Fix “Msvcr110.dll is Missing” Error – Easy Methods Selected!

A lot of people find their programs unable to run because an obscure file seems to be missing. This file is the msvcr110.dll, and it just might be the most hated file in the world of computing due to its inclination to spring a waldo at you and vanish of its own accord. There are ways to restore it and have your PC work normally again.

How to Fix Msvcr110.dll is missing

Some suggest going to your recycle bin and restoring the file manually or using a recovery program to restore it if you’ve emptied your recycle bin. But never in my 10 years of owning and operating a computer have I ever purposefully deleted the msvcr110.dll or any other such file, yet I’ve had the error show up tens of times. What has worked are methods such as the ones I’ll be listing out in a minute. Check them out if your msvcr110.dll is missing.


The Easier Ways to Restore Msvcr110.dll to your PC

To make it easier for you to try correcting the problem, I’ve put the various methods in two categories based on how much technical skill they require to do. If you’re a beginner, you might want to get help for the second category. However, the good news is that the problem is usually fixed by the time you’re done employing the simpler methods. Check them out.

Also, Please remember to only do these steps running the SAFE MODE.

  1. If the problem has only recently started occurring, it may be that a recent change you made to one or more settings made things hard to process, leading to the error. Do a System Restore by going to Control Panel > System and Security > System > System Protection > System Properties > System Restore. Select the point in time you want to restore your system settings to and that’s it. Your PC will return to the state it was in.
  2. If you encounter this problem running a specific program, game or application, you might be prompted to reinstall the software. Following that advice isn’t a bad idea. You need only run the CD (if you have it) or download the application again and enter your product key or buyers’ information into it again, as the case might be. It is by far the easiest way to correct the msvcr110.dll issue.
  3. Run an updated AntiVirus software and scan your PC. A lot of problems in the system may show up, and you may choose to deal them in the manner that ensures most security and comfort. Antivirus often also locate missing files and get you ways to restore it. At other times, files crucial for your PC to run suddenly vanishing from sight could indicate virus or malware activity in your system. It needs to check right away.
  4. Try checking for updates and installing them. Updates aren’t necessarily an upgrade to a better software; it can also be a patch that needs to be installed on the PC to improve or maintain function in light of new utility or threat. This can often solve the issue too.


The Harder Ways to Fix Msvcr110.dll is missing error:

Harder Ways to Fix Msvcr110.dll is missing error

  1. Go to “System32” on your PC and copy the file. Paste it into “SysWOW64”. This is a good approach to take when you observe that it is a program meant for 64 bit Windows OS that is displaying error. Do NOT Download the file from the internet anew.
  2. Install the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. This will overwrite any previous versions and hopefully restore any missing files, including msvcr110.dll
  3. Check that your hardware is intact and unafflicted. If there were any recent bumps or hits your PC or desktop experience, it might be helpful to take it to a professional and have them take a look at it.

No matter what you’re suggested, when msvcr110.dll is missing, it is NEVER a good idea to download the missing file; there is a huge risk of malware infection. Thankfully, with these steps, you don’t need to look for this obscure file on the internet and take a leap of faith downloading it from a third party website. I hope this information helps solve your issue.