Top 8 Nova Launcher Themes To Make Your Smartphone’s Screen Look Interesting

Raise your hands if you’re least mindful of how your smartphone looks. Over time, things turn boring and stale, including our smartphones, and the worst part is we don’t even bother. We check the same wallpapers and the same set of icons daily with absolute lack of enthusiasm compared to what we experienced when the phone was spick and span, straight out of the box. Having said that, we don’t deny the existence of a few conscious minds, who choose to customize the device and shake up things a bit. They have already taken the high road to custom launchers and turn things peachy for the eyes.

Out of all custom launchers available, Nova Launcher is the most popular and packs a lot of exciting stuff inside, including custom themes, widgets, icon pack and other great ways to organize the screen. Here, we’ll be discussing the best Nova Launcher themes in 2019 you should try if you’re trying to give your phone a makeover.

Check them out!

1. Iron Man Theme

Iron Man Theme

If you take a liking to superheroes, their mystic powers, and stylish fight moves, Iron Man Theme is pretty much your glue. Most likely, you’ll feel your favorite comic book characters coming alive on your device.

Icons: Golden Icon Packs

Wallpapers: Iron Man Melting Art

Widgets: Zooper They’re Coming, 1Weather and Shuttle (transparent)

Nova Settings: Wallpaper Scrolling (None), Disable Notification Bar, App & Widget Drawer, Transparent Background.

2. Fun Theme

Fun Theme

If you’re a bag of fun, you should try fun theme for Nova Launcher. It’s very lively, colorful and easy on the eyes. You will see a splash of breezy colors and happy faces.

Icons: Darkmatter Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Wallrox

Widgets: Zooper Clokr, Shuttle (transparent)

Nova Settings: Wallpaper Scrolling (None), Desktop Scroll Effects (Zoom Fade)

3. Android N Theme

Android N Theme

There is a dozen of ways to replicate the gorgeous Android N style on your Android device, but the easiest of them all is to apply the Android-N Nova Launcher theme. The first thing to score a significant impression on you would be the ‘Sidebar’ appearing in the place of the Google Now page.

Icons: Moonshine Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Android N Official or Wallrox

Widgets: Stock Digital Clock

Nova Settings: Simple Scroll Effect, No Wallpaper Scrolling, Folder Preview (Grid), Desktop and Dock Icon Size (140%), Persistent Search Bar Turned On, Search Bar (Style 1, Logo Style 1)

4. Oreo Theme

oreo theme

Nova Launcher, in a bid to achieve a subtle creative consistency, has unveiled its very own Oreo theme that brings quintessential Oreo-like adaptive icons to the table. It’s a very classy theme to try out.

Icons: Polyco

Wallpapers: Wallrox

Widgets: Pixel Widgets

Nova Settings: Search Bar Style (Style 4), Folder Background, Pixel Launcher

5. Nature Theme

Nature Theme

There’s no match to the feels of waking up to lots of greenery. Since the days begins with checking our smartphones for most of us, using Nature theme and its scenic backdrops can brighten you up. Try this, after all we all are nature-starved.

Icons: Elun Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Background HD (John Mcsporran Fulton’s trees)

Widgets: Dash Clock

Nova Settings: Hide Notification Bar, App Drawer Background (Transparent)

6. Landscape Theme

Landscape Theme

Landscapes are attractive. And this theme brings all the picturesque beauty down to your smartphone’s screen. You’ll find the landscapes so beautiful that you would find it hard to pass a blink even. You’ll keep staring at the screen and wish you can jump right in.

Icons: Alos Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Background HD

Widgets: 1Weather, Zooper Texty

Nova Settings: Hide Notification Bar

7. Dark Theme

Dark Theme

There are only a few having an affinity with dark colors. For all of them, Nova’s Dark Theme is a perfect pick. It’s beautifully dark and shadowy, not just on the home screen, but also in the app drawer and other pages. You got to try this if find no better hues than all that blacks, greys and blues.

Icons: Min Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Wallrox

Widgets: Minimal UCCW Widget, Shuttle (transparent) and 1Weather (White Accents)

Nova Settings: Search Bar (Style 3, Logo Style 4), Night Mode (Always), Persistent Search Bar Turned On

8. Material Design Theme

Material Design Theme

It’s one of the most attractive Nova themes on board, stuffed with vibrant colors and lively wallpapers. Even the icons are neatly done and look very authentic. Overall, it’s all what you need if you’re very much into livelier colors with simplicity combined.

Icons: Polycon Icon Pack

Wallpapers: Wallrox

Widgets: Minimalistic Text Battery, Buzz Weather, Minimalistic Clock

Nova Settings: Desktop Grid (4 X 4), Icon Size Desktop and Dock (120%), Search Bar (Style 2, Logo Style 5), Persistent Search Bar Turned On

These are the best Nova Launcher themes to try out. You can apply any of your choices to see how new and interesting your smartphone looks. Also, if you’re trying any other theme lately or have your own customized Nova setup, send out a buzz in the comments section. We’d love to try them out. Also, make sure that your feedback and recommendations reach us.