Photomath on Computer Windows 10, 8.1, 7 Free Download

Photomath is a comprehensive maths guide used by students regularly all over the world. Photomath allows students to upload their maths questions either by typing on the scientific calculator or scanning handwritten questions on a piece of paper. The app then disintegrates the problem and provides step by step solution to the question in the simplest way possible. Photomath is officially available as an app in both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Additionally, if you want to download Photomath on Computer, this article contains a step by step solution that enables you to do that. A bigger display proves to be beneficial as it fits more text in a line thereby making it easier to understand the solutions.  

Steps to download Photomath for PC

1.      The first step to download Photomath or any other mobile app for that matter on your PCs requires an emulator. You can download both Android and iOS emulators as this app is compatible with both.

2.      The role of an emulator is to provide a smartphone-like environment to your PC so that you can access the Apple Store or the Google Play Store depending on the type of emulator and download the app thereafter.

3.      Some of the most used ones are listed below: GameLoop & BlueStacks.

4.      You can download any other emulator as well. There should not ideally be any difference. Your PC requirements are also not that significant when downloading an emulator as it is a relatively small software and does not occupy much of your RAM space.

5.      After downloading and installing the emulator, you will find the Google Play Store icon if it is an Android emulator, or the Apple Store icon if it is an iOS emulator, on the home screen itself.

6.      When you successfully log in to the respective app stores with your Gmail or Apple ID, all you need to do is simply search for the application and you will be able to download Photomath.

Key Features of Photomath for Windows

·        With over 100 million downloads, Photomath is one of the most popular apps of its type. On an average, a few billion problems are asked and solved at Photomath every week, making it the go-to math problem solver for students.

·        There are two ways of uploading a problem on Photomath. You can use the Photomath scientific calculator to digitally type in your problem and upload it. Alternatively, you can handwrite the problem on a piece of paper and use your smartphone’s camera to scan the problem. Photomath detects the written text and automatically registers your problem.

·        Not only does Photomath provide you with the final solution, but also gives a detailed analysis step by step as to how you should tackle this problem and gives tips to tackle similar problems. For some problems, if there is more than one way to solve it, Photomath provides all the solutions in those cases.

·        The solution provided by Photomath is made graphic with colors and designs intended to make it visually attractive. The explanations behind every step is also written in extremely easy language so that it is easier for students to grasp the concepts.

·        Photomath also has a graph calculator that draws out graphs of equations entered. With higher math problems, graphs become an essential tool for any math problem. You can thereby interpret your system of equations and solve problems easily with the help of this graphing calculator.

·        To consolidate the credibility of Photomath, it has several thousands of reviews of people all across the world that have used the app and left more than satisfied, or are continuing to use it.  

Photomath for Parents

A common complaint of most parents is that private tutors charge quite a lot but are not very effective in teaching their kids properly. Especially small kids desire a playful learning environment which is provided by Photomath with its graphics and multimedia. Therefore, a seemingly increasing trend shows that parents are falling back to Photomath to teach math to their kids and in the process, saving quite a lot of money too. Funnily, Photomath was started by a father to help his child learn maths in a fun and easy fashion.

Photomath for Teachers

The pace and manner of learning are subjective and widely differ from one student to another. Photomath, keeping that in mind, harbors a dedicated team of experienced Maths teachers who study and research these subjects before developing a framework of learning for the app. Maths teachers across all grades have found this app to be extremely beneficial for self-learning and also while marking assignments and the like. They also recommend parents to provide their children with this must-have application.

Conclusion – PhotoMath on Computer

Photomath is a great learning tool for students. With the help of this article, you can now download Photomath on your PCs and laptops as well. This helps when you are doing projects on your computer and you need to quickly check the Photomath app for a solution. Rather than catching hold of your phone, you can simply look it up in your PCs itself.

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