Password Manager Software & Device Security in 2021

Apps That Provide Your Devices Easy Security Upgrade

Password Manager software and security that this tool provides are one of the most common security programs used in 2021. Find out in this article how they achieve that.

  1. Internet & Our Activities

The Internet is a publicly available global computer network that connects computers and computer networks together. The Internet is a “network of all networks” consisting of home, academic, business, military and government networks that exchange information and services with each other. The moment the internet became widely available we all got endless opportunities to communicate, inform, learn, have fun. It is very important to learn the basics of working on the Internet, to find out what are the actions that can lead us to an unwanted situation. We need to know the potential consequences of our online activities. Some of our own or others’ activities on the Internet may endanger our security. 

On the Internet, our privacy and reputation can be endangered, our money in bank accounts can be robbed, our computer can be disabled. The computer we use for surfing and similar activities must have a program to identify and destroy viruses that could harm our computer and the data on it. There are sites and content on the Internet where we can easily infect our computer, but also experience some inconvenience or be deceived. Regardless of all types of technical protection, we will never be completely protected and a lot depends on our click. What we all need to know and accept is that most abuses happen precisely through our carelessness caused by curiosity and ignorance. 

Today, it is unthinkable for a large number of people to pass even a single day without using the Internet. However, there are also those who are not interested in the field of security because they think that their data are not important at all and that no one will try to endanger their privacy in any way. They forget that by such behavior they endanger themselves, but also others because their computers can easily be used as an indirect means of attacking some other computers.

  1. Precautionary Measures

Fortunately, you can contribute to your protection by taking a few simple precautions. How to protect yourself?

1. Be sure to avoid unknown and unverified sites.

2. Do not open mail whose sender is unknown to you.

3. Do not install programs and games from free CDs and DVDs, because when you run a program for “cracking” (breaking the password), in most cases that “crack” tries to contact the creator’s server from your computer.

4. Install a quality antivirus program and update it daily.

5. Do not register or leave your personal information on the sites, unless it is necessary to purchase a product or service.

6. Personal data should not be left on social networks, as well as a lot of pictures, both because of malicious people and because some national security services collect data in that way.

  1. Why Is a Password Manager So Important?

Most people use the same username and password for easy memory; even after years without any problem. But as evidenced by a number of recent hacks on major sites, if a malicious user gains access to all of your data, it can cause you serious harm. Be assured that you are not just intimidated as we say it. This happens to hundreds of people every day in the world. That’s why security experts and other professionals recommend that users use unique, strong passwords.

Now you are probably wondering how to remember all the different passwords such as passwords for your email accounts, those for your web hosting, those for social accounts, the WordPress admin area. Password Manager is a store for storing and managing passwords using the Master Password password. A prime example of these kinds of software is Keeper Password Manager. This security tool allows you to easily browse through the Internet, use your accounts with better security, as your passwords are better secured, and it comes with a variety of different features. It also allows you to generate a strong password when creating new accounts, with the ability to store them in your cloud.

The best part about password handlers is that they have an autocomplete feature. That way, you’ll never have to remember or enter anything for websites you already have an account for.

You can use the password management application on all your devices and it can easily import passwords stored in your browser. If for some reason you need to share a password with someone like your assistant or developer, then Password Manager provides you with a secure solution. The other person will need to install the app on their browser to use shared passwords. The password sharing feature is important because your assistant will never see your password so you could not change it. The user interface of the application is very easy to use. Use this app, use strong and complex passwords. Be safe and carefree. 

Computer Security & Internet Banking

Unfortunately, advances in technology have also allowed criminals to abuse new electronic services in a variety of ways. Establishing Internet security protocols sounds very complex, but there are a number of simple technical things you can do yourself to protect both yourself and your data online. If you are not sure how to do this, contact someone with computer experience you trust or contact your ISP. Update security solutions regularly and download the necessary patches.

IMG ALT: Keeper Password Manager Breakdown

From time to time, certain vulnerabilities are found in the programs you use on your computer that can be the target of attacks by individuals who develop viruses or by hackers who want access to your computer. This is why software vendors periodically release patches to remove vulnerabilities in software. Scammers sometimes use spam to initiate a scam known as phishing. Namely, their goal is to persuade you to open links from emails in order to install a malicious program on your computer or take you to a fake page. You should activate a filter that will automatically redirect all spam to a separate folder. Don’t read unwanted emails, but delete them – and that’s one way to protect yourself from phishing.

Your bank will never send you an unexpected email with a link to one of its login pages (to log in to Internet banking). If you receive such an e-mail, it is certainly not from your bank and you should delete it immediately.

Keep passwords secure. When creating passwords, keep the following in mind:

  • keep them to yourself; No one at the bank will ask you for your security information to access the Internet banking service
  • don’t be simple and easy to guess,
  • try to create different passwords for different services,
  • change your passwords and/or regularly
  • never write them down.