10 Best Music Making Apps for Android 2022

In this fast-paced world, technology is everywhere. Even the music industry works on technology now. Gone are the times when artists had to go to a physical recording studio to make music, or even jam with the troop. And it’d cost them time plus money. So, thanks to technology, now you can make music, without all that trouble, and by just a tap that brings a virtual studio to life. After the digital audio workstations were developed for PCs, now, we also have music-making apps, right on your phones, and tablets. And as naive as it may sound, a lot of aspiring musicians and professionals are using these music-making apps for real. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 android apps that are considered the most reliable in music-making. And the best part is that all these are available on Google Play Store. So, let us understand these apps better, and help you choose the one for you.

1. MPC Machine Demo

This one is regarded as one of the best music-making apps for Android. With about 1 million downloads on Play Store, MPC Machine Demo is a professional music-making app for beatboxing. This app has a variety of instrument samples including, loops, drum pads, loops, etc., to help you create beats. To understand further, here are some crucial features of MPC Machine Demo:

  • This app offers 16 drum pads, across four banks.
  • The MPC Machine Demo has a locater that helps you find drum kits and rap to beats using the Direct Note Record.
  • It allows you to use tempo, import AKAI MPC PGM file extensions from MPC, and more.

Although the app is available free-of-cost, MPC Machine Demo requires some in-app purchases. If you would like to use this app, download the same from here.

2. Easy Voice Recorder

Here is a free app that helps you record music. Easy Voice Recorder is a must-have app if you wish to record tracks or beats, anywhere, and at any time. This is a genuine alternative to the beat making apps as using this app, all you need to do is switch on your voice recorder to record the song. Now, voice recorders are an essential part of the process, and hence, the Easy Voice Recorder is just what you require. This app lets you: 

  • record high-quality audios in PCM and MP4 file formats,
  • fine-tune the recorded audio clips,
  • using the captured tunes for editing.

Although this a great app for recording purposes, it does not render any editing tools. Easy Voice Recorder also supports Android smartwatches, and the resulting audio clips can then be shared through various online tools. You can easily download it, from this link.

3. Bandlab

Next up is an app that is a mixture of music-making apps and social media platforms. In short, Bandlab lets you create music, and then share it with others. It also helps you discover new artists and listen to their music. Bandlab is an unusual app. Below are some of the highlights of this app:

  • Bandlab is known for its music production quality.
  • The app has a 12-track Mix Editor wherein you can record live music, import audio clips, mix the audio while creating the end-track.
  • With a Looper function, Bandlab helps you produce beats, rhythms, in layers.
  • It offers a large variety of audio effects, with around 100 bass, guitar, and vocal effect presets for editing the right music to your tracks.

With unlimited storage space, Bandlab lets you access saved projects on to other devices as well. Also, you can share your tracks within the Bandlab community to get some editing tips, or even let others mix it for you. If you like what you see, go and download Bandlab now.

4. Groovepad

This is a music-making app for beginners as well as intermediate level musicians. With an easy-to-use interface, Groovepad is one of the most addictive music-making apps. Groovepad is an app specifically designed to help you create beats. Inside the app, there is a library with ample soundtracks that support produce music. From EDM to hip-hop, and more, Groovepad is a good alternative for any genre.

Like to give it a try? Go and download the app from here.

5. SongMemo

SongMemo is an amazing music-making app that helps you create tunes, work on the chord progressions, etc. A free-of-cost recorder style app, SongMemo offers the multitrack recording option. This app is developed in such a way that you get four individual tracks that help you record your demo tracks. It is considered to be a good choice for professional musicians, as it offers a friendly user-interface. In SongMemo, every track allows you to mix the ideas, with the added perk of an editable name, pan, and level on each of the channels. 

Although this app does not offer a complete recording platform, it helps in putting together ideas for the final track. SongMemo is the go-to choice for amateur artists and is available on this link.

