Oblivion Map with Annotations – The Elder Scrolls IV Guide

There are a lot of people playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and getting lost or confounded with the terrain and paths to take. But leave it on the internet to cover a popular game and render it into an interactive, annotated map that anyone can use online or download to their PCs.

Perhaps the best map of the Province of Cyrodiil is the one annotated by Jonathan D Wells and made available online for the benefit of fellow Oblivion players. Similar maps may be found on other websites as well. As is sensible, be sure to scan the file for virus and malware before and immediately after downloading.

What does Oblivion Map Contains?

Oblivion Map with Annotations and Where to Get It

The elder scrolls map contains a lot of useful markers that point the location of the many places you might need to cover during a day’s gameplay. There are way shrines, natural landmarks, Gates to Oblivion, Doomstones, Deadra Shrines, as well as campsites and settlements. You may find need of various points as you progress in the game, so it is lucky they can all be found in one map download or website that you can access simultaneously. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Oblivion Map – How to Use it Online & PC

You can access the map online by logging on to and clicking “Tamriels” in-game worldmap at bottom right corner of screen, then selecting your preferred zoom level between 2D/3 D (depending upon how much detail you want). You will also notice checkmarks throughout orange highlighted areas which allow users choose whether certain points should be visible or invisible when viewing this particular region; useful for getting an idea about where things are located without having traveled there myself!

The detailed map is not very useful when playing the game because it doesn’t give much advantage. It has symbols like Runestones and Doomstones, but you can’t see how close or far away they are from your location on this scale drawing of Cyrodiil except by highlighting them with markers in order to make observations such as those found near Cheydinhal City inside one big moat ( Rumare ) whereas another pair sit across its mouth at Megaran Port – both geographically notable places

Other Annotated Game Maps:

Among other game maps available to peruse are those for Skyrim, Shivering Isles, and Dragonborn.

Map of Oblivion: Apps and Extensions

In case you’re not comfortable with using the map on the PC alone, you can get the content to try out on your phone as an app. The app is available for Android on Google Play Store, for iOS on the App Store, on Windows Store for both Phone and PC, as well as on Amazon App Store and Firefox Marketplace for devices like Kindle and Firefox OS running gadgets.

That’s not all. can also be accessed using a chrome extension, eliminating a lot of unnecessary clicking and dialing URLs.

There are also apps that show the map for Skyrim specifically in HD, if you play the game, along with the usual Tamriel maps app like shivering isles map.

How to Download Annotated Oblivion Game Map?

You can get the Oblivion map complete with annotations and in full resolution on the internet and on the website available.

  1.  To download the map, right click the game map’s link and choose save as.
  2. Set a name and location and hit save. The map is pretty small in size despite the detail it contains, so it shouldn’t take time.
  3. Make sure you right click the link to the game’s map, and not the URL or you’ll only have a web page saved.