How to Remove “Continue Watching” from Netflix List?

We all have those guilty pleasure movies that we don’t want anyone else to know we watch. But given how Netflix syncs across devices, anyone snooping on any of your devices can spot something you might not be proud to show. OR maybe you’re just tired of the suggestions Netflix keeps sending you because you checked out one episode in a series because you got curious after watching an ad. Whatever be the case, you’re going to find out just how easy it is to remove a movie or series from “Continue Watching” on Netflix.


The Easy Method to remove “Continue Watching” on Netflix:

Netflix has been much in vogue for over a decade now, and it makes sense why. They have the best original content, and are still investing more to spin even better entertainment. They might just outdo regular Television channels! The app takes a lot of care about user optimisation and bringing you all the best features while making scope for ample customisation. This includes altering your watch history and thereby fine tuning content suggestions that the app gives you.

Without further ado, here’s how you can alter your “Continue Watching” records on Netflix, in 6 easy steps (really though, they’re just 5).

1. Go to your PC’s internet browser. Login to Netflix using your credentials.

Login to Netflix using your credentials

2. On the top right corner of the launch screen, you should find a drop down menu. Click it. In the menu, go to “Account”.

go to account

3. The next menu you need to enter is “My Profile” which should be available on the page. You need to then look for an option that says “Viewing Activity”. It is here that you will find the record of the stuff that you’ve watched.

Viewing Activity

4. Click the cross before any episode to remove it from the record. If you have only watched that single episode, your work is done. But if there is an entire series you want to remove, an option called “Remove Series” appears immediately after clicking the cross, which can get rid of the entire series from your watch records.

Remove Series

5. The same procedure works for movies as well. To remove Movies from your watched list, you can look for the title in the Viewing Activity log and remove it by clicking the cross in front of it.

netflix remove continue watching

6. The content you delete from your records is removed within 24 hours, though practically it takes even less most of the time. In my experience, it takes barely an hour for the content to stop showing up as “Continue Watching” suggestions across devices.

netflix continue watching


How to Disable “Continue Watching” on Netflix:

Long story short, you can’t. Netflix relies extensively on your viewing history to cater accurate suggestions to you for movies and TV shows you might be interested in. You can periodically go back and remove all records on content you have watched, like after every week or even everyday, if you wish. But there is no way to permanently disable “Continue Watching” suggestions on your account.


How to watch Netflix series without having to deal with pesky suggestions

how to clear continue watching on netflix

Apart from piracy, there is really no way I can think of that will allow you to watch any series without the parent corporation keeping a record. Not that I condone piracy. Content suggestion is just one of those things that’s in right now; it is immensely successful in engaging audiences of entertainment services. It is therefore very unlikely that any of them will be getting rid of the feature any time soon.

You can always order a DVD of the show you want to watch and binge watch it the old fashioned way. But in case you don’t want to, then you’ll just have to put up with suggestions. Or maybe try watching your content through different apps like Netflix (there’s Snag Films, Hulu or Amazon Prime) or use different accounts on Netflix (maybe share account with someone to cut charges) to watch your content so you don’t get inappropriate or irrelevant suggestions where they are not welcome.

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