally, hit LNK ® when the green circle is fourth on the readout.

After finishing the detonation, get to the exit room and find the red toolbox, and open the box cutter. Trigger the cutscene with Hassan, aim at his head with a sniper rifle, and terminate him permanently. Mission completed, acquire the “Time for Pints” achievement.