Download Notability for PC Windows 10 [Latest Version]

Notability for Windows 10 : It is an exclusive note-taking and PDF annotation software that is currently available for Apple users only. It is undoubtedly the best note taking app for iPad.

Notability app for windows is a user-friendly and efficient note-taking application and the first choice notepad for users to take quick notes ranging from lecture notes by students or documenting the minutes of a business meeting or even keeping your grocery and to-do list for household chores in a single platform.

While this application is currently available only in the Apple Store, the methods given below will help you install Notability for Windows 10 Download Here and enable you to experience the features offered by Notability.

Notability for Windows 10 Download How?

Method 1

As the official variant of this application, developed by, is not available in the Chrome WebStore or Google Play store.

Step 1 – To get Notability app for windows you first need emulate MacOS on your windows computer only if it is Intel supported.

Step 2 – This process requires you to run macOS on your virtual Windows PC. You can enable this feature by downloading Oracle Virtual Box that is readily available across all online resources.

Step 3 – The Oracle Virtual Box loads iOS on to your virtual machine, allowing you to run Mac Operating System on your Windows PC or laptop.

Step 4 – Once running, you can access the Apple Store and easily download the application which will take not more than a few minutes to install.

Step 5 -That’s it. Now you can enjoy Notability on Windows 10.

Method 2 – Download Notability App for Windows 10 using iPadian Emulator

Step 1 -Another emulator that can facilitate a simpler process is the iPadian Emulator. This software is also readily available online and can subsequently be easily downloaded and installed on your Windows PC or laptop.

Step 2 – This emulator also similarly loads the Mac Operating System on your virtual machine.

Step 3 – You can thereafter access Apple Store and install Notability on your PCs. Careful consideration, however,  should be taken regarding your system specifications before you download an emulator.

Step 4 -Running two operating systems on the same RAM and processor can be taxing for the system and should only be done if the specifications can support the same.

Key Features of Notability for PC

  • Notability app for windows is a note-taking application that can also be used for sketching and creating multi-media notes.
  • The app includes a corpus of features that can enhance your notes. Some of them include drawing tools like ink and highlighters.
  • Others include adding text of varied fonts and styles. Journaling is also offered through this app. For a holistic experience of note-taking, you can also incorporate audio clippings and multimedia to your notes via Notability.
  • The app brings to the table the ability to highlight reference documents or scanned pages which can then be placed side-by-side your notes for a better understanding of the subject matter in concern.
  • To substantiate your notes, you can add links to webpages, add images, or even GIFs. Notability also facilitates group study sessions by coming up with the option of group notes.
  • The way it works is, every user needs to be connected to the iCloud and the notes page is demarcated with divisions allotted for each user to take notes on. The notes can then be shared across them easily.
  • Notability app for windows is nuanced with security to protect user data. You can secure your notes using Face ID or Touch ID.
  •  The record audio option is a boon for students, particularly those who want to record lectures to review it later.
  • Notability also offers a presentation mode which helps in delivering a talk. A hidden note system keeps your notes hidden from the audience while you deliver the presentation.
  • You can engage with your audience better-using pointing tools such as the most commonly used laser pointer.
  • The multi-note feature allows you to make notes on two separate documents at the same time. Notability also provides outlines, interactive checkboxes, and text boxes.
  • Notability app for windows 10 download here its also ensures your notes are properly stored on iCloud and synced across all your devices so that you can refer to it at any given time, from anywhere in the world. It also conducts auto-backups regularly to make sure you do not miss out on updating any of your notes. With more themes and templates available, notes are tailor-made for every occasion, be it a classroom lecture, or a business meeting.



Notability has revolutionized how day-to-day notes are taken and filled it with multimedia which was unthinkable before. With a paperless platform as Notability is, it proves to be extremely eco-friendly and provides users with more than enough storage space to virtually organize and stack their notes in an orderly fashion. Following the process mentioned above, you can also enjoy Notability for Windows 10 with ease.