How to Login to KIK Online without Downloading

Kik is an instant chat app for smartphones and allows you to communicate with your friends, either individually or in groups. It’s free, cross-platform and intuitive. This pretty much explains its user base touched a whooping 300 million by May 2016. You log in for free, choose a username, identify interested contacts and here you go – sending unlimited texts, photos, emojis and GIFs to your friends. And, the fact that it dons the look of a typical SMS platform makes it the most choicest mobile chat app among teens. Kik users are fondly called ‘Kicksters’.

The app even turned the IM trend head to toe when it launched a bot store, comprising 20,000 bots as in August 2016. Recently, it even raised $98 million in Kin Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token sale. That speaks immense about the app’s popularity and its future plans to rule big.


kik login online

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Since Kik is a free mobile app, many people has a false impression that they can’t have it on a PC. Now, there can be a day when your smartphone acts up and doesn’t work, or it just breaks. The first thing you’ll do is to get another smartphone and activate your Kik account again. Doing this might take a few hours or days. But, what if we tell you that you can download Kik on a PC and get started there.  

This guide details methods to Kik sign in. The process is rather easy and requires you to use an Android emulator. There are many emulators available in the market, but iPadian for iOS and Bluestacks or Andy for Android are the suggestions that hold water.

So, let’s get started.


How to Login Kik Online? This Guide Explains All You Need to Know

Getting started with the process is pretty easy. The steps to do it are mentioned below.

  1. Begin with downloading the Kik apk file from a reliable web source.
  2. Now, install an iOS or an Android emulator. We’ve already recommended the best ones above. All these emulators are free and will get quickly installed.
  3. Create an account for whichever emulator you’re using and once you’re logged in, go to the app store in the emulated OS screen.
  4. Type in Kik messenger and search it. Once found, load it in the emulator and install it.
  5. You can see the Kik app icon in the app drawer. Open it, choose your login credentials and get rolling.

kik for PC


Using an emulator to use kik messenger online is the most convenient way. It’s quick and anyone, with a basic brush-up with downloads and installs, can do it.


Then, Why is the Use of Emulators Discouraged?

Well, emulators are a hot trend. They are well-supported and have no major technical issues, except the fact that they slow down the PCs. They do a very peculiar job of mimicking an OS on a different device and getting foreign programs run seamlessly. Of course, this simulation involves a lot of pluses and minuses, which are heavy and very complex. And, that makes emulators bogging down your PC, which is slightly annoying.

But, is this really a good reason to stop using them? We doubt. Considering what emulators do, enabling you to download your favorite apps and games on PCs, it’s really not enough a reason to detract you from using an otherwise amazing tools.


Why Should You Use Kik Login Online?

Once your number is out on a chat app, the predictable bunch of nosey parkers and desperados come crawling to make your stay a mess. Not with kik, though! Kik doesn’t require you to provide your phone number to create an account with it. All you need to do is provide some basic information, such as your name, birthday, username, email and password; quite similar to how you create an email account. Since you’re only identified by your username and not your personal number, you don’t really fear about losing your identity out in the wild.

More demanding users on Kik also join the Public Groups, which are again an amazing feature. You can join any group of your interest and meet a whole community discussing what you like. Similarly, you can also create groups of your interest and people who share your interest can jump in and have discussions. Since it’s only your username known to the fellow kicksters in the group, all discussions take place under a cloak of privacy. You feel safe.


Final Words

Kik is ‘the rise of chat’. It’s very simple and amazing to be called just a chatting app, considering the way it went beyond the competition with chatbots and cryptocurrency token sale. One of the best-loved pros of the app is its cross-platform availability. It’s available on iOS, Android and even on Windows with the use of Android emulators. Kik makes everything associated with instant chat so easy and secure that it seems like all you need to have in times of sneaky web environment. The method we’ve suggested for kik login online is the easiest and works well. But, you need to be wary of slowing down of PCs and longer boot times.