10 Best Music Apps for iPads 2021

In a world full of materialistic joys, one thing that remains from all the bindings is music. Accessible to anyone and everyone, music is food for the soul, the peace one seeks in cramped up spaces. And thanks to the growing technology, one can only be amazed at the accessibility of music, without any interruptions, in the noisiest of situations. With the invention of earphones and music apps for iPads, you can listen to your favorite artists, songs, anywhere, and anytime.

One such invention was done by Apple Inc., by developing a variety of music apps on the App Store, to go with your iPads and iPhones. Here, we have shortlisted 10 such amazing music apps. Through this article, we will be reviewing these apps to help you choose from the best for your iPads.

Music Apps for iPads

1. Pandora

The first one up is one of the best music apps for iPads. Pandora is a highly proficient app that is known for streaming flawless music. As a free-of-cost app, Pandora searches your favorite artists and albums faster than any other app. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Pandora:

  • It allows users to rate the app, based on the song’s quality and streaming speed. 
  • Pandora lets you save and bookmark your favorites. This way, you get to access the desired artists, or songs, whenever you want. 
  • It also has the feature to save radio stations of your choice.
  • With this app, users have access to several mp3 files from an extensive collection on different devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop.

All you need to do is sign-up for free. However, the only major drawback of the Pandora app is that it has ads coming in, now and then. However, a paid subscription to Pandora Plus is also available and does not have any mid-playlist ads.

2. Splash

Here is an app version of a DJ, right on your iPad. Splash is a music app that doubles up as a handy DJ, and live mixer, at the mere touch of a finger. All you need to do is, select a track, and tap on, to kick off the drum, synth, bass, and vocal loops. With the sound effects available, you can turn a simple tune into something amazing by using options like reverb, delay, and a variety of filters.

Splash’s only setback is that it requires you to swipe between two screens, and does not permit access to every loop on a single touch. Other than this, Splash is an interesting and enjoyable app. And as a free-of-cost app, it also allows you to record and share the music.

3. Spotify

Considered as one of the most widely used music apps for iPads, Spotify is a top-ranking app for the music downloads that work flawlessly for a variety of devices, from mobiles, tablets, laptops, and Smart TVs. Below are some advantages that make Spotify the perfect choice:

  • This app allows users to stream online through unlimited tracks, with a million soundtracks, albums, and artists to choose from.
  • Another amazing feature of Spotify is that it syncs music of the user’s choice and helps them listen to specific artists.
  • It also creates daily mix playlists, based on your recent music choices.
  • Spotify also offers playlist suggestions, as per the user’s Spotify searches.

This music app can be accessed via free or paid accounts. The only disadvantage with the free account is that it has interim ads coming in, every time, after a few random plays.

4. Figure

Next up is Figure, an app developed specifically to create music in seconds. One of the oldest apps available today, Figure can be easily accessed by simply creating an account. And even though Figure was initially designed for smartphones, it works petty well on an iPad. With a touch-based UI, this app works with more precision on a larger screen. Hence, with your iPad, Figure can get you to create melodies, and fiddle around, with just a touch.

However, Figure’s drawback of not being able to create high-quality beats, makes it an app for amateurs, or a mere pastime. And yet, this app offers a lot of entertainment, with some excellent ideas to explore. You can even produce amazing ringtones and alarms for your iPad.

5. Shazam

Now, an amazing and popular music app by Apple, Shazam, is regarded as best for iOS as well as Android platforms. Shazam is a free app that comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of those:

  • This musical app shows the details of a song, or artist, on the screen’s display.
  • Shazam, in sync with YouTube, gives the option to share a song with another user, while watching the video on YouTube.
  • It also shows the lyrics of songs, hence making the entire experience worth it.

Shazam is an app that helps you recognize a song you’ve just heard but can’t put a name on. And the best part is that it has no interim ads to bug you while you listen to your favorite artists.

6. Cesium

One of the most acclaimed 3rd party music apps for iPads is Cesium. With some astounding features, Cesium directly syncs your music library and displays the playlists in a very appealing manner. Now, to understand why Cesium should be your go-to music app, here are a few highlights of this app:

  • Using Cesium, you can easily access the songs on your iCloud Music Library. You can also suspend the iCloud Library from displaying in your app if you don’t wish to use it. 
  • It has few great swiping gestures too. You can access the complete track’s list for a specific artist by just swiping from left to right, on the artist’s name. 
  • Cesium also has an impressive dark user-interface feature that enables a night vision mode. 

If all of this was not enough, this music app has a lot of other customizable features that allow you to make changes in the UI by setting the RGB, as per your requirement.

7. Taptunes

Yet another remarkable app from the Apple family is Taptunes. With a feature that lets you browse through different albums on the home screen itself, Taptunes is among the all-time favorite apps. One of the most sought-after features of this app is its simplistic user-interface. It also offers a variety of app views to choose from. Yet, Taptunes is only accommodating if you have a large selection of albums on your iPad. And, even though it lets you look up specific artists and songs, you can not search for an entire playlist on it. Other than this, Taptunes is wondrous with a nice gesture-control feature, accessible in the playback mode. Last but not the least, Taptunes supports the AirPlay mode.

8. Wynk Music

This one is among the top leading music streaming apps available today. Wynk Music is a free-of-cost app that offers unlimited and uninterrupted online music streaming. Regarded as the best free music app that works on Android, as well as iOS platforms, Wynk is admired by many, for below features:

  • This music app lets users tune in to internet radio for direct music streaming.
  • It also offers a flexible range of streaming and sound quality. Hence, you can choose the level, as per your preferences.
  • Wynk music app does not have any ad-related interferences.

Although there is much scope of improvement for Wynk, it remains the most accessible music streaming app.

9. Audiomack

Audiomack is yet another unusual music app designed specifically for EDM, hip-hop, rap, R&B, etc. This music app helps you access some of the latest new tracks, playlists, and mixtapes. All you need to do is create an account. Other than this, Audiomack has a feature that provides music picks, as per your initial preferences. This app is an organized segment of songs based on artists, moods, etc. Although a free account can be accessed, you can always get an ad-free subscription by simply paying a $5/month to get rid of any mid-music ads.

The only drawback of Audiomack is that it has comparatively a smaller variety of music to offer from. And yet, it has around 4 million songs to choose from. As a genre-specific app, Audimack is a favorite amongst hip-hop enthusiasts.

10. Amazon Music

Last on the list is the most famous music app by Amazon, the Amazon Music app. With this app, you can upload more than 250 songs, effortlessly. Amazon Music app also has numerous other features to fall for:

  • It is a fabulous free-of-cost music app that allows you to download music online, as well as offline. 
  • With efficient functions like organizing playlists, adding new music, fresh local songs, etc. this is everything you need to get your musical priorities right.

What is even better is that Amazon Music can work in sync with Alexa, and let users give it commands to play their favorite track on the app.

The End note

The above-mentioned are some of the most popular iOS-based music streaming apps accessible today. With the guidance of these exquisite apps, your online music streaming experience will change for good. And yet, if you are unclear, and have not been able to select a single app, from these options, try using them all to know better. Once you have picked from any of the above music apps for iPads, you will not want to go back to your previous music streaming apps, ever again.