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Momentum Camera Free Download for Windows 10 [Latest Version]

Worrying about the safety of your home while being far away? Do you wish to be aware of the whereabouts of your home and workplace while not being there physically? The momentum camera app for PC will put an end to all of these worries of yours with its astonishing features.

Despite being miles away from your home, the Momentum Camera app seeks to bridge the distance between you and your home. You can thus stay connected with your house far away, no matter where you are. Momentum Camera app provides you with the best services with an optimum and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor, control, and look after your home through your mobile devices and PCs. You can monitor, control and regulate all the connected smart home gadgets with this one application at the ease of your fingertips. 

This very smart Momentum Camera application is undoubtedly emerging as a popular application as people seek to manage and control their homes that are filled with smart home appliances. This application enables the users to manage and monitor these gadgets from one-stop easily.

Momentum Camera app for PC (Monitor your smart home) FEATURES 

The Momentum Camera app for PC is emerging as one of the leading applications that helps you manage and monitor your home gadgets easily with its cutting-edge technology and constant improvement. Some of the key features of the Momentum Camera app for PC that are crucial for a user like you are as follows-  

  • The Momentum Camera app for PC allows the users to watch and stream high-quality live HD videos. 
  • The app allows users to monitor videos with a (720P) HD streaming quality.
  • The app can synchronize your data across your smart digital devices which makes it easier for you to control your smart home gadgets with one application. 
  • This enables the users to view the recorded data with compatible smartphones, PC, and Mac devices. 
  • Its advanced and high-tech features facilitate motion detection. 
  • You can also get the advantage of the push alert notification enabled with IR night vision to control your devices at all times with ease. 
  • The Momentum Camera app for PC provides the users with a 110-degree wide-angle viewing feature. 
  • The Momentum Camera app for PC enables more than a unilateral way of connecting you with your home while being far away. The application facilitates two-way audio communication for the convenience of the users. 
  • The Momentum Camera app for PC not only helps monitor but also lets you store video data or snapshots with its cloud. 
  • Along with the effective cloud storage that is provided, the application provides a great deal of cloud storage that facilitates the users to easily record and view history. ( To avail this feature in in-app purchase required)
  • The latest version of the application comes with fixed bugs for optimum functionality.

 Steps to Download the Momentum Camera app for PC for Free

The emerging popularity of the Momentum Camera application has resulted in an increasing demand for the application among Windows and desktop users. We understand the importance of being connected with home and the need to manage your home security at your best. Therefore,  we present you with a complete guide to downloading the Momentum Camera app for PC for free.

To download the application on your Windows PC you first need to download an android emulator application. The android emulator will help you install the Momentum Camera application, as it is originally developed for mobile devices but with an emulator, you can now download it on your Windows OS. 

Download Momentum Camera application using top android emulator applications

The Momentum Camera application can be downloaded on your Operating systems by first installing the best emulator application on your Windows PCs and Laptops and then moving onwards to downloading the Momentum Camera. So, let’s get to it.

About emulators: Emulators are software that allows a device to run another device as software. Like, a Windows laptop running a Mac system on itself. Bluestacks and Nox Player are two of the best and most famous android emulators used for downloading android applications on your desktops and Personal Computers. So, let’s get a fresh copy of BlueStacks installed on your system right away. Here are the steps to achieve that.

  • Download BlueStacks from the official Bluestacks website.
  • Open your Windows Explorer by either navigating to the taskbar or pressing the key combination (Win Key + E).
  • Go to the Downloads folder and find the downloaded .exe file for Bluestacks and run it.
  • The installation is pretty standard and will be done in a couple of clicks.
  • Once installation is done. Bluestacks will start its, t’s own.

That’s all.

Now that you have BlueStacks installed, let’s check the system requirements for the momentum camera app.

  • For Android: Android Oreo and above.
  • For iPhone: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • For iPad: Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
  • For iPod touch: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • For Mac: Requires macOS 10.15 or later.

To download the Momentum Camera App here are the following steps for all of you.

  • Launch BlueStacks
  • Go to the BlueStacks in-built app store
  • Search for Momentum Camera App
  • Click the button to start downloading.

That’s all.

Alternatives to Momentum Camera App

We understand that each app is made for a wide range of audiences and with a certain set vision in mind. It is, therefore, more than possible that certain features for a customer like you are more essential than others. So, here’s a list of alternatives to consider.

Amazon Ring: A doorbell system that acts as a security cam to get you a live feed along with n immediate notification. Similar to momentum but has a much better ecosystem. The only downside is that Amazon and Jeff Bezos don’t exactly have the best reputation to put it politely.

Google Nest Hello: Powered by Google’s immensely powerful AI and environment awareness about a neighbourhood. (Hope you didn’t forget about Google Earth). What makes this a fantastic application is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Home which gives it capabilities beyond what most other apps are capable of. However, it is still very resource-hungry

Butterfleye by Ooma: Butterfleye has been considered an underdog but the intelligent system and acoustic-based placement of cameras and robust infrastructure of the system are impeccable.

Arlo Security System: Priced at a little steep price but is worth every penny with 4K high-quality images in multiple cameras and even a cloud server to store your surveillance videos. 

FAQs on the Momentum Camera App

Q: Is the Momentum Camera App safe to use? It may cause more harm than good possibly?

A: Your concerns are well placed and well-founded however Momentum is a security company with a stellar reputation and has provided services to corporations and personal homes alike. There is no cause for worry.

Q: Before installing the app do I need to install anything else?

A: Yes, you will need to install an Android Emulator. We have listed a guide to get you a fresh copy of BlueStacks which is in our opinion as of now the best emulator on the market. Apart from that, you don’t need anything to get the Momentum Camera App on a PC.