TechiesPad is being led by a team of professionals who have a constant urge to explore tech. And, present it to the world while unlocking their greatest creative potential. Learning curves? Yes, they exist. But, we aim to make it simpler for you. Doesn’t matter how difficult it gets for us.

We spend a great time at office, discussing and writing tech, with a shared sense of responsibility and teamwork. We encourage creativity and are often blown away by that.


Meet the Team Behind TechiesPad

We’re smart, kick-ass and always smiling. 

Just be good. Else, we have a gun. 😉

Haha, relax!


Shaira Williams

An expert at creating top notch content, Shaira uses her years of experience in coming up with new content ideas for the site. She is also the chief editor at Techiespad.

Sahil Sharma (Sam)

Sahil is the main mastermind behind the content marketing for Techiespad. He is from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. He is passionate about taking Techiespad to new heights, which is clear from his vision & dedication towards the project. Sahil loves playing cricket in his free time.


Stacy is the one who keeps things under control in the team, who manages work and establishes coordination among team members, thanks to her 2 semesters of studying management.


Research is Stephen’s strength. He loves technology and is the first person to know about the latest developments in the field. Stephen writes for pleasure, and blogs for the money.


Being white is might. That, and having the sense of humor that Patty brings to the table. Patty specialises in social marketing, and know what the audience wants, and what it reads. She keeps the geeks on the ground, and the mechanical human.