Best Free Photo Stitching Software in 2021

For those purrfecto panoramic shots

Hey, you lens hoggers! There is a new rage of panoramic photos driving the town bonkers. And, we need to ask if you’ve tried it yet. Because, if you haven’t, you are pretty much missing a thing in your life.

No, they’re not the usual ones you keep flicking through in your phone’s gallery or scrolling on your timelines. Contrary enough, panoramic photos allow you a 360-degree view in a single frame. You get an unbroken view of your whole surrounding that looks breathtakingly beautiful.

What’s the whole point behind a photo stitching software?

We give you a situation. You’ve planned an escape to a picturesque locale in the city. And, on this outing, you’ve captured many pictures at various angles from the same point. Now, you get this urge to capture all the beauty of these pictures in a single shot. Sadly, your camera isn’t having that sort of potential. And, you suddenly feel sick at heart.

Worry not. With technology at its breakneck pace, we’ve lots of things to try out than we already have. One such cool stuff is photo stitching software – ones that help stitch multiple shots together to create a panorama shot. Below, we have curated the best ones you need for your photography skills to touch an all-new level.

Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor

Availability: Windows 7/ 8 / 8.1, Vista, XP (up to version 1.4.4)

Photo stitching is no routine job. And, can be frustrating if things go out of whack. Since precision is the goal, Image Composite Editor is a good choice. It is a leading freeware photo stitcher tool from the Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group. Using this, you can create a panoramic mosaic by combining a set of overlapped shots. And, once done, you can easily export it in popular image formats as that of TIFF, JPEG, and Photoshop’s PSD/PSB formats.


  • Use panning videos and slow-mo action to create amazing panoramas.
  • HD View and Deep Zoom are other perks. You can easily zoom in/out and pan around a high-resolution picture or a collection of image with no quality loss.
  • Gigapixel image support
  • High-end correction feature to automatically fill in the missing image segments.
  • Interactive interface. Easy to use
  • Automatic exposure blending
  • Allows multi-resolution image upload to Photosynth website.

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Availability: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Looking for an immersive panoramic experience? Hugin can help. It’s the most advanced out there. You can create beautiful panoramas by merging the overlapping pictures, and that too, in perfect, HD resolution.Calibrating your lens is also a thing. Reasons why it’s a hot favorite for many photographers.

Clearly, Hugin pushes the envelope because none of the stitching software has so much under its hood. If you slip into confusion about any of its tools, you can instantly seek help from the online tutorials that explain the fussy stuff in simple one-to-one steps.


  • Advanced level of correction to reach a point of consistency in the shaky shots.
  • Interface isn’t hard to use. With a little of effort, you should adapt yourself to its know-hows.
  • You’ll be required to align all the selected images in a panorama and manually correct them to reach the desired level of oomph in a picture.

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Availability: Windows and Mac OS X

Autostitch ups the bar for photo stitching by making it all automatic. This software itself stitches shots that are visually in sync and creates an inch-perfect panorama. No human inputs. No long-winded process. All you need to do is to select a couple of pictures you want your panorama to be of, and leave everything else to Autostitch. It will take things further by tracing down the matching points in images, aligning them and blending them perfectly.


  • Automatically stitches images via SIFT algorithm.
  • The new panorama image opens directly in your default photo viewer and gets saved to desktop.
  • Customization is doable. Click the clog button to go ahead with it.
  • The Pro version of the software is a paid tool.

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Availability: Windows

Coming from the house of Microsoft, Photo Gallery is essentially a photo organizing tool, available for Windows 7 and 8, but not 10. Not many know that Photo Gallery has panoramic ability too. And, the simplest one out there. The whole process is carefully laid out for anyone to get a quick hang of it.

To get started with it, sift out your images, drag and drop to the Photo Gallery, tap on the option ‘Create’ at the top, and click Panorama. Now, wait until a panorama flips out on the screen. Save the image to any of your desired PC folder. Remember, you’ll not be able to preview the image and will be asked to save it directly instead.


  • Completely free
  • Ideal for beginners. Tasks are completed in a simple 1-2-3 steps.
  • Good editing options.

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Dermandar is an go-to platform for millions to weave a panorama that’s a treat for the eyes. It is significantly better at what it does when compared to other platforms of the same ilk. Safe to say, Dermandar has evolved with times and proved its mettle by scooping up a pretty good rap in the market. Fortunately, it has been received so well by the audience that it got its app versions for both iOS and Android platforms.

Select and upload your images to the software directly and see turning them into a beautiful panoramic shot. But before, choose one from the options – 360 view and Wide Angle. This will define the extent of view in the shot.


  • Provides for quick process. No unnecessary elaboration.
  • Stellar panoramas to gaze endlessly.
  • Drag and pan across the panoramic image with total seamlessness.
  • Results downloadable in JPEG format.

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The landscapes look appealing. And, these are the best-sought tools to capture stunning shots and turn them into one as a loving souvenir. We’re sure, having one of them can actually change the picture of your albums. If you’ve liked our list of best photo stitching software and have thoughts to share, write down your thoughts below.

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