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Pixelmator for Windows 10,8.1 PC Free Download 2021

Pixelmator is a state-of-the-art photo editor that allows you to edit images and store them securely on your device. The editor is powered by artificial intelligence and automatically recognizes areas of the image that need to be edited. You can also edit the background of your images with color contrast and make your pictures look larger than life. However, Pixelmator is only available in the Apple Store and for macOS. This means that you can only use this app on apple devices. To enable Windows users to use Pixelmator and not get slighted out, all you need to do is follow the detailed steps below. You can thereby download Pixelmator on your Windows PC or laptops, or on any operating system for that matter.

How to download Pixelmator for Windows PC

1.      Downloading an emulator is the first step towards downloading Pixelmator or any other smartphone app on your PC. As this app is only available in the Apple Store, you will require an iOS emulator for this purpose.

2.      The basic function of any emulator is to emulate or replicate one system to another. By doing this, you can carry out all the operations of your former system on to the latter one. Several iOS emulators can be used. iPadian is a reliable iOS emulator that is widely used. Any other iOS emulator that is readily available online can also be used.

3.      After downloading and setting up the emulator on your PC, launch it. The emulator will open up and the visual appearance will be just like the user interface of an iPhone.

4.      On the homepage itself, you will find the Apple Store icon. Click on it. The Apple Store page will open up.

5.      Since you are logging in for the first time through this emulator, at this stage, you will be required to sign in to the store before you can download any app. If you have an existing account registered with Apple Store, you can use it to log in. Alternatively, if you do not have one or if you want to, you can create a new Apple ID. That can thereafter be used to log in to the Apple Store.

6.      On completing the logging in process, you will get unrestricted access to all the apps in the store. Search for Pixelmator in the search tab.

7.      The app will appear as a search result. Click on Install. After installation, the Pixelmator icon will be visible on your emulator’s home page. Launch the app and enjoy hassle-free image editing.

Key Features of Pixelmator

·        Pixelmator is the complete package that allows you to edit images, touch-up photos, draw shapes and figures and also add several graphic designs on your images. On top of that, you can also add several filters to your edited images thereby amplifying the vibrance of the image.

·        With the recent 1.6 Magenta update of the Pixelmator app, the color contrast and fill effects have greatly been worked upon. The brand-new Colour Picker tool does wonders to your images. This tool allows you to pick colors using hex codes. Using the Eyedropper, you can sample out the color that has been used in your image and use it elsewhere.

·        As any other image editor would have, Pixelmator also has several layers that can be edited. You can also select and move these layers very easily throughout your image.

·        Pixelmator Pro is a premium version of the app that can be purchased through the app itself. With this upgrade, you can now create even more stunning graphics and layouts. The Pixelmator Pro tools allow you to arrange and place designs of layers anywhere on the digital canvas.

·        The Arrange and Smart Facing tools allow you to align your objects keeping adequate space from one another.

·        Pixelmator is not only an image editor. Users can also use it as a drawing app. The app is compatible with most styluses such as the Apple Pen or the Samsung Touch pens. You can navigate through your painting with pointing devices without making unnecessary marks on your sketch.


Pixelmator is the perfect solution for an artist or a graphic designer. One app serves so many different purposes. With the help of this article, you can download Pixelmator for Windows and reap its benefits despite not being a Mac or iOS user.