6. Tunable

Tunable is one of the top choices among professionals. It is a music-making app with very compelling visual toolkits, and hence the distinction. This app offers a productive platform for users to play their instruments, using fresh ideas, and also supports a lot of common instruments. The Tunable app makes the process of creating music simple as well as pleasant. To understand better, here are some of the highlights of this app:

  • This app lets you play codes with various choices, using the tone generator and the code. 
  • A visibly-accurate metronome is accessible in the app. 
  • Also, this app lets you share the tracks using the amazing recording system. 

All of this makes Tunable an excellent option for music buffs. You can access the same on your Android device by simply downloading it.

7. Soundtrap

This one is an impressive piece of software for your Android devices. Soundtrap is a music-making app that doubles up as a community of artists. So, you don’t just create music, but also learn from others as you go about it. With a variety of tools, Soundtrap is a lot more accessible and fun than it may sound. Here are a few peculiarities that set it apart from others:

  • Soundtrap is packed with a lot of pro-level functions, and also has an advanced sharing option.
  • The app offers various high-quality loops and samples to help you with your music and beats. 
  • An astonishing feature of Soundtrap is that it has a cloud storage space for all your tracks and demos. Though, it is also helpful from sharing as well as security aspects. 

Other than these, it has several top-class preamps, advanced-level vocal, class bass, and other effects readily available. Soundtrap is a great music-making platform, right on your Android devices. So, go, get it today.

8. Caustic 3

With a bit different aspect, Caustic is an app form of a mixture of synths and samplers that can be easily put in sequence or mixed. This music-making app lets you create a repository of virtual instruments. Although Caustic 3 comes for $9.99 for the unlock key, you can access the free demo account. Below is a compilation of features that you must be aware of:

  • This app offers a variety of synths. Subtractive synths, bassline, sample-based synths, pad synths, etc., gives the app an edge over the other apps.
  • It also has drum machines, vocoders, organs, etc. to help you create tunes. 
  • Caustic 3 lets you import your samples for use, using the PCMSynth, Vocoder, and similar platforms.

Even if Caustic doesn’t provide comprehensive sequencing, in other apps, or audio recording facility, it does work like a mini-synth studio, to get your work started. If you like all this about Caustic3, go and download it today.

9. DubStep Music Maker

This one is a rhythm-based music-making app and beat production app, hence aptly called the Dubstep Music Maker. This remarkable app lets you turn your device into a mini-studio, and produce music, for free. With some marvelous music filters and FX, Dubstep Music Maker lets you compose some unusual beats. Here are some of the motives why you should go for this software:

  • With this app, several functions come bundled. These include echo, reverb, low pass, high pass, distortion, etc., and make the resulting track an exquisite piece.
  • Through this app, creating music becomes easy and convenient. It gives you the freedom to customize all aspects of your beat.

And even though DubStep Music Maker is all things good, it contains in-between ads, which can also be avoided by making few in-app purchases. This also increases the length of your recording clips. So, if you think this is it, go and download DubStep Music Maker right away.

10. Drum Pads 24

For all the hip-hop and R&B lovers out there, Drum Pads 24 is the app for you. Regarded as the mixing hub, this app comes with a drum machine tool, which gets updated regularly. Through this app, users get to compose music and save tracks from anywhere, right here. Drum pads 24 has a friendly UI and is equipped with a lot of functions to help you create tunes. One of its features lets you perform live, and with ease.

Drum Pads 24 also has numerous amazing effects. With more than 2800 music packs, you can create any kind of mixed tracks. This app has 24 drum pads that are equipped with pitch audio functions. To experience the app, you can download it by clicking here.

Final Words

So, now you have 10 amazing Music Making Apps for Android to choose from. As you have already read, these apps are efficient. Moreover, these are loaded with a lot of peculiarities that help you compose music and more. However, you must go through these reviews thoroughly to be able to choose the one for you. And be sure of the requirement, i.e., if you are a beginner trying to learn the ways of music production, or a professional looking for instant support, pick accordingly. This way you will not face challenges in selecting one app, given all of them are superb. Go on, have fun making awesome tunes!